CommentLuv Premium Giveaway


CommentLuv There are few items that you need to purchase to make your site great, and CommentLuv is one of them. As far as connecting, this plugin is probably one of the best one’s to get you established in the blogging world as of today. If you already have CommentLuv enabled on your site, then [...]

The Contest-Win A Solo Email Ad!


———————————This Contest Is Closed—————————————- Well, many times is the case when you just can’t think of the perfect post to writeevery time, and I, for one, am not the best blogger out there. I too am human, and sometimes I draw a blank on what to write to help my readers! Anyway, I thought since [...]

Why You Shouldn’t Skimp When It Comes To Website Design


Forgot About Website Design? It’s really easy to forget about website design. When you have an idea in your head and you know you can make money with that idea, then it’s easy to skip this little detail. I never see internet marketers promoting website design at all! When, in fact, your design is just [...]

A WordPress Plugin You Need For Blogging


The WordPress Plugin Search All bloggers usually think of one great WordPress plugin that they can add to make their blog great. Whether it’s in managing the comment section, all the way up to even finding a WordPress plugin to automate your posts for you! There are a lot of them on there! I am [...]

10 Steps To $3,000 A Month To Make Money Blogging


Make Money Blogging My goal is to get you to be able to make money blogging with these posts, and here lately I have been on a kick about internet tools that will help you make money blogging. I have had a lot of people email me and ask me certain questions about breaking down [...]

EasyRetweet-The One Stop Shop For Internet Marketers & Twitter Users


What Is EasyRetweet? Well, for one, I wouldn’t call it a dashboard of any kind. Calling it this would say that this tool has certain limits, which it doesn’t. EasyRetweet.Comcontains a lot of features for the user to have at their fingertips to help them with internet marketing. This is not only great for internet [...]

How To Make Money Blogging By Providing Freelance Services


This is a Guest Post from Norbert Juma of     Make Money Blogging Ideas One of best quick-ways to make money blogging is by providing freelance services via your blog. It only requires you to identify a unique service that is in great demand and that you have great expertise in. Many people who [...]

The Blog In You


Need Help? There are many self help ebooks that promote internet marketing to its fullest. These books are of high value and really tend to help people that read through them. The only problem with these books is that they are high priced, in the ranges of up to $99! The Blog In You Ebook [...]