The Confessions of a Twitter Addict


Twitter is my all time favorite platform. If you’re not capitalizing on all of the traffic that you can be getting from Twitter then you are missing out on a huge opportunity to say the least. Twitter has been my best traffic driving platform ever since the start of my blogging experience over 17 months [...]

The Most Important Aspects of a Google Plus Marketing Strategy

google plus marketing strategy

There are many people that have an understanding of their Google Plus marketing strategy.  Granted, most of these people, like Mark Traphagen have been on the Google Plus platform since three days after the launch of the social media site, so they sort of realize what it’s all about. But having any social marketing strategy [...]

I Love Google Plus! (Part 2) The Women to Follow on Google Plus!


Happy Anniversary to Wade and his wife for Five years of being Married! So while he is off at the beach he asked me to write up a guest post for him. Last week he did a post on Men you should follow on Google Plus. I decided on doing one on the Women you [...]

I Love Google Plus! The Guys To Follow In Google Plus!

google plus marketing

Happy Anniversary to me! Today is my fifth year anniversary with my wife and as I really start to take a short weekend to show her how much I really appreciate her, I started thinking what I could write about for my weekend post. I really have fell in love with Google Plus this year [...]

The Id, Your Ego, and My Super-Ego

social marketing

There are great advances in neuroscience that have really set us apart from the animals.  The sheer fact that we talk is one of them, so I guess it’s not a huge thing to say we are more advanced.  However, we have something locked up inside of us that doesn’t show prevalence in the monkeys [...]

The Ultimate How-To Guide To Dominate Your Pinterest Group Boards

pinterest group boards

Before I get into the details about how group boards’ work and why businesses should jump on them, there’s something you need to know because I think it will help you in the future. You see one of my jobs as a Pinterest consultant is to make sure I’m on top of any changes that [...]

How To Get More Shares To Your Posts-Guaranteed

An ornate clock with the words Time to Share on its face

One day, there was a man that fell down a hole.  As he scrambled to reach the edge, doing everything in his power to get out, he realized that nothing he could do was going to work.  He was stuck.  He waited for someone to pass by. “Help!” He screamed, when someone came close.  A [...]

It’s Time To Rethink Your Facebook Marketing Strategy

facebook marketing strategy

What makes your facebook marketing strategy stand out among the crowd? When someone comes across your website, what makes them want to like you, and follow along with each of your updates? You might run a great blog (like this one) that provides great information to visitors, you might even give away a free guide [...]