Maximize Your Social- A Review of Neal Schaffer’s New Book


Do you know what it will take to truly Maximize Your Social?  There are lots of different strategies and techniques that you can learn from a lot of different people online across a ton of different social networks.  The only problem with that is there are plenty of people that claim to be social media professionals [...]

Their Brain and Your Social Media Update

creative brain - Copy - Copy

There are many strategies out there today that could be deemed successful while others are definitely worth walking away from. The fact of the matter is, some of these strategies can change over time. People change, trends get better, the world turns. However, there is one aspect of your social marketing that always stays the [...]

Stalking Your Way To Better Social Media Posts

StalkingPinterest - Copy

Maximize Social Business had a great article by Courtney Ramirez entitled,  ”How to ‘Spy’ Your Way to Better Social Media Writing“ which got me thinking on what social listening really means in marketing. Stalking, or spying, in the usual sense seems creepy, but not when it comes to figuring out how to write and engage with [...]

Google Plus Etiquette For Success

good manners on google plus

Google Plus is a social platform that has changed the way marketing is done on social media. In any social media site, there are certain rules that you need to follow in order to be accepted socially by other people. Yes, some social psychology is needed in order to attain the trust and attention of [...]

Building A Call To Action in Your Google Plus Update

call to action google plus

If you’re not thinking about your social posting strategy for your site after you publish an article to social media then you’re really hurting your online business. Google Plus is slowly but surely moving to the forefront of social marketing and I think that it’s time to really develop our posting strategy to adhere to [...]

Dear Facebook, I Don’t Love You Anymore


Hey Facebook, I know you haven’t seen me in a while and I thought that I would stop hiding and just come right out with it and tell you where you and I stand. After lots of thought, I have decided that we need to break up. It’s not me, it’s you. It’s always been [...]

How To Speak The Language of Each Social Media Platform

social media language

I would be very confused if I went to Russia by myself.  Not from the sights, because it’s one of the most advanced countries in the world, but because I don’t speak the language.  I wouldn’t be able to go to someone and ask for directions to a certain place if I wasn’t sure where [...]

Relationship Marketing and How To Make It Strong on Google Plus

google plus marketing

Before you can market the product, the affiliate link; before you can even market your articles successfully on Google Plus, you have to be able to market yourself.  This is the key to success on this platform.  Relationship building has never been more of a true statement than it is now on G+. When you [...]