8 Ways to Effectively use your Blog as a Marketing Weapon

This is a Guest Post by Norbert Juma of Blogging-Insights.Com

Your blog can be your most potent marketing weapon if used effectively. If you run an online business especially, then blog marketing becomes a key part of your marketing arsenal. A blog can get your message and best products right in front of a hungry targeted market.

Here are 8 ways you can boost your blog’s marketing efforts and increase your business’s ROI.

Leverage the Power of Social Media

Most blog marketers tend to focus more on search engine trafficat the expense of social media. But if your blog isn’t doing well in search engines, or it’s relatively new, then social media gives you an instant platform to reach out to your audience.

It’s important to strategically integrate social media with your blog by making it easier for readers to share your most interesting content. It’s also important to carefully establish your presence in the major social networks by personally engaging your followers. Wade’s twitter strategies are very effective if you want to establish yourself on twitter. He really knows how to leverage the enormous power of twitter.

Showcase Your Expertise

A blog is a great place to showcase your industrial expertise and grow your authority. You should not hesitate to let your visitors know that you have sufficient knowledge of your industry or niche for that matter.

The best way to showcase your expertise is by providing high quality content that is useful to your target audience. Research is the best way to come up with high value quality content.

Interviews are another great way to grow your authority. If you interview other prominent bloggers in your industry, then your own credibility will naturally improve through association.

Implement Offers

Offers are a great way to engage and please your prospects. Most people who browse online for products and services are always looking for bargains and offers.

This is a great way to grow and expand your subscriber lists and also grow your blog’s readership. Just make sure your prospects give you the information you want before receiving the offer. Another important aspect you should consider is the speed your offer gets delivered. For blogs, digital products such as eBooks, reports, software, and newsletters are great for growing lists. They have instant deliverability.

Use offers that are targeted and closely related to what your business/website sells or promotes. This way you’ll build a subscriber base that is highly related to what you have to sell. If you use general offers, then you might just end up with lots of subscribers most of who are not even interested in what you’re selling or promoting.

Engage Your Prospects

Your prospects are humans, most of them having great senses and emotion. Engaging them and trying to figure out their fears and needs is the best strategy you could use.

Ask your readers to give you suggestions and opinions as to how you can serve them better. You’ll be amazed at how people want to help you serve them better. You’ll also come across as someone who not only wants to sell to them, but who wants to really solve their life problems.

Engaging your prospects ultimately builds that much needed trust. Once your readers and customers trust you, they’ll do the selling and marketing for you. They’ll literally use word of mouth to tell their friends and loved ones about you and your great products.

Give Your Blog a Professioblog marketingnal Look

There’s nothing more annoying to a visitor than a business blog with an amateur design. If you’re not good at doing design then you should hire a professional to do it for you. Ultimately in business you have to spend wisely to make any profits. Investing in a professional look is the wisest investment in your blog marketing strategy.

There’re many premium themes you could buy for your blog. Just make sure the theme you invest in actually resonates with your blog’s subject.

Keep Your Blog Up to Date

How many times have you come across blogs that look like deserted jungles? Would you buy from a market place that seems abandoned? That’s how prospects feel when they visit your blog that you last updated 4 seasons ago.

Keep up with the latest trends in your niche and keep your blog current. Your prospects will know you’re an expert in your niche.

A well updated blog will also attract comments and other interactions from fellow bloggers and industrial friends.

If you have problems writing for your blog consistently, then check out my tips on how you can start blogging regularly.

Network with Other Industrial Experts

Every niche has experts who started the game way before. These are great people to help in your blog marketing efforts. You can always tap into their audiences and gain more followers and readers for your blog.

Even if you’re already an expert in your niche, those below you can still offer great benefits to your own blog. If they like and appreciate you, they’ll mention your brand to their own audiences fetching you more prospects in the process.

Reach out to fellow bloggers through blog commenting and other hangouts like forums and blog networks.

Always Do a Competitor Research

A competitor research is important especially if you’re just starting out with your blog marketing efforts. You want to know what other businesses are offering and how you can better on that.

If your competitors are offering half-baked content, that’s your chance to beat them out of the game. Inversely, if their products are better than yours, you’ll be forced to up your game. You can always win by keeping a close eye on your competition.

By implementing these eight strategies, your blog marketing efforts will become more effective and you’ll achieve a far greater ROI.

Do you have more strategies to share with us? Which blog marketing strategies do you use? Let’s hear them.

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