Blog Tips-Building A Community With Comments

There are many blog tips that you can find online. This blog is loaded with some blog tips that can really help, just browse through my list of posts to see which one will benefit you. One I recommend is writing great blog content thatblog tips can help you.

One thing I want to focus on right now is blog comments & how it can benefit your site.

Every blog should have comments. Love them or hate them, they’re an integral part of blogging. Comments provide the main source of interaction between you & your readers. Visitors to your blog can ask questions, correct your writing, suggest your next topic, or leave a note to say hello.

Unfortunately, as interesting and thought-provoking as comment conversations can be, they’re not without their challenges. Comment spam and negative commentary can take the joy out of blogging and make managing comments on your blog feel like a full time job.

Blog Tips For Getting the Interaction Going

Comments are an important part of a blog. When a blogger opts, through choice or necessity, to turn off commenting, the blogger loses some of what makes blogging such a dynamic, exciting medium: the interaction between blogger & readers. Not only the blogger loses out when he/she removes comments-most blog readers enjoy the comment section as much as the blog post, and when you leave this off, you have the potential of losing repeat visitors. Usually the comment section is formed to make a strong community of faithful readers.

I hate it when I go to a blog and one of two things have happened: 1)Either the blogger has turned off the comment section, or 2)The blogger does not participate in the commentary.

The best blog tip I can give you is to stay active on your blog through the comment section. Answer questions or reply to different opinions, and yes, even when the reader has a different opinion than you! When you allow the reader to give their opinion on the post or topic that you have blogged about they are more likely to return.

Blog Tips to Get Involved

blog tipsJust because your blog posts have a comment form, though, people don’t necessarily just jump in and start commenting. You need to tailor your blog posts to elicit dialogue and feedback, perhaps even by going so far as to ask specifically for responses.

If the comment areas of your blog look a little bare, ask some friends to help by reading and commenting for a few weeks. Comments tend to generate more comments, if you can get the ball rolling.

Of course, the problem might lie with your content or approach, so don’t be afraid to experiment with your topic or style to try to get better results from your comment form. As I have always said the top priority in blogging is content, so you need to have content that will prompt the reader to get help in some way and interact on your comment section.

Blog Tips on Comment Benefits

Just as other people will comment on your blog, it is necessary to go yourself and comment on other peoples blogs as well. As I have already stated, there is great benefit in getting referral traffic from commenting as you probably already noticed!

Most of the blogging pros out there today have no need to scrounge around and post to everyone else’s site. They have already made a name for themselves and for their blogs, but in order to get noticed, visiting other peoples blogs & posting a relevant comment is just as important as article marketing or social media promotion these days.

How to get blog traffic through commenting

  • Find a popular blog in your niche.
  • READ the post!  There is nothing more aggravating than seeing a comment on my blog that has next to nothing to do with the post I just wrote!
  • Next, comment on the post.  This is where you are going to get noticed.  Make an educated opinion on the topic given.  The readers coming behind you will read your comment.  If it helps them, or causes them to say, “hey, this guy can write!” You’ve got yourself a visitor.

I stand by blog commenting.  This helps you connect with many other people and eventually leads to blogging success in the long run.  Blog tips like these will help you enforce a blog that has interaction, success, and productivity.  Fortunately, it doesn’t take too long for referrals to start coming in from blog comments that you do on other blog sites.  I always recommend that new bloggers do this, even before link building!

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  1. Hi Wade,
    commenting on other blogs is a great tool if you want to make a relationships with other bloggers. Traffic from blog’s comments isn’t huge, but it’s another benefit. And there is also one more point – if you leave comment on someone’s blog, in most cases blog owner will visit your blog and will check, who is behind the comment :)
    Thanks for sharing,

  2. I read the post, now time for the educated comment:

    I’m actually considering making a text box near the comments on my blog to discourage comments like “Thanks for the tips!”. These aren’t spam, they are actually from other bloggers on the Web, but they don’t take the time to write anything constructive. It takes me more time to moderate and read the comment than it does for them to write it… That is a messed up formula if you ask me :P

  3. Looking nice tips but beside that commenting has one more benefit because from there you can learn and share many things about your niche.

    • I agree. The comment section should be where the actual learning begins. Getting a group of like minded individuals commenting and discussing the topic, helps everyone learn.

  4. Comments represents one of the strongest social signals on the web and the benefits of a conversation far outweigh Likes or retweets. Once you get into commenting then you would want a tool that will help you track those conversations across the social web – for this I strongly recommend Engagio ( I am a bit biased but it is a great tool for staying engaged with your commenting community across the social web

  5. Blog commenting is and always will be a great way of not only building links back to your own blog, but also making a name for yourself and getting to know other bloggers.

  6. hi wade
    i really like your tips about get blog traffic through commenting. wow
    thank you sharing this nice post

  7. Hi,

    Great work you have done Wade Harman, this tips will help many blogger community to again high popularity in blog community and help in increase the traffic.