Blog Commenting-How I Posted 100 Comments In One Day

The Idea Of Blog Commenting

The idea of blog commenting is not a new one by any means. With the Penguin roaming around, it is getting harder and harder to get relevant backlinks to a site these days that actually count towards your SEO. It is hard to get lost in the whole idea about SEO when you get it in your head that you want to start blog commenting. You sometimes fall into the trap of not reading the posts, or skimming them to say the least. This is where spam comments come into play and that is why a lot of people don’t even make it to the commentblog commenting section.

Marcus Sheridan, from The Sales, and even Corbett Barr from Think share the opinions that the learning actually starts with the blog comment section. I tend to agree. The point of a blog is to get people to learn about a certain subject and then prod them to start a discussion. The blog is just the starting point of the “thread” and it is meant to get the discussion started with certain talking points.

I see a lot of blogs these days, especially after commenting on 100 of them yesterday, that do not approach this the way that they should. I saw many new blogs that had posts that merely stated facts and built up a wall for the commentor…in other words, there was not much else to say once you got to the blog commenting section.

The Blog Commenting Idea That I Had

While posting a thread on my blog forum in the search engines optimization thread, I got the idea to post to 100 blogs in one day. This was done for research in two different areas:

  • Traffic- We have all heard that blog commenting brings traffic from the blogs we comment on.  Can a blog survive totally by referral traffic alone?  Blog commenting on 5-7 blogs daily is not a good medium to test at so this is why I went big.
  • Search Engine Optimization- Most blogs have the CommentLuv plugin available on their site.  Others just have regular blogs with dofollow comment sections.  Some still, have nofollow blog sections.  These are all backlinks that I am wanting to get. As you know a steady flow of nofollow and dofollow backlinks are needed in order to rank up in the search engines.

This actually played out better in my head.  I would sit down, start my computer, and go to work finding great blogs to comment on.  My theory was to only comment to blogs that actually gave back to the internet community and also only comment on the one’s that were relevant to my niche.  That was my idea anyway…

However, I have two children.  Two boys to be exact.  One is 2 and the other is about 5 weeks old now, and in my head I saw this playing out differently, but to my surprise I actually commented on about 75 of these blogs with Baby Owen in my lap!  But I digress, in all actuality, it went fine…

Here is the story:

The Blog Commenting Quest

blog commentingAs I said, I wanted to hit only the blogs that I really liked and then go from there. As far as an explorer, I try to explore the internet for new blogs that I have never come across before, but you know how it is when you are trying to get a blog off the ground. You really don’t have time to surf the net for these things, and your time is spent doing other things, so this is one thing that I can totally recommend doing if you get time.

The first couple of blogs

As before, I wanted to go to all of the blogs that I know. It doesn’t take any time at all, so I thought I would get to blog commenting on these first. These are friends of mine, and they have great sites:

These were no-brainers.  These people have been friends of mine for awhile and I suggest that you get out and promote your blog and make friends like these while you are waiting to be discovered.

After these, it really got interesting. I found out some great tips, which I will share in a minute, about how successful bloggers set up their blogs.

The next set of blogs to be commented on was a link I found of the Top 10 Bloggers of 2012. Now I understand, with SEO in mind, that when you log on to a site that is ranked high, all you want is that backlink. Sometimes we overlook the decorations that this certain blogger has on their site. If you will start to notice this, it may give you some insight on how they got a high ranking website.

I do regular blog commenting on most of these sites from this link, but when I was researching this topic out, it made me take notice of certain things. Remember, these are the top 10 bloggers, so when I went to each of their sites I was actually looking at their blogs through a different point of view.

Most of these guys are successful, some make millions a year, but most are making several hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. When I went to these sites it made me think, what do they do different to get to where they are?

It’s a good question to ask yourself each time you visit a site. How do they get traffic? how did they get such a high pagerank?

One thing that I noticed on each of these sites was the absence of ads and affiliate links in their sidebar. Most of the sites had email subscribe lists, facebook likes, and they all had a list of recent posts. I have read countless times at that if you overwhelm your reader in the sidebar, they will not click anything! This has been true for me. Recently I have had my sidebar filled with ads and affiliate links thinking that I neededto fill this space up! Since I have removed these more people are subscribing to my email list and clicking the two ads I do have up there!

I found some really interesting blogs while doing this.  It’s very intriguing to see what ideas people think will work.  For example, I came across one site where the guy approves of turning off Facebook & Twitter!This is an interview done by the owner of this blog, it’s not their personal opinion on how to promote a blog.

Another site I came across was a 16 year old boy’s site called We could all learn from this boy genius as he clearly makes a lot of money and understands the importance of pagerank & site promotion.

Another list of blog commenting

I really didn’t want to be one of these sites, but just to let you know the route I took to get these comments registered, I will show you where I found these at.

  • Comment Luv Enabled Blogs-Some of the best dofollow links out there.  If you can find a blog that has CommentLuv enabled, you are almost guaranteed a great backlink.  Make sure you get a blog that is relevant to your niche.
  • List of 51 DoFollow Blogs

Remember, if it isn’t relevant to your niche, it’s not going to count in Google’s eyes.  Even though there is a huge list of blogs listed here, I couldn’t comment on all of them for this reason alone.

In Conclusion:

It is my opinion that a blog can survive on referral traffic alone.  Forget about the SEO for a second, building up a base of referral traffic through blog commenting is totally possible.  One would have to make this their top priority in their traffic strategy, but it is do-able.  The SEO goes without saying, if you get a comment approved, then you have a great backlink.  Whether it is dofollow or nofollow, is irrelevant.  Your site needs both to survive.

Blog commenting is a great way to get noticed by other people.  Whether you are doing it for SEO or just to get more traffic, make sure blog commentingyou make a comment that is relevant to the topic written.  There is nothing more aggravating than a person who is commenting just to get the backlink.  You can always tell who that person is too.  Don’t be that person!

Have you ever thought about taking your blog commenting to the next level?  If so, how far have you gotten?

Hopefully, the points I made about the successful bloggers really opened your eyes to what you need to do with your sidebar.  So get out there and start blog commenting!!

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  1. This was a great idea! I want to pick a day next week and try to spend as much time as possible on blog commenting. I do a little each day but I would love to see what happens when I spend a day on just that. Thanks for the shout-out too :)

    • No problem, yeah, I would really like to see my theory in action about how well a blog survives on just blog commenting alone. I really believe that it is very possible to do!

  2. Loving it Wade! Keep these tips coming!