3 Reasons Why Blog Commenting Can Help Your Blog

Blog Commenting for SEO

Many people today know the benefits of commenting on other people’s blogs and websites. If you have a new website, or thinking about starting one, then you need to know about blog commenting. There are many reasons to do this, however, one of the main reasons that people actually comment on blogs is not because they are interested in the topic, but maybe because the site is a high page rank or gets a lot of visitors. SEO, as we all know, is the top priority of anyone running a website or online business.  There are two types of SEO strategies that you need to implement with commenting:

  • DoFollow Links- Of course, these are the links that the search engine follows.  These are the one’s that everyone wants, but no one wants to give out!  There are certain ways that you can find these types of blogs, and I’m not trying to be redundant for you bloggers that have been doing this for awhile…I assume you already know this: but for the newbie, I want to clarify.  If you own a WordPress blog, then you want to get the Comment Luv plugin.  You can also search for Comment Luv Blogs on the search engines.  Most of these will allow a dofollow link.  Also, remember to search out dofollow blogs or dofollow forums.   These will give you the great backlink that you want to rank you site higher.
  • Nofollow Links- Many people forget this type of link.  They get on a roll of posting or commenting on dofollow forums or blogs and end up messing their blog up because Google has just slapped them for having too many dofollow links! The same priniciple applies to finding these blogs and forums on the search engines just like the dofollow one’s. All you have to do is search out Nofollow Blogs or Forums. However, one great forum to comment on is called DaniWeb.

Blog Commenting for Reputation

commentingAs you will eventually notice, having a blog doesn’t necessarily mean that you are goin to make all kinds of money right out of the box! Once you get settled down into the routine, you will learn that in order to stay recognizeable and original, you are going to have to post to blogs not only for the backlink, but to be a recognizeable face online. Keeping yourself out there and getting to know you fellow blogger is a great way to “up” your reputation and your blog! When I first started, I was just commenting on blogs for the link, when I finally realized that this was something that wasn’t going to happen overnight, I started to settle down, and get acquainted with other people that had blogs like mine.

This is probably the best advice that I could give someone who is just starting out. Reach out to other website owners, ask them questions, learn from them, and keep commenting, because their readers will eventually become your readers because they will keep seeing your posts on that particular site!

Blog Commenting for Success

As long as you keep it up, you will be noticed by everyone! The search engines included! Blog commenting will not only boost your traffic and rank, but it will boost your sales as well! This is only a page rank 3 site as of June 12, 2012, and I do not make money because I am on the first page of Google! I’m not! I am located on Google’s second page! However, this blog is successful because of various blogs and forums that I have commented on!


Don’t underestimate the power of a blog comment!  Leave your comment anywhere and everywhere that websites will allow you, remember that your most important thing is your reader and they can come from anywhere!

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  1. 100% agreed that blog commenting have a big effect to my blog and dofollow links left when I gives my comments at other people blog could be a good advantage to my blog. If I may put my suggestion here please dont put your short comment just like “great post !”, “thanks for your great post!” and other similar short rubbish comments but please your comment which has a good relevancy with the topic of the article.


  2. Wade Harman says:

    Very nice information here Hendarto! Actually reading the post so that you can make an educated opinion is another great way to entice visitors to your site!

  3. Hey Wade,

    A lot of people do underestimate the power of blog commenting as both a traffic generation tool and a link building tool. I use it for both. It has proven itself to me time and time again on numerous websites where I do it for different reasons.

  4. I guess in addition to guest posting the blog commenting is indeed one of the best ways to the get that link juice and you are obtaining the link from a higher and assured PR page as compared to the new page of the guest post which has a PR 0…

  5. Great to read a quality post on Blog commenting but you must make a relevant comment according to the post comment is not spammy it’s just waste of time. Nice sharing