3 Ways To Enhance Your Pinterest Marketing with Blogging

I have found some great tips that can really boost your Pinterest marketing with blogging and I’m really excited to share some of these ideas with you!  First of all, knowing that pinterest and bloggingPinterest could be your number one source of traffic is an understatement, but a lot of people don’t fully understand how to “work” this platform.

I’m one of them.  While I’m still learning, every day I’m reading other “power” Pinterest users, finding different tools that can help me branch out, and doing the normal things that you do when you want to expand your social account on a platform.

So Check Out 3 Things I’ve Learned For Pinterest and Blogging

Of course there are tons of different Pinterest marketing with blogging things that you can use for your blog. If you have WordPress like me, then you can actually search different plugins that features Pinterest. I did the same thing, wanting to feature some images, but some of the plugins didn’t really allow you to control the images that I wanted to get pinned.

Then I looked at different tools and other strategies for getting followers and re-pins, but here are some of the tips that I have been using in the last week that have proven to be very successful for my blog and my Pinterest account.

  • PinWootFirst of all, this is a free tool to use to get more followers and re-pins for your Pinterest account.  I have just found this website three days ago and it has proven to grab a substantial 20-50 followers on Pinterest every day, plus re-pins and likes as well.  If any of you have ever used JustRetweet then imagine that it’s just like that except for Pinterest.  It’s REAL users pinning other people’s stuff and following you for “seeds” (their form of money).  You raise enough seeds to “pay” people to follow you or re-pin your images.  Simple and to the point, and a great way to build your Pinterest following quickly.

Benefits: A great way to get fast followers on Pinterest, get more likes, and re-pins on your images too.  I can’t find a downside to this except one.  People may use this to add other people just for the seeds and then go behind in their Pinterest account and “clean up” the people they really don’t want to follow.  I don’t have proof of people doing that yet, but that is why you should use the interests bar and it will show you the people in your interests and you can follow them.  Other than that, the re-pins are still there, and so are the likes, so your content is getting out there.

  • Pin Button SidebarAs you know I have been really focusing on my Pinterest strategy.  More or less, I have been almost stalking some of the powerhouse Pinterest users to see what they are doing.  Since most of them are women, it’s been kinda weird to say the least.  Around every corner they see me popping up to ask a question, but either way, I have noticed that one thing the influential people on Pinterest have is the Pin Button Sidebar.  It’s basically a way for you to display already pinned items on the sidebar of your blog which is brilliant!  Also, you can display these inside of your posts as well, and, if you have ever tried it, you already know that using an image that prompts people to pin is always going to bring in more results.

pin button sidebar

Benefits: Your pinned images are getting more exposure to the outside world.  Do you have a great Twitter following, one that actually comes to your site, but never sees your Pinterest account?  This is a great way to bridge those two accounts together so they can see that you are also active on another platform. It can be placed just about anywhere that you want. But I have saw Pin Button Sidebar mostly in the sidebar area (of course) of the influential pinners. For $20, its a great plugin to own that can build your Pinterest account.

I want to speak on this a little more.  If you haven’t already read my addiction to Pinterest and how you can bring more traffic to your site with this platform, then you know that this is a social gold mine that most people don’t even bother with because of imaging problems. That’s what I want to speak on for a little bit.

In your blog, you can’t have a huge image blocking the post. It just looks tacky and unprofessional. However, you can’t pin an image that’s only 250×250 pixels either because while that’s a perfect size for the inside of a blog post, it’s too small for the Pinterest platform. There’s a way around this. When you upload your images to your WordPress blog, don’t bother resizing it. Keep it as large as possible, preferably 800px and when WordPress gives you the option, after uploading, select the medium or even small size. You can actually figure this out in the “media” tab in your dashboard as well. The image will appear the right size on your blog, and when they go to pin, it will show up as the perfect size for Pinterest also.

  • Pin Button AttractionSome people don’t have the floating share bar like I do over there on the left.  Most blogs have their sharing buttons at the bottom of the post.  This poses a problem because you don’t want them to wait until they finish reading to share.  What makes Pin Button Attraction so good is because those images I was speaking of above, you can show them a “Pin It” button over top of the image.  They can then pin the image right there without having to wait.

Benefits: Since you have your image looking good on your blog, and, you have uploaded the larger image anyway, this image will be available right away for someone to pin it.  No need to worry about if this person is going to say anything about your pin, make any changes or adjustments to it, etc.  The benefits go a long way with your Pinterest marketing strategy because they see the image they’re going to pin.  Make it attractive enough, and they’re definitely going to want to pin it for you! Pin Button Attraction is a must have for someone who wants to step up their game on Pinterest.

The Extra’s Included

pinterest marketing tips for bloggingFor the inexperienced blogger/Pinterest user I want to include some little tidbits that you should already be doing on your blog. For one, include the Follow Me button from Pinterest:
Follow Me!

As seen above you can place this button anywhere you would like. As you can also see, the reader doesn’t have to go chase down the link to follow me. One click and they have been added. It’s all about making it simple for your reader.

You can find this and other cool things to add for your blog on the Pinterest Developer site where all you have to do is choose the one you would like to display and write the code for it.

One of my favorites is actually displaying a board. Now I have seen other bloggers take a screen shot of their Pinterest boards to explain some kind of fact to us, and while that is ok, they are missing out on a huge opportunity to get their stuff re-pinned and their account followed. You can also include boards, pin it buttons, and other things to help the reader interact with you while they’re reading your posts. Remember, make it easy for the reader to do ANYTHING on your blog, not just Pinterest, this works for everything.

Final Thought

If you’re not using Pinterest some way with your blog, then you are missing out on a huge opportunity of both traffic and sales. There is gold in ‘them thar hills’ and someone would be wise to get set up over there. Using tools gives you a leg up on your competition too, because when you can create content and then get it published over many different platforms all the time, and Pinterest being one of those platforms, you’re just better off for it.

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  1. Sagar nandwani says:

    Surely Pintrest is gonna rock just like Facebook and Twitter but it has some time, meanwhile I am trying to enjoy using this site, and find it nice for my photographs.

  2. Thanks for the good stuff :) I like Pinterest and, thanks to you, now I know what else I can do within my profile

  3. Hi Wade

    Pinterest is the one platform I’m baffled by!

    I’ve got approx 9,000 followers but only get a couple of click throughs per image if I’m lucky.

    I must be doing something wrong – I dont believe 9,000 people arent interested in Internet Marketing

    • You’re right Mark. I’ve only got 480 followers and I get almost 40 click thrus per day. Still that’s not a lot of followers (I was slow to the Pinterest party) but that’s not too bad as far as click thru ratio. I think you read my post on how to bridge G+ to Pinterest, take that idea along with the one from this post and build your following that way. One question: how large are your images on Pinterest? I’ve noticed that when my images don’t cover the full Pinterest scale, then I don’t get the clicks.

      • Image size was once of the factors I suspected – they were general, relatively small images.

        I’m going to run a trial of just posting infographics to Pinterest and seeing what results I get from that.

        9,000 followers is too big a following to just waste the way I have been

  4. Before I started on Pinterest I was getting 10 people per day to visit my website, in the past month I’ve been getting 200 plus and double that in page views. It took me about a combined 24 hours to add all my personal content and make my images ready to be pinned. I usually write something on my images to tell what is going on. It isn’t a big deal but it makes a HUGE amount of difference. Pinterest is making my blog popular without doing anything. Good luck everyone

  5. Love the idea of Pinwoot! Checking it out now!

    • Yup, I’m loving it too! If you can promote it (it’s free so people join) then you get 50 seeds in your “bank”. I know you use JustRetweet, and its like that.

  6. Mike Kawula says:

    Have just started spending more time on Pinterest. The funny thing is like a few mentioned above the click back to my site is few (15 a day) but the time on site is 3X thus far.

    Great tips above, checking out Pinwoot today.

    Have an awesome entrepreneurial day – Mike

  7. Great tips Wade. Pinterest one platform that I have been intending to explore, but it always gets shoved down to the bottom of the priority queue. Your post makes it sound well and truly worth the time to get the hang of it. Thanks.

    • I used to feel the same way about Pinterest. One day I decided that I would take time and just do it. I spent about 10 minutes a day re-pinning some of my friends and within a month, my follower base grew 89%. I’m still not where I would like to be on Pinterest, but since I have actually tried to use it, I’m actually getting followers faster on this platform than any other one except for Google Plus.

      My advice: Take the time and just do it. Pinterest grabs more traffic than all the social sites combined. It’s worth giving it a shot.