Should You Use More Than One Call To Action In Your Google Plus Update?

Google Plus gives us so many options that far exceed Facebook and Twitter. We have the opportunity to reach out to someone and actually be ourselves on this call to action google plusplatform without having to worry too much about whether or not the person we’re talking to is real or not. Google Plus has done their dead level best to make their platform more engaging and interactive. If you’re not doing these things on Google Plus, then you’re not using “The Plus” the way it’s supposed to be used.

In blog promotion, you know, the time when you get ready to announce to Google Plus that you have a new post ready for them to read, there are also many different ways that you can expose your content to the public. For me, it was a growing factor. In other words, when I first came on Google Plus I simply used the “Link” option to update to my followers. Now, after seeing more of the prominent people update, I began to build updates the way these people did, putting my own spin on things and with great success.

It wasn’t until I was on a hangout the other day that I had to admit that there might be something wrong with the way I did things. Stephan Hovnanian and myself, along with Jeff Seih, Mike Allton, and Les Dossey began to talk about this very thing in this Nuts & Bolts Pinterest For Men Hangout.

Are we using too many call to actions in our Google Plus updates? This is what I want to discuss in this article today.

When One Is Not Enough

In my experience, if you can get people to do it, then you should use that call to action. Since the Google Plus platform allows us to actually “blog” inside the description of the update, it’s easy to build a Google Plus update the way we want it.

But just because we can, should we? Stephan really got me thinking about this fact. In the video, you will be reminded that Stephan is an email marketer. So you already know that he feels that only one call to action is required. In this discussion I learned that email marketers only feel that one call to action is necessary. You should watch the show here:

There are many ways to put call to action in your G+ updates. As you already know, I like to use one for the image of course, the blog link itself, the pin it for later link for Pinterest, the call to action for the comment section in the form of discussion or opinion, and then the Blog Notification circle that people can be added to.

My Call To Actions

Here are all of the things that I consider to be my call to action prompts in the Google Plus update:

  • Image
  • The article link
  • Pin it for later link
  • Discussion CTA
  • Blog Notification Circle

Let me discuss these in order:  The Image: Most people don’t understand that the very first call to action is actually the image on Google Plus.  This is the front door to your update and it will entice people to read what you have written in the description, and perhaps perform other call to action prompts that you have written.  The image is the most important thing.  Creating this is essential in building action to the follower and new followers themselves.  I use PicMonkey to create those awesome images that build engagements on my update.

The Article Link: The reader will take your article call to action when you have given them just enough information to want to read more.  A picture may be worth a thousand words, but it’s still important to determine what you’re going to say at the first part of your description to reel them in and get them excited and intrigued about your article.  Do that, and they will definitely engage on your link!

Pin it for Later: Also known as the Pinterest link.  This is where you have already created the image on Pinterest and you ave just grabbed that link and pasted it to your update.  This is where my discussion with Stephan helps me to learn a little bit about SEO.  Myself, I don’t really care about SEO.  I want to be able to provide the followers with as many CTA’s as I can because, as you might know, putting more than one link in your update on G+ can take away your SEO value, however, you can always go back later and share it the normal way.  Here is a discussion from Bill Gassett, one of my friends on G+,  where he asked the question of whether or not we should use the “Pin it for later” link in the description.

The Discussion: In my opinion, this is one of the most important parts of your CTA in your update.  Getting people to discuss what you have just updated is a strong CTA to use because not only will it help other people with other’s opinions, but it will also encourage new people to get in on the discussion, and, in turn, that will help you get noticed by more user’s on G+.

Blog Notification Circle:  This is something that is totally beneficial to you.  Creating a circle where people can opt in to receive notifications every time you publish a post can be very helpful in spreading the word out on your update faster, plus it brings relevant and helpful content to the people that want it.

Should You Use More Than One Call To Action?

I think that this is totally up to the user. Depending on what your preferences are you can do whatever you want. In my opinion, I use more than one because I have found that people are actually acting on these CTA’s in my updates, and I could care less about the SEO. If you’re worried about SEO more than engagement, then perhaps this isn’t the right way to do it. However, every person is different and every person will give you a different point of view on this topic.

You should test this out on more than one update to see how it works for you. Granted, you can’t track any of these clicks on paper, but if you watch the Ripples, and watch your Pinterest account, perhaps you will be able to tell which one’s work for you. In the past, the one that has always worked beautifully, actually there’s more than one, are definitely the article link, the pin it link, and the blog notification CTA. I am always getting a lot of discussion too so I guess that one works well too. Hmm, so that’s why I use 5 CTA’s! Anyhow, work it to find your perfect setting, there is no limit to what you can do with your update on G+, and I encourage you to try different things to see what the best result is.

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