Are You Using Twitter Wisely?

Tips To Use Twitter to Your Benefit

There are many social media sites out there that can bring you great traffic. But there is a problem when it comes to one thing…followers. Having a small following is a great way to watch your site dry up and blow away from lack of traffic from social media sites. Unless you are someone like Howard Stern or even Darren Rowse, how do you get people to go to your site, much less follow you?

Use The Designated Symbols

In Twitter, just an in SEO, there are keywords. These keywords link to a potential following of people who actually search these keywords out on a daily basis. Just because you do not have a following of 1,500 people, does not mean that you can’t get that many people to come to your site.

One thing that I have found interesting is, find a person who is fairly famous, or has a large following. I recently did this with a famous star, and it worked like crazy! I would suggest that you take someone who has something to do with your niche and send them a Tweet. For instance, if your site is about blogging, then you should do this: Tweet this @SethGodin hey check out my site at blah, blah, blah .com. People that follows Seth Godin, will see this tweet in the searches and hit your site.

In the past, I tweeted Howard Stern just the way I told you to do it. Come to find out, he “favorited” one of those tweets! Talk about traffic!

The @ symbol is meant to go directly to a person of interest. Their followers will see the tweet and hopefully check your site out.

The # symbol is for designated keywords. For instance if you would like your tweet to be seen by thousands of people, find a kewyord that is searched a lot on Twitter. You can go to TwitScoop to find different keywords that are hot! Research the keywords that are searched a lot, and related to your niche. This will help you get traffic and a following too!

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twitter Are You Using Twitter Wisely?



 Are You Using Twitter Wisely?

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  1. I love Twitter! It has been a great thing for me, especially for my Direct Sales company but also for blogging. I still need to try @ a famous person :)

  2. Good post. I hadnt thought about directing my twitter comments to people. I can see how that will work, even with well known people in my area. The trick is converting them whilst they are onsite.