The Power of Pinterest and What You Can Do To Harness It


With great power comes great responsibility.  I heard that once on a movie.  Then the protagonist donned a skin tight jump suit and hurled himself out of a nearby window. Power makes some people crazy, and sometimes, lack of power will drive people that way! Do you ever feel like you are powerless when it [...]

Top 10 Ways To Build Email Marketing List That Will Convert


Email marketing is the best way of promoting your business. It is a profitable option too. It is highly preferred because email marketing is inexpensive than any other modes of promoting your business. Email marketing can also reach a greater target of audience than any other promoting techniques. If you do promote your business through [...]

How to Use Infographics to Drive Traffic, Engagement, Sales

8 Way To Promote Infographics or Visual Graphics

Why do you see so many infographics? Because they work! In a previous post I wrote about interactive infographics I included a Harris Interactive research graph showing infographics are the fourth most compelling reason for reading content. 28% of those polled chose infographics as the primary reason they chose to read specific content. Check out [...]

Email Marketing Tips for Beginners-Part 2

email marketing

This is the second part of email marketing tips that I would like to go over with you today.  If you are new to email marketing, then you should really sit down and watch this video.  If you need to get caught up on what we’re talking about, then you can check out Part 1 [...]

Email Marketing Tips For Beginner’s-Part 1

email marketing

I need help with my email marketing.  I thought it would be a good idea to get some help from one of the premier email marketers online.  His name is Gabe Johansson, and he is walking me through the steps of selling to my list.  I wanted to do it this way so I could [...]

Driving Social Media Traffic-Live Google Hangout!

google hangout

Hello, and thanks for stopping by!  If you’re one of the people that didn’t get in the Google Hangout room, then not to worry!  You can still view this event live in the video screen below!  If you have came to the site at the time of the Hangout and want to watch live simply [...]

From Coal Miner To Top Social Media Blogger|How I Became Successful

coal mining blogger

After many discussions about what I used to do for a living, some people have finally talked me into writing a sort of history/tutorial about how I brought this blog that you’re reading into the limelight in just under 9 months. Now I don’t want to ruin the whole story for you, but basically this [...]

Why You Need to Use Pinterest for Business

pinterest traffic

Perks of Pinterest for Business Social media marketing is set to get more interesting this year. Words and pictures are the new show and tell trends of social networks, and Pinterest is the rising star in the images category. Pinterest is an image based social network which keeps on growing, having attained an increase of [...]