Blogging Lessons To Live By

Ahh, These Were The Days…

I remember when I was a kid I had this bicycle…I loved that bike too!  It didn’t matter to me that it looked like it was built by a one-legged man with a bad eye and three hands, it didn’t matter that the seat was so uncomfortable that I had to stand up and pedal blogging lessonseverywhere I went!  I loved that bike!  It didn’t matter that the bike seemed to have a mind of it’s own, with a seemingly personal vendetta against me for some reason.  At times, the “bike”, would throw the chain, sending me, and my counter-parts, with a thud on the crossbar, the pedals spinning in a blur…I loved that bike.

I can remember one time, while blazing down a hill my friends and I so lovingly referred to as “Murder Mountain”, a bee hit me between the eyes at supersonic speed.  About the same time the “bike” decided to regain the upper hand, seeing I was occupied with the bee, threw the chain with, and I promise I heard it, a chuckle.  We then continued to roll and bounce down the rest of the hill where I skidded to a stop using only my nose and a piece of shoestring that was, interestingly enough, close to my head.

I thank this bike.  Because of it, I have learned some valuable lessons when it comes to internet marketing and blogging.

Blogging Lessons To Live By

Lesson #1- Never buy something from a guy with one eye and three hands

I know it looks shiny and cool right now, but don’t trust your emotions when you are first starting out in the blogging/internet marketing industry.  I get it, you are wanting to make money with your blog.  However, don’t fall into the trap that every new blogger or website owner just getting started steps into.

You come across a site that promises you the world, and, instead of researching the product out or finding out what other people have to say about it, you buy it anyway.  Emotion is probably the number one selling tool online for internet marketers.  Once you click into their site, they’ve got you!  If you’re not emotionally prepared to walk away and research it first, you won’t last long in this business.  Why?  Because one day that product that you had so much faith in, will throw the chain and leave you sitting on the crossbar!

Lesson #2- Are you hanging out with the right blogging friends?

Like the joke says, “A friend won’t come and bail you out of jail…a friend will be in there with you saying, ‘Man, she didn’t look like no cop!’ ”

Make the right friends online.  Trying something dangerous or forthcoming may not be necessary when it comes to new bloggers.  For instance, you won’t be able to do the same things Darren Rowse does, like spend $20k on mass content, advertising, or marketing.  These guys are pro’s.  You wouldn’t jump in a race car without any training and drive in Nascar, would you?….wait, don’t answer that!

That may not be the best example about Darren, but what I am trying to say is this:  If you build relationships with people that are on your level or even a little above your level, then you are less likely to commit blogging suicide in an attempt to do something stupid.

Having relationships is one of the best things that you can do for your blog.  If you can be lucky enough to get Darren Rowse to mentor you, he is not going to suggest the same tactics as he is doing right now.  He will tell you where to start.  It stinks, but everyone has to start at the bottom!

The right friends will share your blog to other people.  Social media is becoming more and more important in the ranking of your site.  That’s why social media sharing groups are important.

Lesson#3-Practice What You Preach

blogging tipsI see a lot of new bloggers out there that promote everything under the sun.  Affiliates of all kinds are plastered all over their blog and you can tell that they have an idea of making money with them.  Throwing caution to the wind, they post these links for some random passer-by that is unfortunate enough to click their link, and nay, buy something.  They sell garbage.

Try out and test everything that you promote.  Unless you already know first hand somehow that the product you are promoting is great, then don’t sell it.  For instance, I don’t use all of the StudioPress themes, but I know they are great so I promote them.  I was recently caught off guard by a company who will remain nameless when they got me to promote their business.  I tested their product for a while before I blogged about it.  Somehow, and I don’t know if they were just “paying me” or what, but I made money with their product.  I later found out that I was mislead.  Since my readers are the most important thing in this blog, I took the post down.  I even returned the money!

The purpose of telling you this is make sure you know what you are selling!  It’s highly unlikely that someone will go to those extremes just to get a post off a new blogger, but you never know!  When you post an affiliate link, you blogs life blood, your readers, are going to be looking at it, reading it, and perhaps even buying it.  God forbid that it turns out to be a scam.  You may make money, but you will lose the integrity that you have put so much time and effort into building.  No one wants that!

Lesson #4 Be Patient

They say patience is a virtue.  It may be but you don’t have time to wait on it to get here, right?  That’s the way I used to be.  The fact of the matter is, time is on your side when it comes to blogging.  Here is what you need to do:

  • Build Links- This can come in the form of any kind of link left on someone’s site.  Guest posting, blog commenting, link exchanges with people in your niche.  Keep building them every day!
  • Create Great Content- This is something that you need to do every time you post.  Keeping your readers happy and inspired is how you are going to become successful and blogging.
  • Have A Social Media Precense- Keeping your blog “connected” is another great way of gaining more recognition and friends. It is also a great way to build links to your site.

If you do these things consistently, every day, or at least set a schedule to do them, and keep at it, then you are going to be a successful blogger.  Think to yourself, What would I want to read about? or How can I help someone with a review of this product?  Things like that.  If you are constantly thinking of the reader, they will eventually be thinking of you too.  Pretty soon you will have a site that could be the “go-to” place for anything!

In Conclusion:

Your blogging credibility hangs on what you do today.  Forget about tomorrow.  Forget about becoming rich!  Focus on your site and how great you can make it for others.  Remember, right now, it’s not about you.  It’s about them.

*If you liked the story I opened with, there are plenty more where that came from!  I have a whole book of funny, but true, true stories that happened as a kid in the mountains called Memoirs of a Preacher’s Kid on Amazon.

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  1. All the points are of course true, but I truly support the last one. You know Wade, the lack of patience is one reason for millions of failed bloggers out there. I personally get excited and can’t wait (am that sort of person), but I don’t have any option hence I happily accepted to wait.


  2. Excellent post wade,I really liked your story.I love when someone relate blogging with real life.Using social media effectively is also necessary nowadays.I believe that blogging is same as democracy that is for the people,by the people and of the people.Always treat your readers as the boss,anyways thanks for sharing this wonderful blogging lesson.

  3. Hey Wade,

    Our blogs are not about us but about others. It’s all about enriching visitors’ lives.
    We must hope that they will take some value away by hanging around.

    Excellent tips and pointers, keep ‘em coming


  4. Fantastic tips, Wade!
    I am a new blogger and I know how difficult it is for almost any newbie out there to keep his cool. After having heard so many get-rich-overnight stories, most new bloggers are disappointed because they want quick results.
    Patience holds the key to success in blogging, as with most good things in life. Keep on posting quality content. There’s no reason Google wont sit back and take notice of you some day! :)

  5. Everybody had his/her own experiences in the past. It could be good or bad experiences but we must think positive and be able to learn from those experiences. There were always good sides from whatever we got in the past. Indeed experience is our best teacher.

  6. Have you any tips on how to be seen on fans newsfeed on Facebook ? It seems more difficulties lately