Lose Adsense and Push Affiliate Marketing

So you can make money with Adsense just as well as with affiliate marketing.  But there are some slight differences that you must be reminded.  I want to talk about why you maybe should re-think your Google Adsense strategy and go “whole hog” into affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing vs Google Adsense

Let’s not get too touchy about this. Adsense is a powerful program that you can be invested in. However, it may take you a long time toGoogle Adsense make $100 with Adsense.

Downsides of Adsense

Downside #1-Takes a long time…

One of the biggest downsides of Adsense is what I just mentioned. It takes forever to make your money with it. If you don’t have a lot of traffic, say 30-50 visits per day, then you could be forever making good money on that. However, there is an upside to this as well. If your traffic is running high stats, then you could possibly be making upwards of $200 a day from it! Traffic seems to be the key to everything in blogging, and it is no different with Adsense.

Downside #2-Too many rules

I have a personal vendetta against the good people over at Google anyway, because I have been suspended…twice, from their Adsense program.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not here to bash them and tell you to go another direction. On the contrary, their program is a very good one, and one that you can make money with. The only problem is the have so many rules and regulations.

For instance, a reason that I was suspended from their program was because I had another banner ad on my site that wasn’t Google property. I couldn’t take it down, because I have people that pay me to host their banners.

Apparently, that was a problem for Google.

Now most of you could probably sit here and tell me all of the Adsense rules better than I ever could,(which is why you are still hosting their ads on your sites) but if you are going to go the Google Adsense direction, then I suggest you familiarize yourself with their program policies and regulations.

Downside #3-No Guarantee of Continuation

What really made me mad was that they allowed me to bank over $250 before suspending my account. A fact that I find out that they do to a lot of people. After 3 months of hosting their ads on my site and making that much money, I realized that I did have that much banked and could take it out. When I did all of the necessary paperwork to release the funds to my bank account, 3 days later my account was suspended.

This same thing has happened twice. Google actually owes me over $500! lol! Think I’ll get it back?


They can do this because it is their program. If they “feel” that your site is not worthy to have their ads hosted on it, then they can take it down. I have talked to a lot of bloggers who have been done the same way by Google and have had to switch to other marketing methods to make money.

The Blessing of Affiliate Marketing

affiliate marketingIf Google had never did that to me I would still be waiting on my ads to make money. This suspension was really a blessing in disguise. It made me search out other methods of advertising to make money with.

That would be affiliate marketing. And you can create an affiliate marketing blog too!

Waiting around for $100 every month or two doesn’t sound all that promising does it? However, with any affiliate marketing site, you can make that much and even more every day!

With affiliate marketing you can:

  • Pick and choose what products you want to promote on your site.  You aren’t limited to what Google tells you that you can have.
  • You can make more money with this.  Even for a new blog, making $100 could come as easily as the first couple of weeks. Of course it takes the right kind of promotion, but it can happen.
  • Choosing your payout- With affiliate marketing sites like Clickbank, you can actually choose a process that allows you to make recurring commissions on every sale you make!  So not only would you make money the first time you sold that product, but every month as well!

Some Affiliate Marketing Companies

There are plenty of affiliate marketing companies that you can get involved in. Some of my favorites are Clickbank, as listed above, Affiliate Lights, and another great one is called Max Bounty CPC Ads.

I will tell you that Max Bounty is a great way to make a lot of fast money because it is usually set up for you to get paid when someone enters their email or performs some sort of action. They usually don’t have to buy anything on Max Bounty for ou to get paid. I personally make pretty good every month by using this affiliate program.

So You’re Set With An Affiliate Program, Now What?

This is probably one of the most important parts of this post. Just because you are a member of an affiliate site doesn’t give you the affiliate marketingright to display your affiliate links all over your blog or every time you post.

Remember that you are trying to create a blog with integrity, and pushing affiliate links on your readers every time they read a post is going to really annoy them!

Another good point is to do what I try to do. Every product that I promote through an affiliate link I have purchased it myself, or have heard something good about it from one of my colleagues. Never, under any circumstances, promote an affiliate link that you know nothing about.

Research and take the time to see what it’s all about before you post it for your visitors to read. The point of all of this is this: it doesn’t matter how much money you think you can make. It doesn’t matter if you get your blog to the first page of Google for 50 different keywords.

All that matters is your reader.

Remember that, and they will remember you, and, in time, your affiliate marketing strategies will work out for you.

Recent Note:

It seems as though this post has been virally shared and somehow ended up on the desk of a prominent Google Adsense employee.  After reviewing this post, they he agreed to check the facts again behind my “lost money” and suspension.  As of January 12th, 2018, I have been fully reinstated and got my money back.  Which goes to tell me that if you have lost money on Adsense, then write a good post bashing them about it!

[UPDATE] Seems as though it didn’t take.  After further review and a reinstatement, Adsense actually let me put ads up for 5 days, in which time I made over $749!  They deemed my site hostile and banned me again.
If you’re thinking about Adsense and have a lot of traffic, then forget about it.  Too many hoops to jump through for someone to take your money from you.

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  1. Twitter:
    Thanks for sharing! I am currently using Adsense but I still not get $100 for six. I think that you said true. I want to switch to the affiliate market but now just prepare some strategy.
    Kimsea recently posted..Affiliate Links Offered Guest PostMy Profile

  2. Twitter:
    I got suspended from the adsense program thrice in 2012. They don’t give any reason why they suspended you in the first place. In the beginning of the year, someone click bombed my site. I notified Google as soon as I came to know of this. They didn’t bother to take a look at it. They banned me. Alternatively, they could have cancelled those earnings which accumulated only on that particular day. I had $45 on that account not much but better than nothing. :(

    • Twitter:
      Both times that I got suspended I had over $200 in the account! I wonder how many people Google does this to…they get paid by the advertiser for the ads, but they don’t pay you!! No wonder this is a multi-billion dollar company! They’re a bunch of pirates!
      Richard Harman recently posted..SEO Techniques To Improve Web RankingMy Profile

      • Twitter:
        That’s a concern for me. I have accumulated over 75 bucks with them and it makes me nervous what you say. Honestly these companies have so many tricks up their sleeve that they’re obligated to next to nothing. I want to build something lasting that I can count on, and I have been very much thinking about diversifying many things with regard to my approach. Imagine how much money they make by just refusing to pay hundreds or thousands of people who have accumulated funds. Seems like some kind of fraud and slavery to me. “Work hard for us with no guarantees and we don’t owe you nothing!” Boo!

  3. Twitter:
    Affiliate marketing is of no use if you don’t have engagement with the people

    PS:You got more posts here because Wade loves you! (i like this thing lol)
    Salman Ahmad recently posted..9 Awesome High Definition WallpapersMy Profile

    • Twitter:
      You are right. Just as in everything, you have to push it to be successful. I hate it when I see blogs promoting ways that can make you a millionaire, but they forget to leave out some initial points to the whole thing. The people pay $499 only to realize that they will have to be a prominent blogger for it to work. That’s a rant at John Chows “Blogging with John Chow” program I saw earlier. Bunch of malarky, and people are buying it left and right! You can make just as much money with affiliates as you can with anything! For instance, I just got paid for an affiliate program for the month of December(one of them that I’m registered in) and I made $357.89! Do that with 4-5 programs and you have got a good start!
      Richard Harman recently posted..Twitter Tools For More Traffic-Tweet Adder ReviewMy Profile

  4. I believe Google Adsense to be a right pain. Sadly it is one of the best advertisement platforms to make money from. However I do not like using them and would use another option if one was available because I do not like there rules.

    I do not think that you should stop Adsense fully though, it is still possible to have both affiliate links and Adsense running at the same time as you can include affiliate links in the content and have the advertisements in sidebars ect. I think that is a better idea.
    Roach recently posted..How you can go the extra-mile for your client and not lose moneyMy Profile

    • Twitter:
      I agree with you Roach, (that used to be my nickname in college) but you can get banned from using Adsense and affiliates at the same time. I know, I’ve done it! It seems that Google has a very strict set of rules…those of which I do not care enough about to read, that we must follow to the “T” in order to stay afloat in the world of CPC marketing. However, there is a great CPA and CPL site that I use very effectively where you get paid whenever someone does some sort of action on the ad. They don’t have to buy, but just do something, it’s called MaxBounty and they are awesome! I make a couple of hundred a month from them.
      Richard Harman recently posted..Why Blog Engage Should Be Your First Choice For Paid CommunitiesMy Profile

  5. Richard I was also thinking on the same lines, because adsense clicks pay in cents whereas I made 47$ from a single affiliate sale. Yes we can integrate adsense in our blog but should mostly depend on affiliate sales. Your this post has proved that my decision was right. Thanks for your inspiration.
    Ejaz Alam recently posted..7 Profitable Blog Ideas For 2013My Profile

  6. Hello Dear

    i read your post really its very interesting post and i think ad sense is great way for advertising i am also using but i will try affiliated marketing really thanks for the sharing me

  7. Twitter:
    definitely adsense is such a bad program to join…. I applied with my 3 different sites and all time rejected…. probably its time to start affiliate marketing..
    ansh recently posted..New Year Resolution For Internet AddictsMy Profile

  8. HI

    After reading all the comments, I feel is Google adsense so bad?
    Though I haven’t started using that yet.

    Sapna recently posted..When Nokia was Caught Sleeping – An InfographicMy Profile

  9. Twitter:
    Hi, I have been planning to do blogging for such a long time, but when i see so many successful bloggers my spirits go go low and i think there’s no place for me. But your posts buck me up! And inside me some one screams ‘heyy here i come’ :) thankyou for all the help.
    Jenna recently posted..3 stone diamond ringsMy Profile

  10. i’m getting google ads but i hope i’l get it very soon, so it will be beneficial for me in future….. thanks for posting

  11. Twitter:
    I agree with the topic itself, I spent months even years on working with Adsense to make money, but sti It’s really hard. I’m in love with affiliate marketing and It’s the best way to make money from your blog, especially in blogging and marketing niches.

    Thanks for writing on this Wade.
    Ehsan Ullah recently posted..Top 10 Bloggers To Watch In 2013My Profile

  12. Twitter:
    I think you are right on this. I am not happy with google adsense either. They send lots of confusing messages and then they suspend people without notice. In addition, one can make more money from affiliate marketing so by bother with them. I agree with you 100%.
    Shalu Sharma recently posted..Interview with globetrotter girlsMy Profile (dofollow)

  13. The biggest and main reason of adsense it gets banned without any warning and i would suggest everyone to use affiliate marketing as it has many benefits and huge profits.

  14. Twitter:
    Really wonderful post. Yes, affiliate marketing is no doubt is the best way of earning money online. Clickbank is ofcourse the best choice, but I didn’t know about Affiliate lights and Max Bounty. Thanks for sharing :)
    Nizam Khan recently posted..The Seven Deadly Sins of Online MarketingMy Profile

  15. it is great post i am agree with you affiliate marketing is best way because i am also struggle with ad sense but it is not verify me so ..
    thanks for sharing..
    Rahul recently posted..Blogging Goals of 2013 to Make More MoneyMy Profile

  16. I prefer affiliate marketing over adsense and other type of ads, but sometimes a site just calls for adsense and there are no products to affiliate, or simply the product doesn’t convert well. If this is to happen, then maybe you should look into creating that product yourself and thats when you start making the big bucks.

  17. Adsense is based on the whims and fancies of Google. So better to stay far from it. Regards

  18. Twitter:
    me too.. i got kicked out from adsense from reason that i do not know. they will always send generic emails and they do not encourage reapplication. now i am using other forms of monetization strategies such as infolinks, amazon and affiliate marketing
    marilyn cada recently posted..Yahoo Local: Promoting Your Site and BusinessMy Profile

  19. I cant wait for Apple and Microsoft to, maybe – hopefully, merge or joint-venture and CRUSH GOOGLE. In the meantime, the department of justice is watching Google VERY close. They may have gotten away with their BS last week or so, in that recent ruling BUT the real blow to Google will be dealt to them this year. You watch. I know. ;-)

  20. Thank you Wade! Really great point. I will surely consider going with Affiliate Marketing. What I believe is when one door closes another one opens. Google’s attitude is totally autocratic. I have read similar story from other guys. You earned, Google robbed. Really really great article. Thanks again.
    Shiful Alam recently posted..The Need for a Unique Selling Proposition and How to Create ItMy Profile

  21. Twitter:
    Excellent post. I think that if we could give time to affiliate marketing then we could earn more then Google adsense !
    Google Adsense has too many rules now.
    Thank you
    Mark brook recently posted..Safeguarding your Health through AromatherapyMy Profile

  22. Twitter:
    There’s a reason I’ve never used AdSense at TGC – no enough money for the amount of effort you need to put in. Good decision, Wade.
    Ana Hoffman recently posted..The Ultimate Blueprint to More Profitable Website TrafficMy Profile

  23. Great post sir!.. I have never tried affiliate marketing…..don’t have enough knowledge
    Google ads are not paying even 1$ per day to me….this is hectic….
    i hope the site names you provided me…click bank, affiliate lights hel me to learn and as well as earn


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