Creating Blogger Relations


Blogging is more than just writing content, more than putting down words, and more than clicking publish. While this might shock some, others will find it reassuring and an explanation as to why blogging has or has not worked for them in the past. You see, blogging is about creating relationships through content. As bloggers [...]

Understanding Google+ for Small Business Owners

google plus for business

How does Google+ for small business work? That is the question we will answer today. In order to understand the topic fully we must evaluate the different tools Google+ puts at your disposal. Google Communities Google Communities are a tremendous resource for any small business owner. Within these communities you can find a variety of [...]

Designing Your Brand With Joomla

Joomla has a number of amazing templates and extensions to help you design your brand online. Having the right look and feel for your website is crucial for your long-term monetization strategy. You need to convince your prospects that you are a professional company that understands their needs. To accomplish this, we can use the [...]

Do You Want Free, Automatic Leads?


I discovered an automatic leads system for my business a few weeks ago. The idea is so profound, and yet at the same time brain dead easy. I cringe at the idea of sharing this idea, but my philosophy has always been share with others, because they have done the same for me. What was [...]

Being Relevant Online

Darts With People On Them Towards Target 160x160

How do you stay relevant to your prospects? What do you do to keep your content, discussions, products, and services relevant to your target market? In other words, why should they stick with you over the years? What value do you bring to the table? Being relevant, creating content that matters to your client is [...]

Designing For Conversions

designing for conversions

No one likes a pretty, useless website. The type of site with a suave, impractical look does not help a business achieves their goals and objectives. Instead, design websites for conversions. By agreeing to the following rules for any website, you place on the internet. Three Design Rules To Increase Conversions 1. The site must [...]

Top Secret: Good Content Gets Read, Great Content Gets Shared

great content sharing

For those under the illusion that all blog posts should cost $1.5 on some creepy crawly website where people can barely spell their name, let alone write a 500 word expose on your niche topic I say, “Bah Humbug!” Make that an emphatic Bah Humbug indeed! Here is the dog gone secret that I discovered [...]