How to Use Infographics to Drive Traffic, Engagement, Sales

8 Way To Promote Infographics or Visual Graphics

Why do you see so many infographics? Because they work! In a previous post I wrote about interactive infographics I included a Harris Interactive research graph showing infographics are the fourth most compelling reason for reading content. 28% of those polled chose infographics as the primary reason they chose to read specific content. Check out [...]

Is Your Blog Ready For The New Penguin Update?

new penguin update

I’m not usually one to write about technical things like the new Penguin update, but one of my friends, Elizabeth, wrote a post today that caught my eye on when we could expect the new Penguin update. Once upon a time, for you newer bloggers, Google dropped a bomb in the form of Penguin on [...] : The Best Online Curator For Your Topics

scoop it

If you didn’t know, is an online curating site where you can collect links from your favorite topics or niche under one roof. Something like that may not sound much but it has some great features which if used effectively, can help you in both marketing your blog as well as gaining new readers [...]

From Coal Miner To Top Social Media Blogger|How I Became Successful

coal mining blogger

After many discussions about what I used to do for a living, some people have finally talked me into writing a sort of history/tutorial about how I brought this blog that you’re reading into the limelight in just under 9 months. Now I don’t want to ruin the whole story for you, but basically this [...]

4 Content Marketing Sites That Every Blogger Should Use


In today’s blogging world, you cannot achieve success alone. You need friends, readers, supporters and most importantly, content marketing strategies that you need to use, period. Content marketing isn’t only about sharing your articles on social media sites and commenting on other blogs. You need to do more to let people know about your articles. [...]

Why Blog Engage Should Be Your First Choice For Paid Communities


Read More For A Special Offer From Blog Engage Just For You! Have you ever wondered how you can get traffic to your blog?  That goes without saying doesn’t it?  We all scrounge around looking for ways to get traffic to our sites and make more money with it. Recently I have found one of [...]

An Intimate Interview with Ms. Ileane from Basic Blog Tips


As a blogger, you tend to meet some interesting people in the industry. I have been most fortunate to be able to meet some really great people. During one of these recent “meet & greets” I met a simply fabulous person. So much so that I wanted to do an interview about them so my [...]

Web 2.0 Tools To Benefit Your Blog

web 2.0

I wanted to talk about web 2.0 tools that you can use to help benefit your blog. In the world of blogging, it seems like all a new blogger gets done is writing. You talk about everything that you feel is the best fit for your blog in the hopes that someone will get some [...]