How I Got 3,600 Followers on Pinterest and You Can Too!

how to get Pinterest followers

Pinterest is too much fun. From the first day I tried it, I was pinning and re-pinning like mad and now I have to limit the time I can spend there, because it’s just too addicting. As you might already know 70% or more of the active users on Pinterest are women. Many of the [...]

Building A Call To Action in Your Google Plus Update

call to action google plus

If you’re not thinking about your social posting strategy for your site after you publish an article to social media then you’re really hurting your online business. Google Plus is slowly but surely moving to the forefront of social marketing and I think that it’s time to really develop our posting strategy to adhere to [...]

How To Speak The Language of Each Social Media Platform

social media language

I would be very confused if I went to Russia by myself.  Not from the sights, because it’s one of the most advanced countries in the world, but because I don’t speak the language.  I wouldn’t be able to go to someone and ask for directions to a certain place if I wasn’t sure where [...]

Relationship Marketing and How To Make It Strong on Google Plus

google plus marketing

Before you can market the product, the affiliate link; before you can even market your articles successfully on Google Plus, you have to be able to market yourself.  This is the key to success on this platform.  Relationship building has never been more of a true statement than it is now on G+. When you [...]

Dominate Google Plus


So do you believe me now? Google Plus is going to be the biggest and most popular social site, plus, it’s also going to have a great impact on your authorship plus your blogging perspectives as well, so you may as well throw in the towel and join if you haven’t already! I am really [...]

3 Ways To Enhance Your Pinterest Marketing with Blogging

pinterest marketing and blogging

I have found some great tips that can really boost your Pinterest marketing with blogging and I’m really excited to share some of these ideas with you!  First of all, knowing that Pinterest could be your number one source of traffic is an understatement, but a lot of people don’t fully understand how to “work” [...]

How To Write A Perfect Google Plus Post

how to create a perfect post on google plus

Ever wondered how to write a perfect Google Plus post? See?  I told you that you had to think about what you are saying when you post updates to Google Plus!  First, let me explain something.  While I would love to take credit for this idea, I cannot.  This was actually something that I wrote [...]

How To Embed a Google Plus Profile Hovercards in Your Posts

how to embed G+ profile 4

Do you know how to embed a Google Plus profile?  Recently, I wrote a post called The Men To Follow On G+ that seemed to baffle a lot of people. The reason for the questions that they had was that I used a cool form of embed code to display other people’s G+ profile cards [...]