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The Twitter Facts

If you are a new blogger, or have been blogging for awhile and do not have a Twitter account, then you are missing out on the huge amounts of traffic & money that it can bring your blog! Over 100 million people use Twitter every day and if you are not seeking out, or benefitting from, that piece of pie, then you should be!

To some people, it is confusing with the way it works, and just for this reason alone they do not use it, or have not tried it. This post is meant to change your mind if you aren’t using this platform, and also meant to enlighten those of you who do to a new level of expertise with things you may not have heard of yet, or even tried!

Twitter Apps

First of all, there is a whole section I blogged about called Twitter Secrets Revealedthat goes in depth with hashtags and keywords and how to use them properly. I will not cover those here.

First of all, I see a lot of people using Twitter that aren’t even promoting anything. Now I am not saying that this is a bad thing, you can have fun using Twitter with your friends, however, this will be directed more towards getting traffic to your site and helping monetize your blog.

twitter social oomphOne of the best Twitter apps out there is called Social Oomph. First you will need to set up a Twitter account to use this if you don’t have one yet. For those of you who do have an account, this will just be like the other apps you have loaded on there from other sources. Social Oomphis a free platform that you can use in your account.

What does it do? This is basically a way that you can stay on Twitter round the clock, without actually having to tweet round the clock! It is a tweet scheduler! This is one of the best things that I have found to generate traffic to my blog every day. When you incorporate the tips that I showed you in the above link about Twitter Secrets Revealed, and use Social Oomph, then you will be unstoppable!

Benefits of Social Oomph

Okay, there are great benefits of this platform. Social Oomph is free for a basic account, however, if you are truly interested in getting massive amounts of traffic, then I suggest that you upgrade your account to the Social Oomph Professional. It only costs $25, and you can integrate not only Twitter, but Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, and other high priority social media sites. This will be your basic “one stop shop” for everything social media.

The best thing about the professional version is that you don’t have to actually visit these individual social media sites to make updates. You can schedule future tweets, make updates on Facebook and MySpace, and LinkedIn without having to click out of the website.

If you don’t have a Social Oomph account, and you want to be a blogger who makes money, then I suggest you get an account right away and get the professional version. I make over $500 daily with the help of this platform. Minus my $25 every month! Not too bad, especially when you are wanting to get the upper hand on Twitter!

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