Do You Want Free, Automatic Leads?


I discovered an automatic leads system for my business a few weeks ago. The idea is so profound, and yet at the same time brain dead easy. I cringe at the idea of sharing this idea, but my philosophy has always been share with others, because they have done the same for me. What was [...]

The Ultimate How-To Guide To Dominate Your Pinterest Group Boards

pinterest group boards

Before I get into the details about how group boards’ work and why businesses should jump on them, there’s something you need to know because I think it will help you in the future. You see one of my jobs as a Pinterest consultant is to make sure I’m on top of any changes that [...]

How To Get More Shares To Your Posts-Guaranteed

An ornate clock with the words Time to Share on its face

One day, there was a man that fell down a hole.  As he scrambled to reach the edge, doing everything in his power to get out, he realized that nothing he could do was going to work.  He was stuck.  He waited for someone to pass by. “Help!” He screamed, when someone came close.  A [...]

The Power of Pinterest and What You Can Do To Harness It


With great power comes great responsibility.  I heard that once on a movie.  Then the protagonist donned a skin tight jump suit and hurled himself out of a nearby window. Power makes some people crazy, and sometimes, lack of power will drive people that way! Do you ever feel like you are powerless when it [...]

How To Get Backlinks-Easy Two Step Process

how to get backlinks

Above my better judgement, I will show you how to get backlinks to your site effectively.  Just because I don’t actively build backlinks doesn’t mean that I don’t know how to do it. Before I realized that content was king, I dominated the first page results for a very high competitive keyword called “Make Money [...]

Reposition Yourself To Make An Impact In Blogging

reposition yourself

You need to forget about what you’re doing and reposition yourself for success. I get lots of emails from all different bloggers asking me to tell them how to become successful in this industry.  When I mean “become successful” I mean make lots of money.  There’s no shortage of people that want to become rich [...]

How To Get Attention With Your Social Media Marketing Updates

social media marketing updates

Social media marketing updates has come to the forefront of making money.  Both with large corporations and small business bloggers like you and I are understanding the importance of social media marketing updatesas a whole and how it pertains to making money online. There is one problem though. You’re not the only person using it [...]

Top 10 Ways To Build Email Marketing List That Will Convert


Email marketing is the best way of promoting your business. It is a profitable option too. It is highly preferred because email marketing is inexpensive than any other modes of promoting your business. Email marketing can also reach a greater target of audience than any other promoting techniques. If you do promote your business through [...]