Blogging Communities To Promote Your Blog

Ever Use Blogging Communities?

A lot of things have progressed since I started blogging, blogging communities wasn’t even an idea yet! Social Media has improved in many ways, and so have a lot of other ideas and ways to get noticed! Now you don’t really have to rely on SEO(search engine optimization) to your visitors! Now, I don’t suggest that you drop SEO totally, however, just remember that there are other means to get traffic than just this one lone idea.

One of the ideas that has been improving the way people use the internet is blogging communities. This innovative way to get yourself out there is starting to change the face of blogging and how you can get yourself out there faster.

Benefits Of Blogging Communitites

If you are a new blogger, or have been doing it awhile, then blogging communities can have an influence on your traffic. One of the reasons that I use these communities is to meet other bloggers and make some great contacts in this industry. You can do this too! Getting to know your fellow blogger is important if you want to stay in this industry for a certain amount of time. However, it is really hard to meet these people if you are not connected. Read how I got one of the internet’s most successful bloggers to contact me, I did this through blogging communities!

Another great benefit of this type of industry is this: If you have a new blog, or are starting one, then this is a great way to get traffic. Your SEO hasn’t developed yet, and you are nowhere to be found on the search engines either. You’ve got to do something to keep the traffic flowing on your site. Now there are a couple of different ways to do this. One being How To Get Social Media Traffic, and the other being blog communities.

So the next step would be to actually join one of these communities…and quickly! There is nothing better for your blog than this!

Ok, so which one’s do I join?

There are a lot of free blogging communities out there that you can syndicate your blog with and I recommend doing these. The more you can get your blog out there, then the better off you will be with the possibility of getting more traffic to your site.

Blogging Communities To Join

Blog Engage Blogging Community!

imagesCA0E3QTB Blogging Communities To Promote Your BlogFor new bloggers, the best community to join first is called Blog Engage. This is always the very first community that I put my blog on when I create a website. The visibility that your blog will recieve will come quickly and efficiently in this community. It is a paid community, this is why you get results, however, it’s not much at all to join.  Blog Engage is by far the best traffic that you will ever recieve, whether through social media or other non-related search engine tactics.  There are few things that you should spend money on when you start a blog, and this is one of them!  In my opinion, the price you pay is definitely worth the traffic that you get.  Check them out and choose which package that you want to try out!

Other free communities that are good, however don’t bring in as much traffic as Blog Engage is:

  • BlogLog.Com- A great, free blog community to join up with.  If you use Blogger or Typepad, this one is really easy to integrate into your blog.
  • Technorati.Com- The more popular of these two, easier to use and set up.  Also free and the traffic is a little better on this one.  However, due to so many people submitting their blogs every day, it gets a little backed up and may take a while before your blog gets listed.

Remember, when you join the community, you need to fill out all of your info on your profile.  This will make your blog feed seem more friendly to the reader, and they will be more inclined to read your blog.  People want to see what the author looks like!  Upload a picture, fill out your social media info and watch as the traffic rolls in!

There are many more and there are too many to list. You have to be careful about which one’s you join. These are good, and there are many others as well. Do a search of Blogging Communities and find the one you like.

I’m a full time blogger and social media expert. I have recently been nominated as one of the Top Ten Social Media Bloggers of 2013. I dedicate my time to helping people create a better social media marketing strategy by giving them tips to succeed in the social media jungle! I would love to connect with you! Follow me on the social sites below!

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