Building Relationships: Operation “Brian Clark of CopyBlogger” Phase 1

It’s no secret that I preach day in and day out about relationship building and how important it is to someone’s site.  Since my beginning, I have evolved immensely.  Thinking I was going to dominate the blogging world all by myself was laughable and ridiculous.

As of now, I firmly believe that one cannot survive without the help of friends. I hear new bloggers talk all the time about “competition” and how they need to get a “leg up” in the industry by doing certain things.building relationships

Your viewpoint is messed up.

The only competition you have is against the search engines and the social media sites. Anything that prevents you from bringing traffic to your site could be labeled as competition. Other bloggers are not your enemy. If they are getting more traffic than you, then that’s your fault. It’s not a reason for you to continue on the path you’re on alone.

Building relationships is important.

So, after writing a couple of posts about driving home how necessary it really is to create allies in the industry, one of my readers emailed me, asking me to demonstrate how I bring a more popular person to become friends and contacts with me.

This is a great way to show you this procedure…either that, or you can watch me fall flat on my face doing it!

In the past, I have brought my blog into the radar of popular bloggers such as Marcus Sheridan and Kristi Hines, but not without work on my part for it.

So this will be the first post of, and I hope not, several which will break down how to bring a popular blogger into your circle of friends.

Step One: Making Yourself Familiar

I’m no big time blogger like Brian Clark of CopyBlogger. Therefore this guy has no idea that I, or my blog exists, even though I have been nominated for one of the Top Ten Social Media Blogs of 2013!

Naturally, what I want to do is to make myself familiar to him. The first thing to do is actually visit his blog and start sharing posts.

Brian Clarks blog post

Image courtesy of Copyblogger’s site

Share and share every day.  Don’t overdo it, but share the way you would share one of your friends posts.  See below…

Google Plus share

On Google Plus, you can actually show people that you’re sharing their posts.

At least once a day I will travel to CopyBlogger and share to Facebook, Tweet it, and share on Google Plus.  Note that only on Google Plus will I actually let him know that I have shared his blog post.  He will receive the notification on his own G+ account and see my name and face.  On Twitter, he will receive an email letting him know that I have tweeted his post, and this also works on retweets of his Twitter account, which I will go into later.

Sharing will make my face familiar to him.  This is a long and slow process for someone of his caliber to take notice of me.  However, with consistency, he will start to see that I am a regular “sharer” and start to remember me.

Is Stalking Allowed?

Well, probably not, but I’ve got to do something to get this awesome blogger to notice me!  Here are some more ideas that you can do to provide leverage in your attempt to create a friendship:

  • Interview- Ask to interview the person.  People like to be the center of attention and it doesn’t matter who you are, you always want to get more traffic to your site.  This is how I started a great relationship with Ileane Smith, I conducted an intimate interview with her that really opened the door for my readers to her site, and the relationship started growing right away.  If other options run out, I will ask for an interview with Brian.
  • Create an event- With the breakout of Google Plus Communities, it is now easier than ever to build an event.  Recently, I just launched my first ever social media event that occurred on Twitter, and, with the right promotion, it reached a couple of famous people that I am trying to reach. Ileane, created a Storify about it and you can view it here to see all of the people that came. Notice Brian Clark is in the mix.

I will admit that doing a Google + Hangout is a lot easier than doing a Tweet chat, however, this was the first event I had ever done so cut me a break!

Stalking isn’t allowed.  You don’t go to them, make them come to you.  Do it with reservation too.  Building around an event or tagging them every now and then is a good way to really get on their radar.

Side Note: I did go to Brian with this.  All other means of trying to reach him have been in vain.  This is not surprising, a person of his caliber is really hard to reach.  However, please take note that you don’t want to be bothering these people all the time!  So even if a blatant tag on a social media site doesn’t make them come running, you may have to re-think a different strategy.

What do you say when you actually get the opportunity to talk?

build a relationshipFirst of all, don’t go after someone you’re not interested in.  In doing so, you won’t have anything to talk about, lol.  I am targeting Brian Clark because of his ingenuity in content marketing and the way he has built his business into a brand.  There is plenty to talk about with him!

What would I say to Brian when I do get the opportunity to talk to him?  The whole point of starting the relationship is to help each other.  I’m not like a lot of bloggers.  Whether or not you can help me strategically, I could care less, I just want the connection and the friendship.  However, there may be some driven-minded people out there that will expect something from you in return.

This is where the interview comes in, or creating the event.  Bringing them in front of a particular audience is a great way to build on a relationship.

I would just be straight-up with Brian when I do get to talk to him.  Hey, you can help me succeed even more, and I believe that we can both benefit from this relationship! 

It’s no surprise to anyone who has been in the blogging industry for any amount of time that Brian is one of the best content marketing experts out there.  Seeing as how I’m still wet behind the ears, I could definitely benefit from his expertise on the subject.  However, even Marcus Sheridan has told me that some of my social media strategies are “so crazy they just might work”, and that’s what I can bring to the table for Brian.

Over To You:

Do you have a certain person in mind that you would like to be friends with?  In your niche, who is it that can really help you climb another rung on the ladder of success?  Are you willing to reach out to that superstar?

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Let me help you drive targeted traffic through social media strategies that I have researched and use myself!

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