Blogging Tips in 2012 For A Successful Blog in 2013

Well, the year is almost over and I wanted to share something I like to call Blogging Tips 2012 to everyone. This has been an exciting year for a lot of bloggers, and not so exciting for a lot of other sites. Google has unleashed their power and blasted a lot of people into oblivion this year, and I would like to talk about some tips for blogging in 2012 that you can apply at the start of next year.

Blogging Tips For SEO in 2012

This year I have learned that search engine optimization is viewed a whole lot differently than when I first started blogging. Back in the day, article marketing was the major way to get ranked up in the search engine. You spend all of your time writing 100 word articles with one backlink in the article with your keyword to push your blog to the first page of Google.

Now I don’t touch article marketing with a 10 foot pole! If you remember, one of the biggest article marketing services online had the crap slapped out of the by Google. This is when a major change started taking place in the algorithm. Something very different happened. Now Google only looks for great and quality content to push the post to the first page of Google. Along with natural backlinks, this is the primary way to boost your site to the first position in the searches.

A quick tip on SEO that I learned this year

Most of you already know that I don’t use a big link building strategy. I really don’t stuff my posts with keywords either because that just takes away from the learning experience to the reader. So you already know that I’m not that big of a promoter of pushing a lot of SEO strategies. However, I do recognize that in order to get noticed in the searches you are going to have to do some SEO implementation. Here is what I have learned that has helped me.

Put your keyword in quotations in Google to find out your competition

blogging tips 2012

When you put it in quotations you see how many pages are actually competing for that keyword.  A simple note on this: If it is 100,000 results or less, you can get this on the first page of Google in 1 month or a little longer.  Also notice that “Blogging Tips 2012″ is my keyword for this post too!

The Google Keyword Tool can be misleading when you search out the keywords for your posts. There may actually be more people competing for this keyword than you actually realize!

Now this is not a solution for your keyword search, however, it will show you who is really trying to get on Google. For any major keyword research, I recommend using Majestic SEO, it’s a free service, and I also recommend signing up for their emails. This will not only give you updates about what’s going on in the SEO world, but will also save your site information as well.

Blogging Tips For Content in 2012

I touched on this a little bit at the start of my SEO excerpt, but I want to get into it in a little more detail now. Writing great content should be your top priority. Writing that perfect post is not only going to help you in the searches, but will also create a great following for you!

Don’t skimp when it comes to your blog. I know some bloggers who rely more on SEO techniques than they do content for their readers and this doesn’t do anything but hurt you. Let me fill you in on a little tip. If you’re only going to write 300 words every time you sit down to blog, then you should reconsider your career. You cannot provide great and helpful information in 300 words! A blog post should be long enough to engage your readers and get the attention of the search engine’s at the same time.

I really think it’s kind of pathetic when I visit a blog and it only has 300-400 words. When you research your posts with the idea to help someone in the posts, you will be exceeding 300 words by a long shot!

Blogging Tips For Marketing in 2012

Aside from your readers, this is the most important thing that you can do for yourself. Getting your blog noticed is the name of the game, and it included a little self-promotion on your part! At the beginning, when you first started your blog, if you were listening to the professionals, then you should have created a blog surrounding an idea that you know a lot about or can help someone with. That said, when it comes to marketing, don’t be shy about telling people that you are the authority on the subject.

What is blog marketing?

blogging tips 2012It’s generally when you get out there, either on social media, guest posting, or some other form of promotion, and you allow people to see what you have to give them. I will talk more about social media in a second, but what I really wanted to talk about was one of the most exciting things that I found for my blog in 2012.

It’s a community called Blog Engage Syndication. Please refer back to this link to read more about what this community can do for you as far as promotion goes! Long story short, this is a great tool that you can use to promote your site to people who would not have normally found you. The fastest way to success is by using things to allow you to boost your blog to the next level. And this will do it!

Marketing is getting yourself out there. It is meeting new people and sharing their posts to your social media sites, and them yours.

Blogging Tips For Social Media 2012

One of the best blogging tips for 2012 that I can show you is social media. This is where you promote your blog to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. You are already familiar with these platforms, I know, but are you really familiar to how to get traffic from these places? In my free ebook, Boost Your Social Media Traffic Overnight I basically reveal how to use different social media tools to allow your URL to stay at the top of your friends update bar and to have more chances to get more traffic from these places.

However, it’s not just only in the tools. Social media is just that, social. When you are dealing with Google, it’s pretty straight-forward. You have a bot that browses your site for your keywords and backlinks. Pretty simple. I know it may be hard to get on the first page of Google, but at least you know and understand the procedures to get there! With social media you are dealing with real people, and real people aren’t going to just click your link on a whim.

Making the most out of social media

I believe that it’s very important to socialize with your followers and friends on these platforms. The name of the game is to build relationships and make connections with others so that you can build trust and respect with each other. Just showing up and posting a link is not going to cut it. You must understand social media and how to market your blog there!

I know that you have a blog to run, and you want to hurry up and start making money with it. However, creating a schedule on social media, a schedule that is going to find you on at least one of these platforms every day for a little while, making friends and socializing with others. It seems pointless to do, but in doing this, I have created a reader base, and a share base of friends on these sites that will share almost every one of my posts on these social media platforms. Getting to know them and having them see you as an authority figure about a certain subject is how you are going to blast your blog into social media space with one update.

blogging tips 2012

Be yourself and create great content!

The Blogging Tips 2012 Conclusion

As far as blogging tips 2012, you need to set a schedule and be consistent with whatever strategy that you are trying to accomplish. Forget the search engines and forget about trying to make money right now. If you have a new blog, then you need to focus on creating a reader base, marketing your blog, and building relationships. Most people forget about this step in blogging, but it’s an important part of being successful in 2013.

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