10 Tips For Creating Great Blogging Content

Blogging Through A Blank Screen

At times, even outstanding blogging professionals hit dry spells and can’t think of a word to write. You can safely anticipate a day sometime in the lifespan of your blogging career when you literally have nothing to say to your readers, no matter how much enthusiasm you have for your topic.

This phase will pass, but sometimes, you need a little help pushing back to a productive spot. Here are 12 tips to create great blogging content that you can always refer to.
Tip #1- Stockpile a Few “Evergreen” Posts.

In newsrooms around the world, journalists regularly create evergreen stories(stories that can be printed or televised at any time and still be interesting). You can also put together a few evergreen blog posts that you can keep on hand against a day when your creative juices temporarily dry up. You can also use these kinds of posts for days when you are sick or on vacation, but still want to have something to publish on your blog. A lot of blog software allows you to schedule a publication date for a blogging post in the future, so you can even set these posts to go up automatically and take a well-deserved break.

Tip #2- Ask a Friend to Guest Blog For a Few Days.

Bring some new perspective to your blog when you have none left yourself by asking a friend, colleague, fellow blogger, or even a critic to write some blog posts for you. Your readers might enjoy the change of style and tone in the blogging. Be sure to return the favor when your guest blogger has a dry spell of their own!

Tip#3-Recycle an Oldie but Goodie

When you can’t think of exciting new content, bring out a great post from your archives. New readers appreciate seeing something they have missed, and old readers might find new information from a second glance at it. Pro blogger Darren Rowsepoints his readers to a list of best-of posts on his site. In fact, Darren pulls out the best posts of all time, for the month, for new readers, and just some of his favorites.

Tip#4-Hold a Contest

When the well has run dry, you can hold a contest. Ask your readers to submit funny photos or write a caption for one of your funny photos. Show them a bottle of jelly beans and ask for guesses about how many pieces of candy are in the jar. You get the picture, but make it something relevant to your niche. If you have a big list, offer a reward of sending out to your list to the winner. The point of all of this is to distract them with shiny prizes! Make sure you are fair and impartial in how you award the prizes. Don’t just say you are holding a contest, actually go through with it!

Tip #5-Post a Photo

Rather than 1,000 words, put up a single photo. Take a picture where you usually blog, show off your new ideas or just take a walk through your neighborhood. You can dig out a photo of yourself as a kid or show some kind of embarrassing photo of yourself in a crazy costume…you get the idea. They say a picture is worth 1,000 words anyway, and if you can find that perfect image, it could be worth more.

Tip#6-Record an Audio Podcast

If you can’t write, talk! Give the gift of your voice to your readers, ie listeners, by trying something new and different. You might be pleasantly surprised and make podcasting a regular feature of your blog. Getting into podcasting can open up a whole new door of visitors for your blog too. There are many great, and free, audio sites out there that you can import into your blog. One site I recommend to do this is SoundCloud.com

Tip#7-Use YouTube Vidoes to Portray Your Message

This is the same idea as audio. Record a message or speech about a certain topic through You Tube, the second most searched place on the internet! This will also open up a new medium of traffic for your blog. This is something you need to get into the habit of doing anyway. Even if you don’t use the YouTube video in your actual post, I would recommend recording one video a week on YouTube and placing your URL in the description. It not only gives you a backlink to your site, but it also has the potential of getting you a lot of visitors too!

Tip#8-Do An Interview

Find someone in your niche blogging industry and ask them for an interview. This could also be an interview with one of your blogger friends as well. Type up a few questions, email them to the desired person. This is a great way to get good content and it doesn’t take a lot of time to write either. Just copy and paste when they return the questions.

Tip#9-Ask For Suggestions

Appeal to your readers for help finding new topics to blog about. Also, look through your old posts and see whether you can expand on a post that has worked well in the past. Send out an email to your list and ask them for suggestions on what they would like to learn more about, or what they are trying to accomplish. This will not only give you great ideas for topics, but will also go a long way in telling you what your email subscriber is interested in buying from you in the future!

Tip#10-Blog Somewhere Else!

This is one of the most important things that I do in blogging.  When I can’t seem to find anything to blog about or think of any ideas, I will move my laptop to another room of the house.  It doesn’t matter where you go, just as long as you can start getting those creative juices flowing again, and you would laugh if I told you some of the places in the house I have taken my laptop too!  But it doesn’t matter!  As long as it can get you to writing again, right?  Moving outside is one of the best places I can go to start getting new ideas again!

In Conclusion:

In order to create great blogging content you have to explore many different areas in your niche. Sometimes you get stuck, I understand. However, you can use all of these tips to help you get more creative in the future. I try to do this when I’m stuck or can’t think of anything to write about.

Blogging is a very lucrative field, and you can make a lot of money doing it. But if you stay on that same “hum-drum” path of old and boring topics, your reader will become bored out of their minds, and it could eventually turn them away from your site! So get the creative juices flowing with some of these blogging ideas!

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    Oh yes Wade!
    You got me reading another resourceful post. I never thought of point #5 and I think that adds up to my list

    Interviews is a powerful idea but you must not interview just any body. If you Interview an icon, he/she helps you even get more traffic.

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    Hi Wade,
    Interesting ideas, I must confess!

    I have never considered doing an interview, but now I think I will.

    Having others voice their opinion on your blog turns you into a moderator. One idea I have worked with though is doing a patch work on three or more bloggers, showing their opinions on a topic (which I get from their blog posts).

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