Griffith Stadium - 1911-1965

Washington's Historic Ballpark



Photos & Video (all photos are thumbnails)

The Deadball era - circa 1915   View of Griffith Stadium from the air.     Behind home plate
Panoromic View of Griffith Stadium  

1950 - Redskins football at the ballpark

Photo from George Washington University Historical Photographs

    Is that the Washington Monument in the background?
Howard University Hospital - The former home of Griffith Stadium   View from left field     Joe D taking a big swing
House in centerfield  
Ike at the ballpark - 1957
On the field
Rooftop boxes  
Wide angle view
1924 - View of dugout   1958 - Yankees v. Senators     Demolishing the ballpark
    October 4, 1924: George Sisler, Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb at the first game of the 1924 World Series      
Homes beyond the right field wall - March 2012


Griffith Stadum Video

(Special thanks to Mark Hornbaker 0f for making this video available)

A Tribute to Griffith Stadium








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