Switching To The YouTube One Channel and How To Market It

youtube one

Well, the YouTube One channel is right around the corner of change for us!  For those of you that are using YouTube as a means of building links or getting traffic, then you’ve probably already heard about the change that is being made. Video marketing is a great way to induce more traffic and build [...]

How To Use The YouTube Video Editor

how to use the youtube video editor 2

Let’s face it, learning how to use the YouTube video editor is an important part of anyone’s social media strategy.  But what do you do when you don’t have any expertise in video editing? Hmm, that’s what I thought too. Believe it or not, for the types of things that I do, I don’t have [...]

Tips On Surviving The New YouTube Layout

new youtube layout

Having some trouble with the new YouTube layout? YouTube is a serious place to be for marketers.  Of course, I’m lacking in that department big time!  But if you can put some really great video’s on there that will help people you will really start to see some positive results from it. Since YouTube has [...]

How To Set Up A Verified YouTube Channel

verified youtube channel

YouTube is a great tool and one way you can get more traffic from this platform is by setting up a verified YouTube channel that actually points toward your site. If you will notice, YouTube doesn’t automatically do this for you, which is just plain aggravating.  There are so many hoops to jump through to actually get [...]

Using YouTube SEO For Your Posts


YouTube SEO Now there is something to help you called YouTube SEO for your blog posts. As a blogger, one doesn’t really think about using YouTube to help them gain a higher ranking in the search engines.  This is something that I have been playing with over the past few months. It is common knowledge [...]