Ever Considered Doing Blogging Projects?

Lulu Is Powerful For Blogging Projects

Do you know Lulu, and how she can help with your blogging projects? If you have no clue to what I’m talking about, then I guess the answer is no. Lulu is not a woman, or even a person, however, Lulu can be used to make a lot of money in a certain aspect that you may not have thought about in starting blogging projects.

Most bloggers stay cooped up at their computer building links, relationships, and social media visits every day. Which they should. If you have a blog, then you have to do all of these necessary things to be successful in blogging. One aspect that many bloggers never think of is using Lulu to the full potential of their blog.

How Can Lulu Help With Blogging Projects?

You build your blog up. You even manage to start getting regular visitors and subscribers to your site! This is how you know that the integrity of your blog is building higher and getting better among the blogging community. This is when Lulu can help you! Now I am not saying that you cannot use Lulu before you get regular visitors and followers, because you can. However, with a large following, it’s almost guaranteed that your readers will buy your product because it came from you!

As I said, you take a lot of time to build up the integrity of your site and get a large following. You keep consistency in building links and making relationships with other bloggers and you are succeeding in getting your name out there. But what most bloggers forget is howto capitalize on these regular readers monetarily.

How You Can Remedy This

Sure, your blog is why they have followed you in the first place, however, when they see that you have developed something special, they are more apt to purchase this because it did come from you.

What I am talking about is getting published. Now you have probably already read my post on getting published on Kindle. This is not what it’s about. This is about creating content separate from your blog and offering it as a special offer to your readers and subscribers.

Darren Rowse, from ProBlogger publishes a special offer ebook every six months or so and he normally makes around $15K-$20K the very first day of release. Even if you may not get this response, because you can’t compete with someone like this in subscribers, you can still benefit from this with your following.

It’s important to remember why people come to your site.  It’s not to click your ads and make you rich, it’s because you have, or still do, provide them with helpful information!  Don’t think of your readers as a bank you can go to when you need money.

Publishing An E-Book On Lulu

The reason why I suggest Lulu publishing is because it doesn’t cost you a penny to do!  You write your e-book, and upload it to their site.  They host the book, and give you the option to sell it from your site!  They also give you the option to sell on Barnes & Noble and the iBookstore too!  The great part is your e-book will not only be visible to people on your blog, but also to other people that are searching for this particular niche book as well.

Getting Registered

blogging ebook

Registration is free, and they only ask you for regular information.  Standard stuff.

My Lulu Projects

After registration is complete you need to click the tab called “My Lulu” and it will take you to this screen.

blogging projects

From here you have the choice to start your ebook, make a paperback or hardcover too.  There are a lot of options that Lulu offers for free.  Once you decide what type of blogging project that you want to start it will take you on a very easy defined path to upload your ebook, or whatever choice you make, to sell online.

In Conclusion:

So if you are starting to get a following to your blog, you may want to try this technique and start thinking about different blogging projects that you can do to make more money blogging.  I also realize that new bloggers may not have the funds to spend on some big time publishing.  This works just as well for the reader.  It’s easy to use and to implement into your blogs sidebar or even email marketing.

Blogging projects are great ideas to extend the reach of your blog.  To have a list of “How-To’s” that you have written yourself displayed in the content or sidebar of your blog will surprise you at how well they will do to your regular visitors.

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  1. Hey Wade,
    I did not know of this before. I’m surely going to use it for my next ebook. I hope to get better results.
    I should be discussing this with you on PM for more guide

  2. Great Post, I think have heard of Lulu but i have not really taken a look at her, but i will give it a try very soon.

  3. Interesting article Wade!
    Sounds to me like this could be a very helpful tool. Especially for those just starting out.

    Thanks for the tip!