Why Blog Engage Should Be Your First Choice For Paid Communities

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Have you ever wondered how you can get traffic to your blog?  That goes without saying doesn’t it?  We all scrounge around looking for ways to get traffic to our sites and make more money with it.

Recently I have found one of the greatest things that a blogger can get into to become successful!

It’s called The Blog Engage Community

How Blog Engage Can Help You

Every blogger is looking for new traffic and faithful readers to their site. When you can successfully add these to your site, you become more visible to a lot more people. The reason being is that these people will share your blog to their friends on social media sites or tell someone about it.

However, this is harder to do than you might think! When you first get into blogging you are alone. Out there on your blog island Blog Engagelooking for people that you can share your posts with!

This is where Blog Engage can help you.

First of all, it is a community of bloggers that are looking to meet new people and make connections with. So right off the bat, everyone has the same perception…making the connection with others. These are people that would not have normally found your site otherwise.

When you join this community you are allowing these people to find you and your site, filling that “traffic” hole that you are desperately trying to fill. Once you join this community, traffic is a given. The very first day I joined, my traffic went up 40%!

So the traffic is a given. Once a member, this will happen. It’s inevitable. However, the traffic is not the most important part of this community.

What is the most important part?

Building Links Through Blog Engage

blog engage linksAlso, once a member, you are given the opportunity to submit your blog posts to the community. Of course these are the posts that people will see to allow them to visit your blog, however, when you post, you are building high quality backlinks that can be added to your SEO strategy!

Blog Engage is a high ranking site online and it can benefit your blog to become part of this opportunity for this purpose as well.

They have many options that you can use to join their site, and you can pick the one that benefits your site the best, however, the song remains the same. If you are looking for great backlinks, then this is one of those places that you should be involved with.

So is this the most important part?

The Most Important Part of Blog Engage

Blog Engage has many important features. Brian Belfitt has created on of the greatest sites that can meet your blog’s needs in every way. However, the most important part about Blog Engage is what he didn’t create…he attracted it.

The most important part is the people.

These are the connections that you are inevitably going to make while a member of this community. Making friends and creating relationships are the most important thing a blogger can have. A relationship that can last throughout your blogging career cannot have a price put on it. This is what makes Blog Engage so great.

Making connections with other bloggers is the most important part of any blogging strategy, and Blog Engage supports and encourages this!

You are “engaging” with other people on this site. You are voting for their blog posts and they are voting for yours. You are commenting and interacting with these people and vice-versa. This community has all of the means that you can use to create friends and benefit your blog. From chatrooms, comment sections, voting, and instant messenger, Brian has given you all the tools that you will need to unfold the most important part of his site.

Communication with others.

But wait…there’s more

The Blog Engage Special Offer

Get Your Blog Noticed & Syndicated Monthly!

While Blog Engage is a great deal with a starting price of only $9 per month, my good friend Brian is allowing me to offer this to you guys for a special price! During the month of November, you can get the Platinum Syndication & Marketing Service that they offer for your blog to be seen! You are already getting this at a great deal at the regular price, but now you can experience three months for the price of one!

This is really a great opportunity for someone who is looking to boost their traffic, get a jump on their SEO strategy, meet new people, and, all in all, boost their blog as a whole! Don’t miss out on this opportunity, because it’s not going to last!

Get a great deal at Blog Engage Here! ($9.99 USD)!

My name is Wade Harman. I’m a full time blogger with a degree in Psychology. I show you how to spark an emotional reaction, get people’s attention, and encourage them to take action!

Let me help you drive targeted traffic through social media strategies that I have researched and use myself!

Let me coach you and see how my strategies in social media can help YOU drive targeted traffic!

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  1. Hi Wade, so far you’re doing great with sales but I want to help you market and I want to help you get more. It’s amazing your traffic went up 40% when you joined Blog Engage that’s a huge number. One thing I also like to note is how active and engaged you have been. You are working hard at making connections and this is a huge part of your success. What people need to realize is we make out own success. Blog Engage is just a website it’s up to us to make something out of it. I’m subscribed to the post in case anyone has questions I will be here to answer them.

    • Brian, you’re right, the site is what people allow it to be. However, you have created a site that makes it easier for all of us to connect with each other. Thanks for helping me promote!

  2. Ian Eberle says:

    Wade, I never wanted to listen to you that social media is the best form of traffic, but I have changed my mind about Blog Engage. The problem with Facebook and Twitter is that it’s not giving updates to people who are interested – targeted traffic. Most Facebook and Twitter profiles have so many fake, spam accounts following them that it’s hard to tell who cares and who doesn’t. Furthermore, most people’s Facebook and Twitter feeds are so filled with posts that yours can easily be skipped over.

    The nice thing about Blog Engage is that every bit of traffic you get from them is targeted. Not only that, but people pay to use this service, so you aren’t going to have any spam accounts following you. That way, if you have 5 friends on the website, you will know you are sending out updates to 5 targeted members that care. This is why your traffic goes up.

    The reason I joined Blog Engage is to not specifically build relationships, but to build trust. The key to making money with affiliates is having repeat visitors that trust you. I trust you, Wade, so I purchased Blog Engage last night using your link – enjoy the sale.

    I just joined last night, so I don’t know how effective it’s going to be yet, but I’m excited. I currently have two RSS feeds going into Blog Engage, but I’m planning on adding a third one whenever I get my medical blog set up. Thanks for sharing this!

    • Ian, thanks for buying! I know that you are going to enjoy it. You are active, and you will get a lot of benefit from this platform!

    • Hi Ian, I love your blogs, as I mentioned in the social sharing group on Facebook. I hear your complain about Twitter and Facebook and I’ve experienced that over the past five years. I’ve tried my hardest to only engage with people from Blog Engage because at least I know they are real bloggers like you and I. So if I follow someone on Twitter ti’s because I know them from Blog Engage or if I like or add a friend on Facebook, same thing, they are also members of Blog Engage. I know when you first started you were extremely excited about getting started and getting engagement but I cannot stress enough to take your time, building trust is part of building relationships and this takes time, nothing happens over night.

      • You are right. It does take time to create a relationship. But with Blog Engage, it makes it a whole lot easier to do! You are meeting people who you would not have otherwise met on Blog Engage. It takes the searching out of it.

  3. Alain Schlesser says:

    Hi Wade,
    Good post. I agree with you and the preceding followers that engagement is the key to your online success. And Blog Engage certainly is a very nice platform to drive your engagement to the next level.
    I have just recently joined them and I have yet to find my way around. But it has been a wonderful experience so far, Brian really delivers with this product.

    • I will have to say that Brian was the easiest blogger that I have ever gotten to know. This guy really wants to make connections! It doesn’t stop there either! He takes the time to visit your site and comment too!

  4. Hey, I like this post, you have good points, I actually stumbled upon this site from blog engage and blog engage really can get you the traffic you want.

  5. Mark brook says:

    well, yes. It is one of the best community indeed. I have been there from last 3 months and I have learned a lot. :)
    Thank you


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