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Over the years I have integrated many steps and processes into getting backlinks to my different blogs. This is a tedious process, and if you have ever had a blog or website that you succeeded in getting on the first page of Google, then you know how hard it can be! It should be the number one priority of any webmaster to place their site or blog on the first page of Google. Bloggers make money doing these tactics and if you have not yet proceeded with this, then you should start.

Bloggers Make Money with Backlinks

A backlink is your website or blog URL that is on someone else’s page. What this does is the site that your link is on, tells Google that your link is on its page for a reason, and Google needs to go look at your site! The more of these you have, the stronger Google will think your site is in relevance and importance. This is how bloggers make money online. I go into a little more detail in the Bloggers Make Money post.

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Bloggers make money using these tactics.

There are many ways to get backlinks pointing back to your site, but these are the most common ways:


The one that I want to focus on today is FORUM POSTING.  We all know that manual link building (typing in your URL yourself over and over) is the best way to get your high quality backlinks.  The next step is choosing where those high quality backlinks will be placed.  Bloggers make money researching Google. Google places high priority on what comes after the “dot” in a URL address.  For example: A .GOV site holds more power than a .INFO site does.  So knowing this, focus on getting your URL placed on high page ranked sites.

Here Is The Ranking System:

  1. .Gov
  2. .Edu
  3. .Com
  4. .Net
  5. .Org
  6. .Info

you get the idea.

There is really no way (that I have found) to place your URL address on a .Gov website.  Most of the sites and blogs online are .Com’s and therefore generally easy to get listed with a comment or two.  However, in my two years of blogging, I have came across different .EDU sites that accept your comments!

The Power of a .EDU Site? Bloggers Make Money

EDU Domains are more trusted and authoritative than most .com, .net, etc domains and websites. This is why EDU backlinks are generally considered the holy grail of all backlinks. One single EDU backlink to your website can be more powerful and effective than hundreds of low-grade backlinks. This is what many people who are vying for high search engine rankings want to know how to get edu backlinks to their website. It is not a secret that EDU backlinks are the most effective method to gain Page 1 rankings in the shortest period of time due to their authoritative nature.

This is why when you see packages of 10,000 low-grade backlinks for $30-$50 on the internet you should just say NO, when one single EDU blog from a PR9,PR8,PR7 etc EDU domain would trump that effort. In fact, those low-quality backlinks usually end up harming your website because they come from spammy link neighborhoods.

Meanwhile, the elite SEO consultants are attaining Page 1 rankings in as quick as 2 days with a handful of EDU blogs at their disposal. PR9, PR8, and PR7 root domain EDU’s from US Universities can be obtained in limited quantities.

Over the years, I have compiled a list of .edu websites that are in “Forum” templates. You can sign up to these forums for free, set your website URL in the Profile page and Signature, post one time, and you have a powerful .edu backlink! This list I have compiled is a powerful list of PR5-9 .EDU Sites! This list is selling on the internet for over $99, but this is a blog that is designed to help bloggers make money, so I am giving it to you for only $10! You will NOT find any other .edu packages out there that are any better than these, believe me! I tried one of those so-called .edu backlink packages that you have to pay for. They charged me $105 for 3 .edu sites, one worked and they kicked me off the site! I wasted my money while researching this project, but it was worth it to be able to tell you this important information! You DONT have to pay hundreds of dolloars for these! This download will show you all that you need to know! Whn you download the packet and get on the sites, look for me, because I use these actively right now!


 Bloggers Make Money Backlinks

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