A WordPress Plugin You Need For Blogging


The WordPress Plugin Search All bloggers usually think of one great WordPress plugin that they can add to make their blog great. Whether it’s in managing the comment section, all the way up to even finding a WordPress plugin to automate your posts for you! There are a lot of them on there! I am [...]

Why Anonymous Made Me Rethink My GoDaddy Hosting


The GoDaddy Attack As you have probably already figured out, GoDaddy was attacked today by the AnonyOps (Anonymous) Clan. This left literally millions of people with their pants down and couldn’t do anything about it! This is a very peculiar place to be in because when you are sending thousands of people to your website [...]

The Cure For The Bloggers Writing Block


Common Myths of Bloggers There is some fiction floating around the blogging industry and with bloggers all over the internet. One thing that I literally hate is when a blogger writes a post without ever having researched it before. They see this fabricated story on someone else’s blog who probably seen it on someone else’s [...]

How To Make Money With A Blog


You Already Know This… This is not going to be a generic post about how to make money with a blog. Everyone has already seen those posts, and, to be honest, they are getting boring. It seems as though everyone that writes about this subject ends up putting info on their blog about these things: [...]

The Blog In You


Need Help? There are many self help ebooks that promote internet marketing to its fullest. These books are of high value and really tend to help people that read through them. The only problem with these books is that they are high priced, in the ranges of up to $99! The Blog In You Ebook [...]

SEOPresser: A Must Have For WordPress Users


SEOPresser-Mandatory! SEOPressor—What’s New about This WordPress SEO Product? WordPress is decidedly one of the biggest blogging platforms in the world today. Even though it is not a free platform, the professional manner of this platform is what makes it more popular. And that is the reason why a lot of online business entrepreneurs are using [...]

Tips For WordPress Bloggers


Make Money Using WordPress I usually don’t write about WordPress because a lot of people actually don’t have a WordPress site, believe that or not, but they don’t. I like to try to keep my posts on a general scale where everyone can benefit from them, however, this post will be to help the WordPress [...]

Make Money Blogging with WordPress

make money blogging with wordpress

Make Money Blogging We all want to make money blogging! If you have started into the blogging industry, then you probably have high hopes to make a lot of money with it. If you have a WordPress blog, then you have chosen one of the best blogging platforms out there!  Some people say that Google [...]