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Blog Promotion At It’s Best

It’s very exciting to go buy a domain name, set up a blog, start your blog promotion by updating posts and putting together ads on your sidebar. However, there is one problem that every new blogger or new site has a problem with, and that is no one knows your site exists! You may have already found this out due to the big donut hole in your traffic stats and the tumbleweed that just blew by the top part of your blog!

A new blog needs to have proper promotion in order for traffic to start coming in. I am not talking about the blogging trap either. As we all know, traffic is money. You get enough of this, and you will have monetized your blog effectively. However, there is still a couple of holes in the newbie’s idea of how to get a blog noticed by other people, and to be honest, most of their methods are of negative effect, to say the least!

Blog Promotion Ideas

Blog Promotion Secret #1-Be A Real Person, Not A Robot

If you are not careful, you can get sucked into the vortex of turning a possibly great blog into a bad one with just one decision! Blogging AT your reader and not TO them is a great way to turn someone off while reading your posts. If you have dollar signs in your head while you are either posting a blog or setting up a website can really turn people away from your site. For example, if your blog is full of ads or something to get people to buy so you can make money, you will eventually figure out that you are not going to make anything until you start thinking about the reader and what they want. Think about what can help them, not you. This is what is going to build up your reputation, and make you money.

blog promotionWhen I say to be human, I mean to relate to the person that is reading your blog just like you are talking to them! Do something different and actually try to help them. Remember, this is a business! You are going to have to research and read before you just start posting into the wind. Doing this can help you be more personal and have a one on one relationship with that ONE person!

Now, you may not think that it’s important to relate to one person, but that one person will share your posts on social media, link back to your post that helped them, or talk about it on their site! Perhaps this reader has more visitors than you do! A blog post that is personal and helps someone figure something out or find a new idea to a problem, or even help them write a better blog post, will benefit you greater than a post that is full of keywords, affiliate links and advertising!

Blog Promotion Secret #2-Social Media Is A Useless Channel For Promotion If You Don’t Invest Time In It!

There are lots of social media sites that you can actually get on to promote your site. Two of the giants Twitter(Follow Me By The Way! lol!) and Facebook(Yep, Friend Me!) will keep you busy for a long time to tell you the truth, but there is a way to get around that problem,this ebook will show you how to EasyRetweets. Get more followers, get your website more traffic, and a whole lot more, but you get my drift, research some social media site tools that you can use!

Social media is important to get involved in because of the traffic and also for the backlinks. It is my opinion that since social media is becoming more and more important, the Google algorithm will more than likely have some kind of social media “ditty” integrated into it, so its very important to have your site’s footprints all over them.

Blog Promotion Secret #3- Get In Touch With Other Bloggers

Let’s face it, you can’t do this by yourself.  You need the help of other bloggers out there.  Reach out to these people!  Its hard to get a successful internet blogger to talk to you, the way I did, so you may have better luck reaching out to people you know will be successful one day too. Just out of pure respect, here are just a few of the people that I think will be forces to be reckoned with in the not too distant future…and they are friends of mine!

It was very easy to make friends and start a relationship with these people!  All you have to do is show yourself friendly and good things will come of it.  Your blog is not going to be successful if you stay hunkered down in a hole and are not willing to come out and be sociable!

Remember, other bloggers are looking for relationships too, so it will be easier than you think to do this!  The benefits of having relationships with other people come in various forms.  Most all of them come in the form of a reciprocal link.  This will help you to share traffic with each other and build each others business up.  More than likely, a guest posting gig will also come out of it too!  These people are going to be big sooner or later and it is going to help you greatly to have different assets like friends!

Blog Promotion Secret #4- Use Keyword Research While Writing Blog Posts

One person was asking me this question the other day.  He had a new blog and was discouraged because there was no traffic coming to his blog.  Number one, don’t be discouraged!  It takes a while for a new blog to get recognized, and probably the most important thing that you can do is to be consistent…but I digress…using the Keyword Tool will help you figure out what people are searching for and what they need information on.

blog promotion

When you choose “exact match” AdWords will show you only the quantity of searches estimated for that precise phrase. If you use broad match, they’ll include any search phrases that use related/similar words in a pattern they think could have overlap with your keyword intent (which can get pretty darn broad). “Phrase match” will give you only those phrases that include the word or words in your search – still fairly wide-ranging, but between “exact” and “broad.”

When you’re writing a blog post, keyword research is best utilized for the title and headline of the post. For example, if I wanted to write a post here on Moz about how to generate good ideas for bloggers, I might craft something that uses the phrase “blog post ideas” or “blogging ideas” near the front of my title and headline, as in “Blog Post Ideas for When You’re Truly Stuck,” or “Blogging Ideas that Will Help You Clear Writer’s Block.”

Blog Promotion Secret #5- Use Your Email Signature To Promote Your Blog

blog promotion in email

Whenever you send an email, make sure you have your blog link in your signature.  It doesn’t matter who you are writing to, put it in there.  You never know when someone will see it, be intrigued, and click the link.  As a blogger, you’re likely to be sending a lot of email out to others who use the web and have the power to help spread your work. Make sure you’re not ignoring email as a channel, one-to-one though it may be. When given an opportunity in a conversation that’s relevant, feel free to bring up your blog, a specific post or a topic you’ve written about. I find myself using blogging as a way to scalably answer questions – if I receive the same question many times, I’ll try to make a blog post that answers it so I can simply link to that in the future.

Another good idea is to include the link to your most recent blog post in your email as well.  Having a catchy title underneath your name is sure to get more visitors to your site!

Blog Promotion Idea #6- Well, this is really not just an idea…

DON’T GIVE UP!!!  It takes awhile for a new blog to get noticed.  Whether you are looking for notice-ability from the search engines or social media or even from the people you know.  It takes time!  I get a lot of people that ask me the question when will I start to make money? Well, number one, if money is your main goal, then you probably won’t succeed.  You have to be dedicated to helping people before you start thinking about money.

blog promotion

If you will talk to most successful bloggers, they will all tell you the same thing…it takes about a year before the money really start rolling in!  As from the diagram above, you will see that the timeline is around 8 months to a year before your blog really starts to succeed.

If you stay consistent with your blog, and you are writing great content that can help people, the only things that you need to be doing are right here in this post!  I would think that the most important point in this article is the fact of reaching out to other people, visiting other blogs, and commenting.  This not only helps with your relationships, but also your SEO.

Do you have a blog promotion story to tell?  How long did it take you to break out into the wide world of internet sports?  Let’s discuss it!

My name is Wade Harman. I’m a full time blogger with a degree in Psychology. I show you how to spark an emotional reaction, get people’s attention, and encourage them to take action!

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  1. Twitter:
    Hey Wade, you nailed this one on the head my friend! These aren’t just great tips but a good strategy to follow. After the Google Penguin and Panda updates of late, Google has made a big push towards social interaction.

    Yes, they are looking at how many comments you might have, how many times your content is shared on Google+, Facebook and Twitter and so on. To rank high in the search engines it’s not all about offpage SEO anymore. Don’t get me wrong off page SEO is still important. :)

    For those of you who are reading Wade’s post here, I suggest you follow and implement, on a daily basis, the tips he is giving you. It will work!!

    One last thing …. don’t give up! Take a couple of days off, refresh yourself, but don’t quit just because you aren’t seeing any results. It’s the nature of blogging and the Internet.

    It’s not about winning or losing but how you play the game!

    Have a great weekend Wade!

    The Handyman of Network Marketing
    Galen Morgigno recently posted..My Lead System Pro | MLSP Training LibraryMy Profile

  2. Twitter:
    Hey Wade, first, thanks for mentioning in this post. These are very solid points for both newbie and intermediate bloggers.

    In fact, most newbie bloggers start off on a wrong footing. They have read the wrong stuff about traffic and how to monetize their blogs. I get to see some blogs with ads here and there. That’s really a bad practice. Such blogs end up earning almost nothing. I just finished a report on $99.99/day from a fairly popular blog. In fact, the sidebar will NOT generate the income most bloggers need.

    The sidebar is the last spot to think about when trying to monetize your blog big time
    The sidebar is the FIRST spot to think about when it comes to establish yourself as an expert and networking with like-minded bloggers.

    To do well blogging, Real Traffic first!
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  3. Wow! This is just’ve laid it bear for anyone looking to do blog promotion.
    First of all thanks for the mention. It feels great to be acknowledged by other bloggers. As you mentioned,it takes a while for new blogs to gain traction. What I would encourage any new blogger is to be proactive in social media while they wait for search engines to send them organic traffic.
    Social networking is really great to grow even the newest of blogs.
    Norbert recently posted..Improve Your SEO through Google Webmaster ToolsMy Profile

  4. Loving this! Tip #1 and #4 are definitely of great importance.

  5. Twitter:
    Some great tips there for a novice like me who is just starting out . My blog is hosted on my site and when you say to include your blog name in any emails , how do it do that ? Do I just copy and paste the link that links back to my blog section?