The Top Five Bloggers To Watch of 2013

I’ve been reading a lot of posts about different Top Ten Bloggers in the industry. Having been a nominee myself of Social Media Examiner’s Top Ten Social Media Blogs of 2013, I can kind of relate to the hype that these types of posts brings.

However, there is only one problem that I’m seeing with these posts. Some of them are saying “The Top Ten Bloggers To Watch For”, which hints to us that there is a newbie in the field, or someone that is up and coming and breaking out in the industry. But no, thesetop blogger blogs are simply putting the same old generic bloggers for the awards.

Now don’t get me wrong, Jeff Bullas is one of the top social media bloggers out there, but he’s no newbie. He has already broke out in the industry. Not only Jeff, but a lot of other people that have already been established are getting recognition telling people that they need to “watch” them like they were brand new or something.

Just to make sure that you understand that I think these people are great, I’m going to link back to the top 4 social media bloggers in the industry right now:

  1. Kim Garst of Boom! Social
  2. Jeff Bullas
  3. Spiderworking
  4. Amy Porterfield

Again, these people need no recognition.  You have already heard of them, they have made it.

The Reason Behind The Top Five Up & Coming Bloggers

Well, for one, everyone loves to be recognized for their hard work. As you can probably tell, this site is only about 9 months old. Just getting a nomination from the top social site in the world was an honor for me!

However, I only got the nomination. Sadly, I didn’t get placed in the Top Ten Social Media Bloggers. Three of the reasons I didn’t are listed above. These people simply dominate the social media world. Later, Mike Stelzner told me that I missed the cut by one, which was a heart breaker! I would have rather missed it by a mile than an inch!

Anyway, I can relate to working hard, building relevant content everyday, staying up into the wee hours of the night trying to build a blog that has some integrity…I can relate because I’m doing it now. The sheer fact that I took a nine month old blog and got it recognized by the top social media blog in the world was proof that I can relate.

But I didn’t get the trophy-the little badge logo that Social Media Examiner gives out to the winners.

It felt like that all of that hard work wasn’t recognized.

So I created this event. I’m going to call it The Top Five Up & Coming Social Media Bloggers and assign it to that year. This will be the first in a series annually that I will be doing to recognize those people that are writing great content, being interactive on social media, and have that “go-getter” attitude.

This event will be for the people that have the potential to be on the list that I missed out on.

The Top 5 Up & Coming Social Media Bloggers of 2013..In No Certain Order

Allie Rambles

#1Allie Rambles @ Ramblings of a Work At Home Mom-Allie is an all around great person and blogger, not to mention that she is one of my closest friends online.  If anyone deserves any type of award she does. Her blog is dedicated to helping the online mom get set up in her endeavor to make some extra money online.  Allie is a very friendly and kind person and I really believe in her blog.  She has a genuine desire to help people succeed.  Allie writes a lot of social media and different tools that can help you bring more traffic and make more money towards your site.  She is very easy to talk to and very caring and understanding in her approach about blogging.  She is a genuine person and I believe that she is one of the one’s to watch in 2013! Follow @AllieRambles on Twitter.




#2- Elizabeth Maness @ Assist Social Media- I first met Elizabeth from Facebook when I randomly saw a post she did about the Facebook EdgeRank.  Elizabeth is a very knowledgeable person about social media.  Her blog allows you to get your social media profiles evaluated, learn about business branding on social media, how to use social media for business, and a whole lot of other great stuff on her blog.  Of course, you can just go and read her blog to get new tips every week from her too!  Elizabeth is a great writer that explains it in a way that you can understand, and in a way that is simple to learn quickly as well, which I think is important for the reader.  Follow @ElizabethLManess on Twitter.

jason#3- Jason Mathes @ AvgJoeGeek.Net- I actually love this blog.  Jason is a tech blogger and he is very knowledgeable about his field of blogging.  One of the reasons I like AvgJoeGeek is because of the constant updates on video gaming and software systems, not to mention anything tech-related.  Jason really keeps his readers informed with staying up to date on all of the gadgets that can benefit you that are out there today…and he’s not a half bad Call of Duty gamer either!  If you’re into the techie stuff and like to know the new updates, then he is definitely one of the breakout bloggers that you should be watching in 2013.  Follow @AvgJoeGeek on Twitter.

#4- Lahaul Seth @ LionBlogger is one of the best guest posters that I have ever had on this blog. His writing skills are second to none lahauland he always has great, original, and fresh content that has been helping my readers for months now!  But the great  content continues over on his blog at the LionBlogger.  Lahual is one of the few people that can really put great descriptive words into action and make people better understand what he is trying to tell them. Great content IS making people understand while helping them all at the same time.  Lahaul has a knack for bringing great value to the reader and he is a very friendly person to get to know.  Not only is he knowledgeable, be he is also willing to do what it takes to make the reader happy!  If you’re looking for that emotional factor, then Lahaul Seth has that in his favor too! He is another blogger that you need to be faithful to in 2013.  Follow @LahaulSeth on Twitter.



andy#5- Andy Nathan @ AndyNathan.Net/Social Networking Blog: Let me first say that I love this guy!!!  I met Andy when Google Plus was getting cranked up with building the new community feature. I actually met him on LinkedIn, to invite him to a Twitter event, where he then made me a moderator of our Social Media Community on Google Plus. So that’s a pretty round about way to meet someone, but I’m so glad I did. Andy started using LinkedIn, then Facebook where he tells us that he accidentally spent $1,000 on Facebook advertising! Andy is a really funny and entertaining guy and it comes out in his writing. He is a speaker and a social media enthusiast. He really reminds me a lot of myself. This guy lives and breathes social media and his blog is a good example of that. Andy is well versed in building relationships and helping people. A fact that I love about him! Even though he may be one of the more popular bloggers in this list, he is definitely a great guy to have on your list of friends in 2013!  Follow @AndyNathan on Twitter.

What These Bloggers Are All About:

These bloggers are professional, they are kind and willing to email you back when you have a question too!  What is the difference between the popular bloggers like Jeff Bullas, Amy Porterfield, and these bloggers?  The only difference is fame and opportunity.  the writing isn’t any better, it’s just because these other bloggers have been doing it longer and have had more time to make a difference for themselves.  Now is the time to get to know these bloggers.  Each and every one of these people can and will help you in every way that they know possible!

For The Winners

To all the blog winners of 2013,  I have created this little badge for you to place on your website proudly for all of your hard work that you have been doing on your site! You will need to link back to this post in the image! 

top 5 blogger

What It Takes|Your Turn

It takes a lot of time and patience to be in one of these positions. These people have worked very hard to get to where they are at in the industry. They didn’t start their blog and then write a couple of posts and wonder where all the money is…they are actively pursuing success every day with interaction, engagement, and social networking through different mediums online.

Writing a blog post is the easy part. Marketing and networking it is the part that’s hard. So tell me a little about it! Who would you have liked to have seen on this list? Maybe next year I’ll allow nominations!


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  1. You deserve to be one of the top ten bloggers in 2013 for your great dedication in the blogsphere. You have contributed a lot in the industry and inspired the new bloggers including me.

  2. Many Thanks, Wade for including me in the list.
    I love writing articles on different topics and soical media being one of my favorites.
    You have a great blog (I think one of the best) as well from which I have learnt a lot. Thanks again. :)

  3. I really appreciate you sharing this info, I’m new to blogging and first of all my goal is to learn as much as I can, Thanks for this post

  4. I love hearing about new bloggers on there way up.You always see them when they are new and fresh and sometimes there most passionate.It really helps new bloggers like me stay motivated that we can all grow together

  5. Wade,

    What do I say?

    I can start by saying thank you!! When someone recognizes your hard work it really makes you feel like it was not in vain. But it also humbles you. Makes you wonder if you really deserve it.

    I’m with Heru, I think you deserve the award too. I have told you many times that you have opened my eyes to what I need to do and have opened doors for me. I no longer work in my little bubble that was taking me nowhere. And I thank you for that.

    I am also honored to be in such great company. I am just hearing of Elizabeth but if you say she’s great, I’ll take it. And Jason, he has helped me also. I had a question that he couldn’t answer right away but eventually found the answer for me. And you are right on with Lahaul, he is a great writer!!! He really keeps you interested in a post. I have yet to really talk with Andy but I know he is awesome at Social Media.

    I look forward to 2013 and being part of your community, Wade! You rock!


    • Thanks Allie! I didn’t have any trouble putting you on this list because I know how hard you work and how much you want to help people.

      I really can’t believe that you haven’t met Elizabeth yet. Maybe that’s my fault! I’ll set it up right away! She’s right down your alley!

    • Just had to leave a comment to say: Congrats, Allie. You deserve it! :)

      And Wade is a smart man for taking note.

      Have a good weekend, guys.

  6. I’m following Jason Mathes a long time already and he is a real ace) Didn’t know about others, but just checked their blogs, too. Looks pretty interesting to start following their as well. Thanjs for a piece of new thing to read and to know) You are always in time!

  7. I won’t doubt you being one of the top bloggers. You deserve it.

  8. Wade – thanks for the plug bud! Your not a half bad COD player either :-) Did you know I do WordPress plugin reviews and Blogging tips too? I know its a strange mix but seems to work out OK.

    Thanks again for adding me to your list. I am definitely honored that would mention me on here! And I’m in with a great list of bloggers too!

    • I didn’t know that Jason! I guess because I’m so interested in the video game aspect of your site, I forget to read everything else! lol!

  9. Thank you so much for this Wade! I’m so excited! Can’t wait to get my badge! I feel the same way about the silly up-and-coming nod given to established bloggers. I do try to help DIY bloggers and business sites help with social media and SEO. Thanks so much Wade!

  10. andynathan says:


    Thank you so much for the honor! I will be making some updates on my site next month, and will add this badge at that time. Much appreciated.

  11. Thanks for the featuring these people. And yeah, you could be the next on the top list.

    I’ll keep in touch with you ;)

  12. Hello Wade,

    Not to be rude to the people you listed on the article but as far as i know you are doing much better then these guys. Your alexa ratings is far better then them and you are getting a lot more hits in the month. I need to learn a lot from you and i wish you best of success in blogsphere.

    • My friend don’t event care about Alexa or traffic or anything! Just focus on writing great content and being friendly to people and you’ll go far.

  13. hi Wade
    I really appreciate you for sharing this info, first of all my goal is to learn as much as I can, Thanks for this post,I’m following Jason Mathes a long time already . Didn’t know about others, but just checked their blogs, too.
    Thanks For Sharing!!

  14. Thanks for this post,I’m following Jason Mathes a long time already . Didn’t know about others, but just checked their blogs, too.
    Thanks For Sharing!!