Blogging Strategies for 2013

Seems like I have been hung up on titles like “something-or-other” ‘strategies for 2013′.  I recently did a very large Twitter event this past Wednesday, called “Social Strategies for 2013″, and the people over at told me that this was about as many people as they had ever had in one room before! I’m gonna beat this horse until its dead…blogging strategy and tips

Blogging Strategies for Newbie’s

It’s fun to get things like this together. Even more fun to think up titles for them!

So, once again, with the imagination of a turnip, I came up with an idea to do the same thing, except on a blogging scale.

A lot of new bloggers read my blog, and, since most of my posts are about helping new bloggers, I thought I would contact some of my blogging friends and ask them a single question.

What is your blogging strategy for 2013?

Being a new blogger, you may have already noticed that you don’t know quite as many people as I do, and your blog may be suffering in one aspect or another. These bloggers that have took time out of their busy schedule to help you succeed are bloggers that either have dominated the search engines at one point or another or know how to drive traffic from social media sites.

So I am going to step aside and let you read what some of these bloggers have to say about their upcoming strategies for their blogs for this coming year, and hopefully, you will mirror what they are doing for a successful blog!

Allie Rambles of Ramblings of a WAHM

2013 will be the breakout year we, as bloggers, connect more. I am not referring to massive followers on Twitter and Facebook. I mean actual community connections online. This is the 2013 I envision.

Before social media, without social media, bloggers created communities. Then social media came along and human nature was to connect but also to become competitive, seeking numbers instead of connections. I believe that blogging has come full circle and we realize that communities like the ones before social media existed were really how bloggers became successful and we will seek that out again.

We have the tools, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and especially our own blogs. We have had time to hone in on the skills needed to make connections; social media has matured and is well established into our personal and business lives. All we need to do is, well, do it. No more special strategies and tricks. Just plain human interaction with like-minded people.

Saad Naeem of SEO AllRounder

blogging strategy and tipsIn 2013 , I am planning to give rest to my SEO campaign. YES! that’s right, no more hardcore link building.


The only reason I am stopping my link building strategies is because panda and penguin have really started to scare me now, even though they look cute!

The REAL idea for blogging in 2013, that I can give is, create as many connections with other bloggers as you can, but make sure they are in same niche as your blog. This will give you natural backlinks (Trust me it works!), but at the same time don’t take your friends, who feature you on their blog, for granted. Help them around as much as you can. Its a win-win in the end for both of you.

Secondly, build a list! Build a list! Well, its not really an idea, and sorry I had to say it twice, but it’s a must-have thing for all online businesses! Get started with it today because it’s never too late to start building your list! Who knows, you might have a list of 10,000 readers by the end of 2013!

That’s all from me , wishing you success for 2013!

Abhi Balani of OddBlogger

The very first thing I will be doing in 2013 and have in my blogging strategy for 2013 is I will be doing many of the things I used to do last year in 2012 like participating in blogging contests and making new connections with good bloggers. Both of these have a real big role in bringing traffic to my blog and giving me loyal readers.

In 2013, I will try to do a bit more of guest blogging on some popular blogs (I did a bit in 2012 and results were pretty awesome). Also, I am not in emailing that much, so I will be trying email lists and email marketing as well.

I would like to increase my earnings as well. So, I will give a bit of push to my affiliate marketing also.

I will try to publish as much articles as possible. Only quality articles with my opinion and perspective on the popular topics.

Ehsan Ullah of Guide and News

Blogging is all about adding value to reader’s life and making them love your blog by anyway. It’s not about getting more fans or traffic to your blog. That’s all part of a process, but you have to do your best to make people love your blog and encourage the first time visitors to stay and subscribe to your blog by providing exceptional content.

Forget all of the hard work you did in 2012 to take your blog to the next level and keep in mind that blogging needs smart work, not hard work. Use the right strategies smartly to grow your blog in the new year.
The best blogging idea for 2013 I can give you is to focus more on controversial content rather than writing typical posts just for SEO.

Back To Me…

Creating a blog is exciting! You just know that by the end of the week you’re going to be able to swim in your money. I’ll let that soak for a second.

Ok second’s up.

Once you come to your senses, you will realize that there are some things that you are going to have to do before you get on people’s radar.

It seems as though all of these bloggers agree.

Building relationships is the primary key to boosting your site to the next level. Sure, it’s great to build links and get that post to the first page of Google so people can come to your site.

But I would rather have 100 targeted friends coming to my blog than a thousand strangers.

Start thinking what you want your blog to accomplish.

Now forget that and go make some friends in the industry!

My buddy Marcus Sheridan talks about the death of single author blogs, which begin to tell us that in order to create a more successful blog you need to build communities and relationships with other bloggers…join forces, like Ms Ileane’s Basic Blog Tips, and get a passel of writers to bring value to the table with you!

However, this is not going to happen overnight! The first step is a big one. Keep your integrity in tact and people will want to connect with you.

The Book: Blogging For Smarties

blogging book

As I am just getting into the industry of speaking at social media conferences (2 last year and so far 3 this year) I have realized that I forgot to mention this awesome book that every blogger needs to read.  It’s called Blogging For Smarties-Blogging For Authors & Speakers: The Complete Edition and this virtually covers every aspect of blogging that you will ever need to know. Whether you are a new blogger in 2013, or an “old hat”, this book really does the trick of eliminating some of the guesswork out of building your blog the right way!

If you are like I was, then you have no idea what’s going on!  Believe me, if I could’ve had a book like this to walk me step by step through the process of building my blog and marketing it, then I would be light years from where I’m at right now!

As you step into 2013, you may wonder how all of these bloggers are making such successes out of their sites! With this book, you don’t have to start at the bottom! I recommend getting Blogging For Smarties on Amazon right now!

Your Turn

Who is the popular blogger that you would like to get on your side? If it wasn’t for some of the people that I have met over the past couple of years I don’t know if this blog would even still be here!

Do you have a strategy that compels people to want to get to know you and your site? Tell me about it!

My name is Wade Harman. I’m a full time blogger with a degree in Psychology. I show you how to spark an emotional reaction, get people’s attention, and encourage them to take action!

Let me help you drive targeted traffic through social media strategies that I have researched and use myself!

Let me coach you and see how my strategies in social media can help YOU drive targeted traffic!

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  1. One thing that really assures success in blogging (as you pointed out) is relationship building. Beside providing the kind of content that readers need, this year is a year of hooking up and establishing quality relations with even more bloggers. Reading through what these bloggers said, in a summary, it’s about healthy relationships.

  2. Great post, Wade! This is what I am waiting for because I am not sure about the stategies I am going to lead in this coming year. May be I will focus on building health connection and mutual relationship with other bloggers and my readers. In this way I am sure I will create a good prospect for my web blog. And the top bloggers mentioned above will be my models which will inspire my action in the near future. Thank you Wade for what you have given to me through your blog eventhough you don’t realize it but you add a lot of value to me. You are my inspirator indeed.

    • Thank you Heru for those nice words. I hope I help a lot!

    • Heru, you are doing a good job of building a relationship with me. Doing what you have been doing…being a faithful reader and making great comments and sharing…a blogger notices that.

      • That’s what I want to do Wade. Thank you for your support. You’re so kind and friendly to me eventhough you don’t know me at all. But please believe me that you are the first blogger I follow in which I give my comment for the very first time in this blog before I follow the others. You are so cooperative to everybody. I trust you Wade. Thank you again…

  3. I like what Saad said that create as many connections with other bloggers as you can because this is what gonna help you take your blog to the next level in 2013. Don’t jut depend on Google and work on building relationships and making online friends in your niche.

    Great ideas Wade, thanks for collecting them all.

  4. Very helpful tips Wade. I am really planning to have different strategies for this year. I am surely trying your suggestions.

  5. Exactly, build string relationships. I use Technorati and IndiBloggers to get connected to many co bloggers in my circle. It is nice to talk to them and have healthy discussions on various topics.

  6. Hello Wade,

    I am a bit late here, I think.

    I know Allie from the beginning of last year. I am glad I connected to her. I am completely agree with her, making more connections doesn’t mean getting our Facebook and Twitter list longer.

    Saad, you scared from Panda and Penguin? Stop kidding. I don’t think an awesome blogger like you can be scared of these things. :) Well, we are connected from a long, I am waiting for a backlink from you. :D LOL! Kidding!

    Ehsan made a very good point there, writing controversial post not just typical post for SEO. This is my strategy to get lots of comment and social share when I write in contests. :D

    Making new connections and building good relationship with other fellow bloggers is the key.

    Thumbs up, Wade!

  7. For me it will be to continue what I’ve been doing in 2012 with a few changes:

    Make my site a little more focused and only add great content! (No more Fluff!)
    Focus on building my email list.
    Create some great Giveaways to reward those who are repeat visitors!

  8. Building relationship? that never came in me when I started being an SEO. And now I just realized that kind of strategy and i think its an awesome idea. Maybe I should start doing this to other bloggers that I know. I know a lot of them actually…thanks Wade.

    Thumbs up!

  9. Wade,

    Great post. This is the first time I read your article; however, your writing style convinced me to subscribe to your rss feed.

    Back to blogging strategies for 2013. I believe guest posting will continue to be important this year and I plan to spend more time in twitter to get more leads.

  10. Hi Wade,
    Don’t you think that Link building is still quiet necessary for a blogger to drive traffic to his blog?Well I think Linkbuilding,social connections and SEO implemented in the right way can bring in long term results.Your content is great


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