The Items That Every Blogger Needs For Success

This Labor Day I wanted to share with you a list of items that every blogger needs in their arsenal of strategies so that you can become more visible, be able to makeblogger money with you blog, and to show you which items are necessary to use in order to get to that point in your blogging career. It’s important to understand how to monetize your blog, how to create a profit income stream that is passive, and one that can sustain you for years to come!

These are all items that have helped people to achieve that number one goal for a blogger, which is to make more money. Now, I know that you don’t want to say that, but in fact, every person that is writing great content online is secretly trying to better monetize their blog. Here is how you can do it.

Labor Day Items That You Need

TweetAdder Marketing Software- This is probably my favorite software for social media out there. This can bring in the followers, drive traffic to your site, and show you influential people to follow all while posting your tweets out for you automatically. This thing single-handedly brought my blog into the limelight of one of the most popular social media sites out there: Social Media Examiner.

Google Hangout MasterMind Groups & Tutorials-Be on the cutting edge of social media’s go to place for all meet ups with Google Hangouts. Learn how to monetize your hangout, how to make it more visible, how to encourage more people to come to your hangout (and buy your product), all from a Mastermind group of experienced professionals that have made a ton of money by using Google Hangouts. I’m in a blogging mastermind group of about 30-40 people and let me tell you that the things you will learn from people with more experience than you is worth every penny! This group can show you all of that and more. I actually had a peek inside the group for a day, and I really learned some things that I didn’t know about Google Hangouts that I know will be beneficial to you as well!

WP Subscribers-This is one of the best (and the cheapest) WordPress plugin subscriber prompts that you can buy for yourself. What can it do? It can prompt your visitors to subscribe to your email list by a variety of different ways. They have pop-up styles, they allow you to put a nice subscriber form that you can put directly inside the post itself, in the sidebar, or, under the post. These all come in a variety of ways that you can edit it too, plus it looks great on your site. Not for sure that you want a pop up on your blog? That’s ok! You don’t have to activate all of the features, but it’s nice to know that it’s there! Read my personal review of list building for beginners.

The Magic Submitter-Truly one of the best SEO tools in the business for bloggers. If you are concerned with the rankings of your articles, and you’re having a little trouble with the new Panda update, then you should check out this tool. You know how hard it is to continually write articles on web 2.0 sites to get a better ranking for your site, this actually takes all of that work out for you. It creates your article and gives you thousands of backlinks through various methods like using press releases, video marketing, article marketing, RSS feeds, social bookmarking, plus a lot of other things too. The best part is you can try it out for only $5.

So if you’re wanting to make money with your blog and you don’t understand which products to use, you should use each one of these. From SEO to social, to email marketing. These are the major markets of blogging and you can use what I have used. I have used every one of these products at one time or another, or am still using them right now.

The Final Thought

It’s a long hard road to build your blog to where it becomes visible online. After all of the emails that I have been receiving about what is the best products to use to make money and become visible, I just decided to create this post so that I can redirect people to this post from now on. These are all great products and can help you become successful.

My name is Wade Harman. I’m a full time blogger with a degree in Psychology. I show you how to spark an emotional reaction, get people’s attention, and encourage them to take action!

Let me help you drive targeted traffic through social media strategies that I have researched and use myself!

Let me coach you and see how my strategies in social media can help YOU drive targeted traffic!

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  1. I always think that maybe all these things we submit to. Like twitter and facebook and etc. That’s something our users should be doing not so much us. We just throw it out there so it can be caught by someone else who then throws it to the next person and so on and so forth. Wade you should write a highly sharable and original post. Do something no one else has. – Scott Craighead

    • Scott, I thought I was writing a highly sharable post! These are the things that have brought my blog to the front. Most people think you have to spend all kinds of money, but these are mostly the items that have gotten me either a Top Ten Social Media Blog Nomination or got my blog noticed by major players in the industry.

  2. Hi Wade,

    Okay another great write up. I heard so much about Tweet Adder but I yet to use it honestly. Might try it once I get bored with SocialOomph :)

    Another tool is WP Subscriber. I am seeing everyone talking about it and again, I think I am going to try it out. Yes, I admit that I am a plugin junkie!

    Thanks for sharing this and you definitely deserve a share on Triberr.

    • Reginald, if I were you, I would ditch Social Oomph. It’s a monthly fee and TweetAdder is a one time payment, plus it goes to two different platforms. I know that Social Oomph covers a lot more, but can you justify paying $32 per month to use it? You should try the TweetAdder definitely!

  3. nice tips indeed.but what about blogger user is any others items include only for blogspot user? thank you in advance.

  4. Hey Wade, nice post as always. There is so much we can do as bloggers to increase our success but some of these things we either forget or never know about in the first place. I have also been using TweetAdder (despite it no longer automates) and to much success. My Twitter following is now my number 1 referrer of traffic. I am working on Pinterest now.
    Subscribers is also important and that is an interesting plugin. I am trying Optin Revolution but am not 100% happy. I am looking for another this week perhaps OptinSkin or HybridConnect. I will see.
    have a great week

    • I think you will be happy with WP Subscribers. They allow you to put a subscriber option below the post. I used to have it before I dumped my email list and it was very effective!

  5. Hi, Wade
    I have read your post. Very nice information. The software you suggested here are very interesting. I think i should try them. Because i am a new blogger and I hope these software are going to help me.

    • If you are a new blogger, then I especially recommend the TweetAdder. Used with hashtags, this will single handedly help you get noticed online. The other stuff you can get later. But use the Twitter marketer first. If you need to, contact me for the Twitter tools consulting gig I do for $49 that shows you how to market it.

  6. This is almost too much information for my little blogging mind to absorb. The only one I have heard of is TweetAdder, and to be honest I still don’t get it. I mean, how will it bring in more followers? Is it all about me spending more time sharing and “communicating” ? Maybe it’s my lack of attention skills when it comes to this stuff, but I personally find it difficult and overwhelming to do all these things. How many hours do you (or anyone else who use these tools) spend each day using these tools?

    • The beauty of TweetAdder is that it keeps your tweets visible, therefore making your blog posts visible 24/7. That’s how it will bring in more followers. You don’t have to spend any time on it, besides the initial set up that is.

  7. Good list wade.Is the Magic Submitter panda safe plugin for blogger blogs ? Because i have heard that Press releases is illegal and Google penalize these sites.

  8. Hi
    The monthly charges of Magic Submitter is high. Paying 67 usd per month is something I cant afford at the moment. Can you please suggest me some other tool that can replace Magic Submitter? I have never used TweetAdder but will definitely try this time.
    Thank you for sharing :)

    • Maybe Magic Submitter can be something you can get whenever you get established. I would definitely try the TweetAdder…get it from my link and you get to try it out for free! It’s more cost effective, plus it can keep you visible online too :) Good luck and let me know if I can help you in any way.

  9. I use Magic Submitter and it works very well for me and i also recommend it to others but only for small niche sites.

  10. The Magic Submitter is truly amazing – I would recommend it to anyone! Most importantly, if a blogger can keep churning out ORIGINAL content (that’s text AND illustrations/photos) half the battle is own!

    Blog On!

  11. I’ve been trying to blog for additional income and so far, my activity seems slow.
    Maybe soon, I can make this as full time work.
    I might use WP subscribers but still trying to get use of my Feedburner instead.