Add Link To Facebook : The Ultimate Facebook Plugin


I belong to about 23 Facebook groups and sharing my post on them using copy-paste is very tiresome and time consuming. That’s why for the last 3-4 days I was looking for a Facebook plugin that would let me share my posts on multiple facebook groups once I publish a post on my blog. Fortunately, [...] : The Best Online Curator For Your Topics

scoop it

If you didn’t know, is an online curating site where you can collect links from your favorite topics or niche under one roof. Something like that may not sound much but it has some great features which if used effectively, can help you in both marketing your blog as well as gaining new readers [...]

Web Apps To Supercharge Your Online Social Life – Part 4

social web apps

Most of the bloggers and online business owners out there know the importance of social media. But most don’t know how to use them effectively to reach their target audience. In my previous three posts in the series, I highlighted some of the best web apps out there to manage your social media. In this [...]

Web Apps To Supercharge Your Online Social Life – Part 3

social web apps

Social Media is important, especially for bloggers those who want to expand their reach. Part-1 was about Twitter and Part-2 was about Facebook. But, Part-3 and Part-4 will be about All-In-Ones. These web apps can be really helpful if you know how to use them effectively. Well, I can’t tell you how you are going [...]

Web Apps To Supercharge Your Online Social Life – Part 2

social web apps

Some people may find Facebook as boring or not interesting enough. With the help of some web apps, you can make it much more interesting and enjoyable. It is normal to feel that way about something after being addicted to it for such a long time. This post will not be much about traffic and [...]

Web Apps To Supercharge Your Online Social Life – Part 1

social web apps

Social Media is about bringing targeted traffic to your blog. Targeted traffic helps you make more money from your blog than any other traffic. But you can’t do this alone yourself. You need some help from some web apps. There are quite a few web apps to help supercharge your online social life. That’s why [...]

4 Content Marketing Sites That Every Blogger Should Use


In today’s blogging world, you cannot achieve success alone. You need friends, readers, supporters and most importantly, content marketing strategies that you need to use, period. Content marketing isn’t only about sharing your articles on social media sites and commenting on other blogs. You need to do more to let people know about your articles. [...]

5 Basic Web Designing Tips to Speed Up a Blog

tips to speed up blog

The speed of your blog is critical to your blog’s success, and here are some tips to speed up a blog. No visitor of yours is going to wait for 5 minutes when your blog loads. In today’s world everything is changing and speeding up. And you and your blog should speed up as well. [...]