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You Asked Blogging Questions

Hey, remember that email about the blogging questions that you asked me? I finally got around to answering them. I didn’t want to just answer these in a blog post, but on a more personal level, through a video. You are witnessing a milestone for my blogging career. This is the first video blog that I have ever done! Oh, by the way, it had just finished raining and the lens was fogged just a little bit…sorry about this, but it does get better on in the video.

Thanks for your questions, and if you have more, just email me at mail to: [email protected] with Blogging Questionsin the subject!


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  1. Great service Wade, I will drop you an e-mail if i have any questions regarding blogging, subscribed to your blog

  2. Great services indeed. Yes, lens was a bit fogged but the voice was clear.

  3. Sandip Bhagat says:

    Thanks for taking time to reply the blogging questions it will be very useful to new blogger