How To Be A Bad Blogger & Let Your Focus Go Out of Whack

If you’re a blogger, then guess what? You’re probably doing it wrong. Sad but true, most bloggers find themselves in this very same predicament at one point or another, and they have to make a decision that will affect whether or not they are going to become successful in the blogging industry.

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What’s the decision, you ask?

Well, if you have to ask, then you’re priorities are probably turned around. Not that you mean this for evil or anything, but that you just possibly don’t know what in the world I’m talking about!

The Many Focuses of a Bad Blogger & Why It Can Throw You Into Early Retirement!

I get it. You start a blog, and you can see tons of visitors right away coming to the site and making you rich. It’s hard not to get excited about the limitless boundaries that you can achieve with online success. But there are many things that can get you “out of whack” so to speak, that can disrupt your viewpoint of what you really need to focus on.

Bad Blogger Focus #1-Counting Your Eggs Before They Hatch or Counting Your Money Before You Make It

I will step out, raise my hand, and let everyone know that I am the first to be shot between the eyes with the guilt gun. But like I said before, it’s hard not to get excited at the possibilities that you can accomplish while blogging!

That said, it’s easy to get a distorted viewpoint of what you really need to achieve while blogging. When I first started, I literally had no idea what to do! In my “About Me” page on my blog, you will see that I was a coal miner turned blogger. I literally knew nothing about the internet, because that was just something that wasn’t used in my area to make money. But I DID know that people were making money online. So I was doubly excited when I first started my blog because I just knew that I was going to be rich beyond my wildest dreams in about a week!

That’s pretty pathetic isn’t it? Lol, but I had a distorted viewpoint. I was putting the money first. I was counting on all of that scratch coming in like high tide at Daytona Beach.

This is probably the oldest story of all bloggers. I believe that, in time, it usually fixes itself. Once you stay with it and realize that reality doesn’t get all dressed up and come knocking at your door with a bagful of money after the first couple of months of blogging, then you usually can cope with the outcome.

This is more or less the story of the hard-core bloggers. Those that are more interested in the blog than in the money, and those that are willing to stick it out after they have figured out that they are going to have to wait a little while longer for that new Lamborghini, are the one’s that “right” their course of action about the money situation.

Bad Blogger Focus #2-Throwing Crap At Your Audience

Once again, will the “Real Slim Shady” please stand up? Yup, I did it again! This also coincides with the “making money” factor in blogging. Unless you’re “Citizen Kane”, you need to fix the way you address your readers, otherwise your blog is going to be a proverbial ghost town.

I realize that using affiliate’s is a bloggers primary way of making money. However, if you’re going to continually approve of products that are just going to take your readers money, then you should re-think your strategy.

Growing up as a blogger, I realized early to promote only the affiliate’s that I actually used. This can go a long way with your readers, plus you don’t have to worry about scamming anyone. Clickbank and Commission Junction have some great products, but there are also some out there that you shouldn’t touch with a 10 foot pole either!

This has to do with creating great content on your blog. I mentioned this in a post on Basic Blog Tips earlier and wanted to allow people to realize what a really is. When you focus on creating content that will help, inform, and educate the reader, then you don’t have to worry about promoting products in your posts that are less than perfect.

Bad Blogger Focus #3- Not Accomplishing Anything

The average blogger will get so excited that they will go on a rampage of sharing, posting, and many other blog promotional advents. While this is not a bad idea, you can generally find that same blogger, three weeks later, disregarding their duties.

One of the most important things that you can do for your blog is to create a schedule for yourself. Getting on social media sites and posting like wildfire is great, but you cannot keep up that schedule! Set a realistic goal and do it! Furthermore, you can’t post great content every day. You just can’t. I don’t care what professional tells you that you should post every day, ignore that advice. This usually comes from someone who has hundreds of people posting for them, therefore they can actually say that posting every day is important.

While I don’t disagree with this statement, you have to go back to the original idea. You cannot post great content every day. You can try, and every now and then, I’ll write a great post one day, and then the next day I come up with another one. I don’t publish that post then. I stick with my schedule and publish it for later.

Sit down and figure out what you can do. Put it on paper and stick with it! You will accomplish more this way and it will end up benefiting your site better than one day of rampant posting and then three days of nothing.

Don’t Be A Bad Blogger

The conception that all newbie’s are bad bloggers is really false. It’s not that you’re a bad blogger, it’s just that your priorities are in the wrong places. Stick with the program and keep a consistency about your blog, don’t post junk, and always try to create scenario’s where you can meet new people. For instance, I want to extend the invitation for you to guest post on this blog! Use the contact me page and tell me that you’re interested in guest posting. This is just my way of creating a community and keep from being a bad blogger!

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