3 Useful Tools For Building An Engaging Social Media Following

Let’s face it, building a social media following is one of the top priorities in any blogger’s strategy.  The bad part about it is, there’s some hurdles you have to face before you can actually get that following to where you need it to be before you become successful.

I see a lot of bloggers that have a large following.  Some of these bloggers have a great response when they post to their social media accounts, and other’s are not so great. social media following This means that the significance of the number of social media followers you have is irrelevant to your success.

Is it good to have a lot of followers?  Sure, but why have thousands, if not millions, if you can’t get them to engage you?

I want to discuss how to get a following that actually interacts with you.  You can find tons of posts on how to get a lot of followers and fans, but not so many on how to get the one’s that engage with you and eventually make you rich.

Building the Social Media Fans

I could build a thousand followers on one social account in a week. You could too. There are tools out there that are used primarily for that purpose alone. There’s a great one that I use and promote for getting more Twitter traffic instantly, and this is a really great tool to use to drive traffic, but what I want to focus on is the one that gets engaging fans!

Tool #1-DiggDigg

I love using the DiggDigg plugin. When you have the Digg plugin activated on your site, it allows people to share your posts to different social media sites that you choose. What I like about this tool is the fact that if you capture someone’s attention enough to get them to share your content, there is a capture button for your Twitter account on this tool that will prompt them to follow your Twitter account after they have tweeted you.

Downside of this plugin- It only prompts people to follow your Twitter account. If they figured out how to do this for Facebook and Google Plus, it would be fantastic! But for now, Twitter is the only prompt that they have, and this will build a targeted following for your Twitter.

Tool #2-Email Marketing

One other great way to build an engaging social media following is through your email marketing. These are the people that have trusted you enough to subscribe to your email list, and you will be surprised at how many of them haven’t thought to even follow you on social sites!

Aweber email marketing has some great functions built inside of it where you can prompt people to follow you on every broadcast that you send out. On the other hand, you can always write an email dedicated to getting more followers too and this is made easy with Aweber because of their professional buttons that you can use inside the email post. If you don’t have Aweber, you can get your first month for $1!

Tool #3-Tweepi

You can use Tweepi for Twitter to find out who is really paying attention to you. This is a great tool to build a more engaging following because you can search people that are following other people in your niche. For instance, if I wanted more followers for the social marketing niche I could look up the people that were following big sites like SocialMediaExaminer, Neal Schaffer, Ileane Smith, etc. and follow them to encourage a reciprocal follow.

The Point of Engagement

social media followingI don’t have to tell you the point of building a social media following is for the engagements. There’s no point in having thousands of followers if only three or four of them engage with you every time you update your social status. What’s the point? When you interact with your fans, give them things they like, and it’s a fact that people like pictures, then you can start getting some good engagements on your posts.

Some say engagement doesn’t matter as long as the sale is made. However, the basis of engagement will eventually bring trust to your fans. One sale isn’t going to allow you to retire to Florida next year, so you need to work on engaging your fans.

What’s engaging? What is interesting to your fans that will eventually bring them to your site and make them faithful readers? Well that’s the Pandora’s Box of the whole conundrum. If you figure that one out, then you’ll be rich. The only thing I can tell you is to stay consistent with them in conversation and testing on different things in social media along with your blog posts.

Don’t just throw your updated posts at them. Give people something to talk about! Let them know that there’s a human behind all of those updates. Building a social media following is easy. Building one that engages is what you need to focus on!

My name is Wade Harman. I’m a full time blogger with a degree in Psychology. I show you how to spark an emotional reaction, get people’s attention, and encourage them to take action!

Let me help you drive targeted traffic through social media strategies that I have researched and use myself!

Let me coach you and see how my strategies in social media can help YOU drive targeted traffic!

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  4. Do you think that social media is worth the time investment? I’ve found that the 30 minutes a day I used to do produced almost no results and was highly ineffective. Curious to see if you’ve had a different experience. It seems few people talk about the benefits of social media vs the time invested.

  5. I will have to go and take a look at Tweepi. Might be good for me to use. Thanks for the share! Good read! :)