4 Content Marketing Sites That Every Blogger Should Use

In today’s blogging world, you cannot achieve success alone. You need friends, readers, supporters and most importantly, content marketing strategies that you need to use, period.

Content marketing isn’t only about sharing your articles on social media sites and commenting on other blogs. You need to do more to let people know about your articles.

So, in this post I’m going to list out some incredible sites that I use myself for content marketing.

1. Bloggers

I first came to know about Bloggers about six months ago. It is an awesome site where you have the opportunity to meet hundreds of Bloggerthousands of other bloggers. You can check out all kinds of blogs ranging from fashion, designing, blog tips, seo, programming all the way up to some of the rare niche like business and economics.

The most advantageous thing about using bloggers is that you can syndicate your content with your RSS feed for free. No good content syndication sites does it for free. So, that means if you publish a new article on your blog, it would automatically get published on your Bloggers account as well.

Like most content marketing sites, it also has the option of receiving votes from other members. If you can get lots of votes , then you and your blog gets featured on the “Editor’s pick of the Day” section. Wade recently got featured on Bloggers as well.

So, if you’re a new blogger this is probably the best site to get attention for your contents.

2. Blog Engage

Blog Engage is a lot more serious than Bloggers. By serious, I mean people pay attention to the content here more than in Bloggers. The reason for it is because it is a paid community. That’s why you will find members here who are extremely serious about their blogs.

Me and some of my closest blogger friends are on Blog Engage. It has different levels of membership and the money you have to pay depends on the type of membership you want. For a standard membership you have to manually submit all your articles and for others you can use RSS syndication.

I’m not going to go into details about all the membership plans. You can find it in this article if you want know why you should join Blog Engage.

3. BizSugar

BizSugar is an awesome site for “Small Business News & Tips”. I joined BizSugar a couple of weeks ago. For me, it has turned out to be more effective than Blog Engage.

I receive at least 10 visits from BizSugar everyday, not much but quite a few when you think about the short time I’ve been in this community. Out of my 5 submitted articles, 3 got published to the front page. That’s a 60% success rate, not bad when you think about all the competition.

Here too, you will find voting system called “Sugars” where members can vote for other member’s articles. I think the minimum “sugars” that you need to get your article published on the first page is 16.

You will learn more about it when you join this awesome community.

4. Blokube

Blokube is new to me. I joined it only a couple of days back and till now I have submitted only two articles. So, I still have to wait for a few days or maybe a week to get traffic from it. Blokube is almost similar to Blog Engage and BizSugar.

There is the similar voting system and after your article gets a certain amount of vote it gets published on the first page.

Why should you join these Content Marketing Sites ?

content marketingJust a little summary of why you should join them. I will be brief, I promise.

All of these sites are authority in the eyes of Google. So, it is important to get backlinks from them. Think about all the links your single article will have just by submitting them to these authority sites in addition with the social media sites.

With your articles, your blog will also get some boost and your traffic will increase when more and more people come to know about your blog. So, it is important to be a part of these awesome communities.

The most important reason to join these sites would be that  almost all the popular and top bloggers I know are in these communities. So, you will have the opportunity to grab their attention.

Maybe next time, I will write a detailed article on why you should join these sites in the first place.

Do you have any other sites in mind ? You can add it to my list using the comment section and don’t forget to share your thoughts on the sites I have mentioned. Also, if you’re on any of these sites you can let us know. We will be glad to connect with you.

Lahaul Seth is an engineering student who loves surfing the internet and loves writing articles on blogging tips , widgets and social media. He is also a programmer and a web designer. He mostly writes on his blog – Blog Tips Codes. He has recently launched a new WordPress blog – Lion Blogger

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  1. Hey Lahaul,
    Good to see you here!
    These are all great communities. I get very exciting results from bloggers and bizsugar.
    bloginteract.com and inbound.org are some other very useful communities.

    Thanks for sharing

    • Hey Enstine,
      You know I got to know these communities because of you. I saw one of my guest post on your blog on bizsugar. That’s when I started to use it. Now it gives me more traffic than the other three. So, I should really be thanking you.
      Thanks for stoppig by. :)

  2. Probably I know about bloggers and I don’t know the rest. I would be attempting to use rest of the three for my upcoming blogs. Pretty bored with Blogger and WordPress.

    • Hello Jason,
      You should use all of them. Each of them have different types of audience. It will give you more exposure. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Those 4 Content Marketing Sites are actually new for me. From the description above they seem very important. If a top blogger like Wade Harman uses those sites, it means I must use them, too. I must leverage them to develop my blog and to reach success in blogging. Not all of us know about those sites but here Wade Harman tells us as a part of the strategies we must do in blogging. Thank you Wade, I will do what you suggest me to do.

  4. You are very correct. Content marking is not just limited to commenting and social promotion. You have to think out of the box and have to use almost every service to promote your content.
    I am also using blogengage and their is one more website common to it. Its bloginteract.

    Thanks for the great post.

  5. From my opinion you should join this kind of social network which work great for you like you’ll need to take help of best bloggers who has achieved success in their blogging career.

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  7. I have never heard about some of these sites before, in fact the only one I am familiar with is Google’s Bloggers. And to learn that other blogging sites are more serious than Bloggers, as you make mention of Blog Engage. I am grateful for these Blogging Sites that seem to have tremendous value to grow our online business. Thank you for this information

    • Thanks for stopping by, Adrian. Just to remind you that Blog Engage is a paid community, that’s why it has so many serious bloggers. But it is worth it to join.

  8. I like blogger than wordpress. From blogger you learn and make money freely. It is different with wordpress. You cannot monetize it.

    • Your “Natural Herbal” blog is powered by WordPress and is monetized with so many types of ads . I’m not sure what you meant when you made the comment.

  9. I know about bloggers and heard of sites like blogcube but never got beyond that. Mere blogging is fun but to encash it is more fun and these sites will in the process considerably I should think.

  10. An active content and conversation with the sites that you recommended provides a rich opportunity for seller expression & offers deeper engagement to customers.

    Thanks for sharing your tips!

  11. A very good information. All of the four sites above are new for me. I will start with bloggers first and I hope I will get more value from this site. I am very excited to know them one by one.

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  13. Those are all great content marketing sites, but you’re forgetting a huge one, that ranks extremely well (212 in the US with Alexa) with 40K backlinks. It’s a viral blogging system that gets soooo much traffic, if you just do proper SEO, and some offline SEO, you’re guaranteed traffic & money!
    I understand that people can make quite a bit with blogger by advertising, but this isn’t advertising, it’s just blogging-about whatever you want–and getting paid. !00%.
    I do have another website, that’s still pretty new, but older than the viral blogging one, and I tell you, traffic and backlinks is the HARDEST thing to get. Without traffic, you don’t get paid, no matter what.
    Just my 2 cents. It was an informative article though, thank you ;-) Marjorie

  14. I’ve been quite active in those blog communities specially BizSugar and BlogEngage. I should seriously consider other too :)