Who Is In Your Google Plus Circles and The Power of Potential

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There’s an old saying that says You are what you eat.  Then there’s another one that I can’t fully remember, but it goes along the lines of this: Want to find out about a person?  Look who their friends are! This is so true.  Who you run with determines what other people think about you.  What you [...]

The Power of The Plus- The Universal Language of Google Plus

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It’s no secret that many people are getting wind of the power of Google Plus. There have been many marketers, like me, that devote all of their time to this social platform, and with great success. There is one language that is universal on Google Plus and that is the “+1″ button. One simple plus [...]

Relationship Marketing and How To Make It Strong on Google Plus

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Before you can market the product, the affiliate link; before you can even market your articles successfully on Google Plus, you have to be able to market yourself.  This is the key to success on this platform.  Relationship building has never been more of a true statement than it is now on G+. When you [...]

The Changes To CommentLuv Premium on Spam

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Whether you have CommentLuv Premium enabled on your blog or not, it’s a pretty good chance that you have found a blog that does have this WordPress plugin enabled.  Most all bloggers either have the free version or the paid version on there site because it’s not only good for SEO purposes, but it can [...]

Boost Your Business With Instagram


Being a huge advocate of using Instagram for social media marketing, I get a lot of questions about “Why?” Why should you use Instagram? Why is it beneficial? Why is it so popular? And I can answer all those questions with one simple answer: Because it can boost your business! When used correctly, Instagram can [...]

Designing Your Brand With Joomla

Joomla has a number of amazing templates and extensions to help you design your brand online. Having the right look and feel for your website is crucial for your long-term monetization strategy. You need to convince your prospects that you are a professional company that understands their needs. To accomplish this, we can use the [...]

How To Bridge Google Plus to Pinterest for Better Marketing

google plus and pinterest

Have you ever noticed a connection between Google Plus and Pinterest any? The longer I stay on Google Plus, the more I realize the potential that it has with the Pinterest platform. As you know, images are very important in any social media platform. You also know that Pinterest marketing is something that you shouldn’t [...]

The Real Secret on How To Increase Blog Traffic

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In almost two years of blogging, I have finally came to realize the secret of how to increase blog traffic.  I know there’s a lot of tips and tutorials about this that usually lead to spending an arm and a leg on something that probably won’t do you any good in the first place. However [...]