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I belong to about 23 Facebook groups and sharing my post on them using copy-paste is very tiresome and time consuming. That’s why for the last 3-4 days I was looking for a Facebook plugin that would let me share my posts on multiple facebook groups once I publish afacebook post on my blog.

Fortunately, I found one and I’m really happy with how it performs. The plugin that I’m talking about is Add Link To Facebook. The plugin has a free version as well as a premium version. The free version isn’t that much useful because it only lets you share on a couple of pages and only one group. So, to avail it’s premium features, you need to donate $25 USD or 20 GBP to the plugin owner and you will get the activation for the premium features of the plugin which includes sharing on unlimited Facebook Groups and your own profile and fan pages.

Installation of Facebook Plugin

The installation part is a little tricky (instructions will be provided to you). First download the plugin from the link I provided above. Then upload it to WordPress. The next thing that you have to do is create an App on Facebook.

Login to your Facebook account and go this link – . Then click on ‘Create New App’. A new window will appear where you need to insert your App Name.


Then after a security check you will be redirected to your App page where you need to add your site url.


Keep the App ID and App secret safe with you as you will need them to authorize the plugin in the settings panel. Only after authorizing you will be able to use the plugin. After authorization, it will allow you use the features that are available in the free version.

Ok, now that you have authorized the plugin it’s time to avail the premium features. First go to this page and pay $25 USD or 20 GBP using paypal or your credit card. Once you make the payment, the activation code link will be provided to your e-mail address.


After logging into WordPress, click on that link and the pro features of the plugin will be activated. Now the real fun begins. :)

Managing Settings in the Panel

Once you have unlocked everything, you will be able to share your post on unlimited number of groups (only if you’re a member). If you join a new group, it will be automatically added to your list of groups. Another good thing about this is, you can select the groups on which you want the post shared.


For pages and profiles, you will only be able to share your posts on your own profiles and pages. After you have made all the changes and took care of the settings all you have to is write a post and publish it.

Only Thing Left is to Publish

When writing your post a separate panel beside the editor area is displayed where each one of your groups, pages and your profiles is shown on which you want the post shared.


Once you publish the post, your post will be shared on all the groups,pages and your profile using the App Name you provided almost instantly.


Now,a little secret on how to reshare the posts again on multiple groups. Beside the post area, you will find a option of “Update Existing Facebook Link”. Check that box and hit the post “Update” button. Your posts will be shared to all the Facebook Groups again. And you can do this as many time as you want.

The plugin is only applicable for the posts which you have written after the plugin was installed. I’m looking for a way around this and will let you know if I come up with anything.


For a one time payment of $25 USD, this is as good as it gets. Overall a great plugin and it has whole load of other features. But sharing on multiple Facebook groups is it’s best feature. So, make sure to grab yourself this plugin because it’s pretty good.

Lahaul Seth is an engineering student who loves surfing the internet and loves writing articles on blogging tips , widgets and social media. He is also a programmer and a web designer. He mostly writes on his blog – Blog Tips Codes. He has recently launched a new WordPress blog – Lion Blogger

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  1. In the case of like button, what do we do when our blog site does not support iframes?
    The like button included in this website… its simple and nice.. is there a widget available for the same?

    • The widget on the side of this blog is the plugin. Facebook already provides code for non iframe sites. Though I don’t know what kind of sites don’t support iframes. You can also other plugins like sharethis and addthis. They are one of the best social sharing plugins.

  2. Hi Lahaul,
    Really great plugin,I am currently using the free version of this plugin and sharing my contenton my official facebook page of Morningtadka-Spice Up your Life .Keep up the good work

    • Thanks for stopping by , Joel. Glad to know that you use the free version of this plugin. You should really consider upgrading to the premium service. It has a lot of other features that you’re going to love.

  3. Social networking sites are became the top place to do the promotions. It is god to see such a plugin that complete the task within short time. As it is also available in free version all users can experience the range of the plugin. Thank you for sharing….

  4. i never knew that facebook links can be so easy with this magical plugin. thanks you so much for sharing this secret with us.

  5. I have never read any article on the topic of upgrading to this ultimate FB plugin, quick timeframe. I am reading it carefully and i will give it a try. Thanks

  6. great plugin I am gonna use it, its so frustrating to copy paste the link and description every time and also takes so much time. thanks for sharing this plugin.

  7. Thanks for stopping by, Pratik. Glad you found the article useful.

  8. Hi Lahaul,
    That sounds like a very useful plugin thanks for sharing. I am currently part of only 4 Facebook group so I think I can do it manually still. but at least now I know a plugin that can help me get the job done easier if I ever want to join more groups. thanks for sharing.

  9. Great article with good description. Thanks a lot for writing this post.