3 Things You Should Forget to Make Money Blogging

Ways to Make Money Blogging

If you are like me, then you have probably searched all over the internet for ways that you can make money blogging. In a sense, this is a good thing to do, however, you can be so caught up in the “money making” process that you can lose site of what your readers want, which is content. Believe it or not, people do not come to your site to click your affiliate links and make you money. More than likely, they are people like you, looking for some way to make money blogging.

The #1 Thing to Forget

Forget about Google
I think the reader is the most important part of your blog. Without them, without you, the blog wouldn’t exist, let alone make any money! Forget optimizing your posts!make money bloggingI know that this may sound outrageous right? The point of SEO is to get people to come to your blog so you can actually make money blogging! Without SEO how are they going to find you, right? Think about it this way. Optimize your site the way you normally would, however, when it comes to blogging, just be natural. People should always be number one, Google should be number two! Google follows people. It is so hard to read a post that is filled with keywords and is over optimized. It is confusing and doesn’t make any sense. You are not going to be a blogger for very long if you don’t learn this right away! Give someone a reason to comment on your blog! That is the whole point of blogging!

The #2 Thing to Forget

Secondly, forget the “make money blogging” phrase for awhile. If you are just starting out, then you probably do not have that much traffic. So therefore, you are not making that much money anyway. When I first started blogging for actual money(lol I was so dumb), I was astounded at affiliate programs like ClickBank! Wow! I could make $50 when someone buys this from me! Think of how much I could make if I sold 20 of these every day! I was really living the dream. “Dream” being the key word here. If you are just starting out, forget about making money. If you do have a steady flow of traffic coming in, then you probably have no problem with this one, however, for that person that has 20-100 views every day, you may need to read this. You are not going to mkae a killing with certain affiliate companies. Most of these generally pay you after a customer has bought something. You experienced bloggers know that the chances of this happening are slim to none. I am not saying that you cannot make money blogging doing this! People have and still do make a lucrative income from affiliate sites like this, I am just pointing out that the odds of a small start up site making large amounts of money with a sale-based affiliate site are low.

My suggestion, to those of you who are just starting out, is to sign up with a CPA(Cost Per Action) affiliate program like MaxBounty. CPA links allow you to get paid when someone performs some sort of action, like submit their email. Here is an example of a CPA affiliate site.

The #3 Thing to Forget

Finally, the last thing to forget is to forget about blogging every day! What? But this is a blog!Have you ever heard that “Content is King”? Sure you have! There is no way that you can keep your blog’s content relevant and reader friendly if you do a 400-600 word post every day! Many experts say to blog every day. But these are people that have hired writers, posters, and bloggers to submit articles for their site. You have to be realistic in this. I would rather not post something if for some reason I can’t think of anything to blog about that day, than to actually post a load of bunk and sacrifice my reader’s return visits and the integrity of my blog. Remember, the reader is the most important thing about your blog. If they are not happy, then you definitely aren’t going to make money blogging.

Here is the strategy I use:

I try to blog every other day. This keeps the cobwebs out and the writer’s block at bay as well! The day’s that I am not blogging, I am visiting other people’s blogs, reading some great stuff, and getting ideas. You will not suffer that much in the search engines, if any!

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  1. Martin Cooney says:

    Hey Wade,

    Unsure about forgetting about these things.

    For me anyway, I am ALWAYS mindful of Google, making money and what topics to write about. If I forget altogether, then things would start to go off the rails.

    It’s about focus and priority though. Priority needs to be around building a great community and readership around excellent content AND have parts of that relating to the medium/long term strategy of traffic and therefore revenue increases.

    So when I replace the word ‘forget’ with ‘be mindful of but give a lesser priority’ then the post makes more sense – to me anyway.

  2. Wade Harman says:

    I guess you make a good point. When I say “forget about Google”, I mean for this to be like this: be more mindful of the reader. I’m not saying do not do SEO, just try to forget that you are trying to rank up while you are writing to your reader.

  3. Nice one. Forgetting about Google is nice. I too personally believe Google in not internet. It is a part of Internet. Keep up the good work :) :)