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5 Steps To A Social Media Marketing Plan on Google Plus

Everyone needs to have a social media marketing plan.  I know it’s easy to get into the hype and excitement of starting something new, however having some sort of plan in motion never hurts anything.

Here are 5 things that you can do to start and improve your social media marketing plan on one of the most popular social media platforms out there-Google Plus.

The Function of a Social Media Marketing Plan & Your Blog

Basically having a plan set in place is going to get your blog noticed a lot faster than it would if you were just flying by the seat of yoursocial media marketing plan pants. I used to coin that term, but even someone like me is fastened to the laws of marketing. Therefore a plan is necessary to ensure success at different levels.

Now of course, if you’re starting out of the gate brand new, you’re going to have to make some friends and build relationships. That’s the main focus of someone who is just starting out. And if you didn’t know that you needed a social media marketing plan until now, then it’s a good thing you dropped by and took a peek at this post.

The importance of a plan to market your site is relevant because of course you need to be noticed and get traffic. There are different marketing plans for different social sites too. For instance, another great one is about marketing your Twitter account. There are plenty overall rules as to starting a social media marketing plan, but this one is specific to Google.

Step 1: Profile & Imagery

A lot of people usually jump the gun here and plaster any old image or picture of themselves on there. I have even seen some people use the images that Google provides for their Google Plus account. While this is ok to do if you’re just starting out, I recommend that you change the larger image to something that relates to your blog or website. If you’re a little short on cash for this, then you can go to places like Fiverr to outsource the job in case you can’t do this yourself.

When it comes to profile photos I recommend a clear picture of yourself. I know that all of this goes without saying, but you would be surprised at how many people get suspended every day from Google Plus because of their profile picture.

Maybe you would like to display an image or logo of your blog for a profile? While this is ok to do, you must make sure that you own the image and are licensed to use it. However, I’m not a big fan of logo’s in a personal profile on Google Plus.

Also make sure you give your right name too! Don’t use any keywords or anything crazy like that, just tell people who you are!

Why do this>

The point of getting step 1 right is essential because you are showing people who you are and what you represent. A well designed image along with a nice photo goes a long way to build trust with people that you don’t know yet. Remember, the point of this whole thing is to build followers!

Step 2: Writing The Google Plus Update

Here is where most people get this part wrong. The update is by far the most important thing you can do in any social media platform. Learning the update will make your social media marketing plan go a whole lot smoother because you’ve got the hard part down!

Here is a couple example of a WRONG update:

Try This Awesome Tool That Builds Subscribers! {LINK HERE}

That doesn’t look too bad does it?  It’s straightforward and to the point and it stirs up curiosity.  But there is something BAD wrong with the way this update is written (and you can use this technique on ALL social platforms too)

I will let you in on part of a secret that I do that I call the “Wade Factor”

The reason that I chose to write this update is because I see it a whole lot on social media.  The information is there, but the wording is not right, and if you’ll check out my post called Use Psychology To Drive Social Media Traffic, then you will begin to understand what’s wrong.

First of all the word TRY shouldn’t be there. In a sense you are telling your followers, or whoever just happens to stop by and see it, what to do. This takes away from the reader because you are coming off too strong.

Secondly, the adjective AWESOME shouldn’t be there either because you have taken away their will to judge something for themselves. While this update seems to be strong, it is really very weak because you are ordering them around and telling them how great or stupendous something is and this takes away credibility from you and your site.

Let them be the judge of whether or not they like it. You can persuade them in your article when they get there! Realistically, that update should say this:

I Use This {Program}{Tool}{Webinar} and it really helps me get {Traffic}{Make Money}{etc}! See what your opinion of this is! {LINK}

See the difference? By providing personal experience in an update that will lead someone to an affiliate link or program, it gives the update credibility and the reader confidence to click on the link.

Step 3: Hashtags, Keywords, & the Importance of “Tagging”

social media marketing planHashtags and keywords are an essential part of your social media marketing plan. Use them when necessary. Google has a ton of tools that you can use to find the trend of a certain word that you’re wanting attention for in the Google Marketing Trends and they are a great way to expand your reach when sending out these updates.

Usually the first line of the Google Plus update is considered the “meta” tag line. Make your update pop by including your keyword in this first sentence. Not only will it bring more attention to you on the platform, but it will also bring attention to you when someone searches that particular word on Google search.

“Tag”…you’re “It”!

Do you tag people? Should you? Of course getting to know the tagging feature on G+ is important, but why would you do it anyway?

For those of you who aren’t certain what I’m talking about, it’s like this. When you write your update that you want a specific person to see you can put a “+” symbol in front of that person’s name and they will be notified.

But why would you ever want to tag someone? That answer is pretty simple. For one, you may just want to talk to a friend. For another, you may find yourself connected to a group of people at one point or another that actually want you to tag them when you need some help sharing something. This is always another great idea when you’re thinking about branching out and making new connections.

Step 4: Be Active In A Community

It’s always a good idea to become active in at least one Google Plus Community. Find one that is relevant to your site and make it a point to get on there and get to know the people around you!

It’s recommended that when you publish a post that you not only share it on every major social network, but you also share to the communities that you’re involved with as well. Get good at writing those updates and you’re going to see a lot more traffic from these types of sites where people gather.

Depending on the community that you join, a lot of them are just a soap box for others to announce to everyone else their new blog post. These people have no interest in sharing or communicating with anyone. They are simply there for selfish reasons. Try to stay away from communities that don’t have solid discussions going on.

Make your contributions in these discussions too (without posting a link!) and you will find that as people get to know you and your ideas, then they will begin to share more too!

Step 5: Set A Schedule

This is the most important one. Why did I save it until last? Because if you’ve read it this far then I know that you’re serious about changing your social media marketing plan for the better. Setting a schedule is necessary to do on any social platform. You can literally find yourself wasting time on these things easily, therefore a schedule comes in handy.

Here are some steps I have found that work for me with a Google Plus schedule:

  1. Check notifications and reply: 5 min
  2. Update my new posts to my stream: 1-2 min
  3. Update new posts to my Google Page: 1-2 min
  4. Community moderation:2 min
  5. Community participation(I’m active on 3): 5 min each=15 min
  6. Plus one’s and shares on my friends updates: 5 min

Usually a set schedule of 30 minutes every day for Google Plus for me.  This doesn’t have to be your schedule.  Make one that fits your needs and requirements as per your followers, participation, etc.

Your Turn:

Starting a new social media marketing plan can be tedious.  How many of you actually have a set plan in motion for Google Plus?  Do you wing it, or can you say that you have figured out that a plan is needed?

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    Awesome post and easy process to follow, Wade!

    As much as I love Twitter, it’s much easier to get your message across in G+ because you can write as much as you need to. In fact, a lot of people blog from there (I don’t recommend that at ALL) so it’s definitely a great platform.

    I’m thinking once you have a guide for each social platform, you could put together a resource page and promote the heck out of it. I feel that would be insanely valuable for your visitors.

    Thanks for the post,
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  2. I figured that social networks such as Facebook, and Twitter, were great tools for marketing online. This is the first blog that has exposed google to me as a marketing tool, and from the looks of it, it sounds like a good catch! Especially, this new Google Wave feature allowing real-time communication and video chat could definitely help create a personal type of relationship between a company and its clientele…seeing ones face is definitely more reassuring than an impersonal email…
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  4. I have never used Google plus for social media marketing, my only target is Facebook and Twitter. But after reading your article, I would love to try the above listed tactics and will see the result.
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  5. I just loved the way you explained the ” Writing The Google Plus Update ‘. I mean I never though of being strong or being bold while making any call. Secondly I loved the idea of scheduling the task. I think we can use hoot-shoot service for this purpose. Finally thank for this amazing post. Really love your blog.
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  6. Good points made in Step 2–avoid opinion words/phrases. In Step 4, “…Make your contributions in these discussions too (without posting a link!)…”, is this an absolute? If the link is that of another author’s content, which will enhance the discussion, would that not be beneficial?

    Overall, great list of tips. Thanks for sharing your experiences and ideas.