7 Mistakes You Do Not Want to Make in Your Blog

There are many mistakes that you can make in your blog, especially if you are a beginner.

Some are small errors, while others are larger, to the point of even losing rankings with search engines.

I wish I had read more of these articles at the beginning of my blogging career, so I could have avoided some penalties in terms of search engines positioning, online visibility and reputation.

Here you may read a list of 7 errors, that you want to avoid in your blog.

1 . Do Not Use Images

Images are not just a simple accessory to your articles, they are a clear invitation to crawl deeper into your content.mistakes

Pictures may lighten the weight of the paragraphs, guide the eye of your readers and communicate in a very fast way your concept.

There are many online resources where you can find images to use for your blog. Some of these sites are free, while in some others you need to invest some money.

I use normally FreeDigitalPhotos, where you can search the image you like more and with a little credit at the end of your article, you can use fantastic images without paying a cent.

2. Do Not Plan Ahead

If you want your small or large project to be successful, you have to start thinking long-term.

Some people say that having a Plan B distracts from Plan A, but you need to think about exit strategies or even assume the worst possible situation, in order to help you develop something extremely robust and effective.

Plan ahead, because a project without a long term strategy is nothing more than a wishful thinking.

3. Ignore the Grammar

You probably have read about it many times.

You need to pay attention not only to the grammar while producing your content, but also to spelling and syntax.

Remember that quality content will reward you in front of the eyes of your readers, but also Google pay attention to how your content is written. Both these factors will influence your online reputation.

So be sure to use a style that you can effort to write without any errors.

And please proofread your content many times before hitting the publishing button on your WordPress dashboard!

Tip : I use Paperrater, a great free online resource that you can use for grammar, spelling check and online proofreading, without any download of software.

4. Do Not Distribute RSS Feeds

There is no reason you should not distribute your content through RSS Feeds.

I have built a nice community of readers in my blog, both via RSS Feed and via mailing list.

This will be your lifeboat, when you will be penalized from any future Google Algorithm Update and you will lose organic traffic.

With RSS Feeds you have the possibility of building a solid relationship with your community.

5. Do Not Reply to Comments

There are two types of bloggers: those who respond to every comment and those who no matter what, they never answer.

You should find a way to feed the discussion through comments with the same care with which you have packed your post.

I believe in building relationships with my readers via the comments of my posts, and CommentLuv plugin helps me with this matter, both rewarding my articles with many comments and giving juicy backlinks to users.

6. Reading Too Much, Writing Too Little

You will not become a skilled driver watching all day Formula 1 races.

Similarly, if you want to build a successful blog, you should remove from the mind thoughts like “I always read and may be one day I will become a writer”.

Of course reading will help your writing skills, but you should stop reading all day every single blog that talks about blogging and you must start experimenting, writing and producing new content.

Your writing skills will improve with time and practice.

7 . Copy Other Writers

Above all at beginning, you may find inspiration reading other blogs.

But you need to find your own writing style, showing your personality.

Do not worry about finding the perfect words or very difficult terms, you should focus in writing a simple content, without mistakes or errors and easy to read.

Remember that being original is the best tip that I can give you in this article!

So don’t be afraid to write and show the blogosphere what you have in your mind.

Take action today!


What do you think of these mistakes? Can you add something else?

Please share your opinion in the comments below. Thanks!

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Erik Emanuelli is struggling about creating an effective small business, like many others entrepreneurs. He is trying to focus on online marketing.

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  1. Erik,
    I see do many people committing these mistakes, I know I did when I was a newbie.

    The one thing I found cool about images is that you can use them for SEO purposes. Name the image using your keywords and then using those same keywords in the caption and title. Google can crawl those and when people search for images yours may just pop up.


    • Just be sure to not abuse in adding keywords in ALT tag of images, Allie! ;-)
      Just use them if you are sure they are good in order to make a real complete description of that image.

    • Hi Allie,
      I have made so many mistakes in the past, above all when I started blogging.
      And I can count on that I could make some mistakes even now.

      The images are a nice source of traffic, if well optimized.
      Just be sure to not abuse in pointing in ALT tag some keywords which do not match with real description of the image, just because you want to add your keywords.

      Thanks for your comment! :-)

  2. Great post Erik, you always bring value to the table!

  3. The list is quite true with many bloggers. Our involvement does make a great difference. About images I have an apprehension to use them because of the licensing issues. Most of the time, I create my own images for that purpose. I also find a tool called Zemanta that suggests you good images after analyzing the content.

    • That’s why I use FreeDigitalPhotos.net :
      they have great images and you can use it for free, just adding a credit in your post.

      Well, George, if you can create your own images is much better! ;-)

  4. As an amateur blogger I find these information very useful to me.. And i like the “Reading Too Much, Writing Too Little” part as most of us read but never practice writing. Thanks for the information Eric!!

  5. I underlined the point number 7. I often come across a few blogs that the spelling of the article is difficult to understand, I do not know if it was indeed patois, or indeed a mistake. But if people want to use their blog for a commercial, it must have a common language and a good grammar.

    A nice info, Erik.

    • Well, Laurentius, indeed a good grammar is always important,
      and also a good writing style.
      If you want to reach more audience, you need to write well.
      Thanks for your comment!

  6. Hi Erik,
    I am a big believer in replying to comments even though I understand some big time bloggers don’t always do this one. Also, #7. Too often I see bloggers completely copy the writing style and tone of other popular bloggers.

    We are all unique people and our writing should reflect this.

    • I believe in building relationships via the comments, Justin.
      In all my guest posts I have huge number of interactions with readers and commenters.

      And you’re right, you must show your personality to stand out from the crowd! ;-)

  7. Hey Erik,
    Yeah, I am with you on these things bloggers foolishly do. One thing I think is a mistake is to not have a Twitter and Facebook if your a blogger. I mean your killing yourself by not using these completely free social media sites. Along with using Digg Digg or some social media sharing plugins. Just the other day I remember reading a really good post and I wanted to kind of check in on them from time to time and there was no RSS, FB, Twitter, Google +1, ect. Possibly they were just new, but in today’s day in age you got to be social if you want to succeed with blogging.

    • I love social media, Garen.
      It’s a great way not only to increase your business audience,
      but also to find new friends. :-)

      There are a lot of useful social media platform, but I find Twitter the most easy to use one as webmaster.
      Also Facebook is great, but works in particular for some niches.

      I remember to have found few days ago an interesting article, but no sharing buttons for Twitter!
      This is really a shame ….
      Every blogs should have an easy way to let readers share the posts in few seconds!

      Thanks for your comment, Garen!

  8. Mistakes just kill your Blogging growth, there is no place for mistakes in blogging, and if you do rectify it as soon as possible, Good bloggers never do Mistakes and if they do they hide them with their Smart work.
    So be a Smart worker !
    Great Post Erik

    • Thanks for the comment, Nishant.
      I wish I had more patience and knowledge at beginning of my blogging adventure,
      but I see I can learn a lot from my mistakes.
      The only thing is sometimes hard to repair very bad errors…

      So pay attention! ;-)

  9. Thanks for this interesting post. I loved it. This kind of input helps reader to drive its blogging skills to a new level

  10. I think these are the most common mistakes among the blogger. I myself often repeat them in my blogs.

  11. Okay! I am agree to the your tips but because I am a none English nation so I alway make grammar mistake. However, I have to write for my blog. I hope I can correct this mistake.
    Thanks for sharing.

  12. Don’t forget the reply notification from the comments to their emails, it brings back the conversation to our site. Great tips Erik!

  13. Hi Erik, great post man. I’m terrible for reply commenting on my own blog. In fact many bloggers would consider me a failure in that department. I don’t know how everyone has enough time to do it all. When do we have time for ourselves who can reply to so many comments? Perhaps it’s different for me, not only do I have a blog but Blog Engage just keeps me so busy.

    • I think it’s a question of what you consider important to do, Brian.

      Everyone has the same day, 24 hours.
      And everyone decides to invest their time in what they believe more appropriate, or simply more important.
      Then it is true, there are people busier and less busy …

      I do believe in building relationships through comments, but if I had to answer to hundreds comments every day, then it would be different ! ;-)

  14. I agree completely with all of your common mistakes you have listed here. I find images to be the most important part of a blog. I tend to get very bored reading a block of text if there is not a few images to break it up and keep it interesting. However you have to be careful with image use. Sometimes blogs can over face people with images and not have enough text. You have to have the right balance.

    • That’s right, Roach.
      I love to see images within text article, and if with a little of humor, even better!
      Thanks for the comment, I am glad you liked the tips included in my post.

  15. hmmm.. i have read another blog post saying that content should not always be perfect.. perhaps the blog is mentioning grammar and structure because the blog claims that readers should realize that the blogger behind the website is a “human” (committing mistakes) not a robot..

    nevertheless, i always make sure that the grammar my blog is acceptable

  16. Really if you are a blogger, then you must focus on the above mistakes you never have to do. Mistakes can really ruin your blogging career. So never make such mistakes. :D
    Thanks Erik for sharing this post.