The Confessions of a Twitter Addict


Twitter is my all time favorite platform. If you’re not capitalizing on all of the traffic that you can be getting from Twitter then you are missing out on a huge opportunity to say the least. Twitter has been my best traffic driving platform ever since the start of my blogging experience over 17 months [...]

Increase Content Visibility with Twitter Cards

twitter cards

Twitter is becoming an increasingly important channel for content marketers. What started out as a popular micro-blogging platform has transformed into a legitimate source of traffic, leads, and sales. Of course, as with any marketing channel, there are tips and techniques we can use to maximize our exposure and results. You are probably familiar with [...]

Promoting A Call To Action For Social Media Sharing On Your Blog

call to action on social media button

Do You Sometimes Feel Overwhelmed With Sharing Promotions On Other Blogs? You always see share this, sign up here, do this, do that, and don’t forget to follow us too. It’s enough to drive you crazy, isn’t it? But the reason this is everywhere is because it’s important in my personal judgement. I’ll never ever [...]

How To Embed Tweets in Your Posts

how to embed tweets

Twitter is, of course, a powerful social media platform, and learning how to embed tweets is a powerful thing to do.  Getting involved with using Twitter in your blog posts is a great way to encourage more followers and tweets to your content and social account. I have been getting a lot of  emails asking [...]

The Psychology of a Twitter Marketing Strategy

twitter marketing strategy

If you’ve been reading the news, then you may wonder if having a Twitter marketing strategy is even worth it anymore! Google Plus seems to be passing all the platforms and is ever steadily creeping up on Facebook with the idea to knock them off of their King of the Hill position as social media [...]

Free Twitter Marketing Software Giveaway

twitter marketing software

I am so happy to announce that I am giving away one of the best Twitter marketing software tools that I have ever used before!  Having trouble keeping your social media on schedule, or need to manage followers on Twitter?  What about keeping yourself on social media 24/7? If some of your major concerns are [...]

Twitter Marketing Software That Will Drive Traffic

twitter marketing software

I’m always excited when I write about Twitter marketing software because it has really transformed my site to another level right from the beginning!  Believe me, I can understand where you’re at right now.  You’ve got a blog, and you need traffic.  You’re writing these killer posts that nobody is seeing and it’s frustrating that [...]

The 7 Step Daily Twitter Marketing Plan

twitter marketing

If you’re looking to generate traffic, connect with like-minded people, and grow your business effectively then Twitter is where you should be. Truthfully, you should be on each social network but if you had to pick one at first, I’d recommend to start with this 7 step Twitter marketing plan. 1. Check And Reply To [...]