5 Ways to Turn Pinterest Into A Web Traffic Hosepipe

Melissa Taylor gained 1 million+ in Pinterest traffic & followers in only 9 months (now nearly 1.5m), after joining because all her cool blogger friends said she should be on it. How did she doe it? Her tried and tested advice to brands: “Focus on being awesome, not getting followers.” Shortly after she hit the million plus mark Melissa, published a book, which is well worth reading: Pinterest Savvy: How I Got 1 Million+ Followers.

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The most influential people on Pinterest are bloggers and social media influencers – also known as tastemakers. The most noticeable, due to the demographics are those in fashion, design, interior decor, and a wide range of goods and services which benefit from the demographics on Pinterest. Brands can learn a lot from how they grow and maintain their followers.

Learning from tastemakers like Melissa Taylor, Brittany Cozzens, and Joy Cho (still the most followed person on Pinterest with 14.4m followers) are useful case studies for brands who want to generate sustainable returns from their Pinterest marketing. Here are 5 useful tips from successful tastemakers on Pinterest:

1. Pinterest Peak Times

Studies and the data shows most people are on Pinterest in the afternoons (14:00 – 16:00 EST) and evenings (20:00 – 01:00 EST). So schedule content during those peak times, which is easier with publishing tools, like Pinster. Don’t overwhelm your audience with too many pins, but at the same time don’t publish too little. A recommended scheduled number is between 5 and 10 pins at a time. Other times when there are visitor spikes are during breakfast, lunch (increasingly from mobile devices) and dinner.

2. Size Matters

Taller gets more repins. Melissa Taylor, those she interviewed for the book, and social media professionals, have all tested this theory. Tall pins works. Other tricks for increasing repins, likes, followers, and web traffic from Pinterest traffic include using text in the images. You can manipulate the images to ensure the photo beneath so shows through a text box, or use your branding like a watermark. Hearst Digital Media found that it got twice as much traffic through Pinterest compared to Facebook and Twitter, with larger images gaining a higher response rate.

3. Pin-Ready Your Products

Bergdorf Goodman is cited by Melissa Taylor as a brand which has deployed the right strategy for maxamizing that pipeline between Pinterest traffic and their products. They sell high-end fashion online – from Jimmy Choo shoes to Dolce & Gabbana handbags – which benefit massively from Pinterest’s core demographic (85% women, aged between 25 – 44). Melissa is particularly impressed by the fact that: “Every single product on their website has a “Pin It” button. The product description plus the company name, Bergdorf Goodman, automatically loads when the “Pin It” button is clicked. It’s perfect.”

4. Widen Your Net

Zina Harrington from Lasso the Moon recommends going off the beaten track for fresh new images. Instead of re-pinning tastemakers: “Follow everyday people with good taste” Zina recommends this because everyone has already seen their content. Your followers will get bored. “There are many fish in this creative ocean. Look for smaller friends and your repins will feel fresh,” Zina is quoted in Melissa’s book, Pinterest Savvy.

5. The Warren Buffett Strategy

What does investor and billionaire Warren Buffett, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway have to do with Pinterest? Nothing, directly. He is however an example of someone who aims for long-term organic sustainable growth, rather than following short term trends. If you apply the Buffett investment rules to  social media marketing: aim to be sustainable, consistent, and awesome, as Melissa Taylor advises, which is how she has over 1.5 million followers.

Key Takeaways:

  • Pin when users are active;
  • Image size matters;
  • Make sure your website is Pin ready;
  • Find undiscovered tastemakers first;
  • Ensure your content is consistently awesome.

Put the right tactics in place early on and like Bergdorf Goodman you will see a steadily increasing volume of traffic from Pinterest to your website.

Dominic Tarn is EMEA Head of Marketing for Pinster, a Socialrithmic product. Supercharge your Pinterest efforts. Follow us on Twitter @pinsterme & @socialrithmic

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  1. Pinterest audience for many companies is a small subset of their total audience, so optimizing website content for them isn’t necessarily a sensible approach, unless there are personalisation tools in place to enable dynamic content positioning based on traffic source.

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