Why You Should Buy CommentLuv Premium Before The End Of The Year

Most everyone knows of the CommentLuv Premium plugin. It is a comment-oriented plugin that is directed at more interaction and social sharing on your blog. Truly, it is one of the best plugins that you can have for your site. It prompts people to share your posts, giving you more visibility, it enables people to actually want to comment on your site because it allows them to share some of their latest posts from their blog on yours.

It’s an overall gold mine. Even the free version of CommentLuv is worth its weight in gold and should have a price tag on it.

However, things are going to change for the people that wait until next year to buy the CommentLuv Premium plugin.

The CommentLuv Plugin

Things Are Changing For The CommentLuv Premium Plugin

Don’t believe me? Check out how .

This is why you have to get this plugin now! As for everyone that have purchased this before the new year comes, you will be “grandfathered” in. However, anyone else that buys after the first of the year, will be subject to paying the intended $97, plus a recurring 6 month payment which is to be determined. I recently talked to Andy Bailey, the creator of CommentLuv and this is what he said:

The rate will be $97, the same up front payment, and then $25 every 6 months to continue to get updates, support and some bonus stuff exclusive to active subscribers.
The new feature will integrate with twitterlink and reply me. If someone leaves their twitter name with their comment then your blog will tweet them when there is a reply using your twitter account.
That will be added after the new payments come in to force.
The change is happening because the current model cannot continue without some sort of recurring payment because there have been lots of feature additions and a lot more to come and when it comes to updates, it would be more profitable for me to make new plugins and sell them than updating and adding features to commentluv if there wasn’t a recurring payment.
Having the new payment model means I can continue to add new features to commentluv and any new plugins I make will be provided for free to active subscribers.
There’ll also be a pay monthly option so it’d be like renting the plugin as opposed to buying it which should make it affordable for lower income blogs. Probably $5 per month to rent it.
People who have active payment subscriptions will also get access to the directory which i shall be making and other bonus plugins which will be added to the members area.

Why You Should Buy CommentLuv Premium

You’re a blogger aren’t you? That should be reason enough to purchase this plugin! However, there are more reasons than that, but I can understand that a struggling blogger may not have the funds to put into something expensive, and this is not for everyone. It’s definitely not for those people who want to create a better blog and start interacting with their readers. It’s not for people who want their blog to be recognized on a large scale for even having the plugin in the first place.

If that’s you, then stop reading this post right now.

However, if you are one of the few people that don’t have the CommentLuv Premium plugin, but are trying to make your blog better, then here are some reasons why this plugin is good for you.

Blog Interaction

The comment section allows other people to portray their own opinions of what you have just written. When you have a plugin that not only allows this feature, but promotes them when they do it, then all the better! Just because you have a CommentLuv enabled blog means that you can put your blog in all kinds of these directories. Believe me, people search for blogs like these to post comments on because of the “Luv”!

A Little Self-Promotion

One thing that I like about the CommentLuv plugin is that when I go to a CommentLuv enabled blog, I can actually display a recent post from my blog after I have commented. You allow people to shamelessly promote themselves on your site when you have this plugin. This is always good because I don’t know of anyone yet that wouldn’t take free promotion!

Social Functions

In the Premium version of CommentLuv you have more options to give the reader. In doing that, you give yourself more options to be socially shared on all networks by lots of people. One of these functions is that when a user comments on your site, it will prompt them to share that post to their social media network, as explained in the image below.

You can also write what you want to get them to share your posts!

As you will see a drop down list of all your previous posts will appear.  You can pick from the best one’s when you comment on someone’s site and they too, when they comment on yours!

This is truly a great interactive tool that you can use to get traffic and boost your site’s visibility.

The Unseen Functions Of CommentLuv Premium

CommentLuv is famous for doing things that you can see. It shares and it interacts, but some of the best features happen when you can’t see them.

The Comment Redirect

Andy Bailey has integrated some great functions to the CommentLuv Premium plugin that really blows the user away. As we all know every person that comes to the site is a potential subscriber, client, or reader. One of the unseen functions of this plugin is to redirect a new user on your site to a page that can hopefully capture an email, get a sale, or make a friend. It is totally up to you on how you want to strategize this.

If you are a new reader to my blog, try commenting and see where it takes you. Just another powerful feature of this plugin!


Have any of you heard of “Thank Me Later” or “ReplyMe”? These are basically plugins that you can add to your blog that will email the past commentor and thank them for their comment, while redirecting them back to your site with a link.

We all know that having these plugins are important, however, it is also not too good to have 300 plugins running at the same time. The CommentLuv Premium plugin includes a “ReplyMe” feature that will email the new commentor. Again, this can be any message that you choose, so choose wisely!


Also integrated into this plugin is a feature that you can use towards spam comments.  Never again have to worry about spam or people just trying to get a link across on your site.  G.A.S.P. polices and monitors all incoming comments and you can even set it up to accept regular comments or moderate them all.

The bonus for having these extras

Since this plugin comes handy with all kinds of extra’s added on, plus more to be added at the first of the year as Andy said, this allows you to deactivate a lot of plugins that you are probably using now already.  Since you already know that having too many plugins slows your site down, this will make for a faster blog!  One plugin that does it all!

You Should Buy CommentLuv Premium Today!

You may as well go ahead and make the leap and purchase the CommentLuv Premium plugin right now! Don’t wait until the new year where you will have to pay regular updates, get it right now! If you are wanting to establish for yourself a blog that has integrity, then the CommentLuv Premium plugin is for you!


The CommentLuv Plugin

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  1. I guess the change is necessary to be able to keep up with the necessary updates. I would have no problem paying to support this plugin, as it offers a lot of value. Luckily I am already a Premium member and I have free updates for life included for me :-)

    • It’s definitely worth anything that he charges for it. But I’m glad that I have already bought the plugin too! This post is to encourage people that do not want to pay extra, to buy it before the year is gone. I actually talked to Andy about this and he said that he will honor anyone that buys before Jan 1st, 2018.

  2. The “renting” feature is actually really cool. More plugin developers should consider this – it allows people with a smaller budget to use the plugin without paying the hefty price up front.

    Also, I have seen this recurring payment thing becoming more popular. It’s been going on in the forum software business for years – both vBulletin and IP.Board (the two most popular forum software) have a recurring payment to continue to receive updates.

    • Well, like I told Larry, it’s worth anything that he charges. Recurring payments seem like the smart thing to do in his situation. I mean it’s an awesome plugin!

  3. I think Comment Luv is one favorite link building strategies of some people. They always look for blog that allows comment luv to get dofollow backlinks!
    So that we should use it to get more visitors and commenters :)

    • Yeah, its a great way to boost your site strategy with backlinks from comments. However, you can foil that plan from spammers by clicking the “Remove Luv” button!

  4. Hey Wade, thanks for sharing this info. I think CommentLuv is worth every penny spent. Like you and many others we all see the value in having CommentLuv. Another reason for those reading this who don’t have CommentLuv to get on board now.

    posted by Galen Morgigno

  5. Wade, Commentluv is a great plugin and Andy has been very creative and supportive. I think this has to be one of the best wordpress plugins ever invented. It has helped many bloggers and commentators to make a mark simply because of this plugin.

  6. I love this commentluv premium. I really enjoy using this as it has many features that many blogging sites don’t have. I even recommend this to my friends!

  7. I would go for it, but I think it’s more worth it for blogs in the SEO/IM/Money Making niches, I couldn’t really see my students using this plugin much because they are there to learn about community college rather than building links.

  8. I had no idea about the specifics, Wade, and now I know. lol

  9. I already have Comment Luv installed, but I am upgrading to premium! Good advice here!

  10. Kevin J Railsback says:

    I first found out about this plugin from Ana Hoffman’s Traffic Generation Cafe.
    For some reason at first I didn’t get the appeal of the plugin but once I got it, installed it and saw what it does, I was hooked.
    So glad that I jumped on it now and didn’t wait until Fter the first of the year.
    It’s worth every penny but I’m working hard to reduce recurring payments.

  11. Hi Wade Harman, CommentLuv is the awesome plugin which helped many bloggers a lot. I am also using the premium version where i can get the lifetime updates for free. Thanks for Sharing!

  12. Nice Article. Now I came to know the importance of having a CommentLuv Premium plugin. I wonder how many of my friends use to get many comments on their article and why not me.. Now I came to know it is all because of having CommentLuv Plugin. So I will upgrade to CommentLuv plugin and enjoy all the benefits from it.

  13. Is Comment Luv Premium still on sale or did it expire at the end of 2012?

    I’ve heard a lot of great reviews about the plugin and have been looking to jump on board sometime in the near future.

  14. I think I should try this comment luv I would like to know the power and how it can increase our rank.

  15. Hi Wade,

    Just wanted to say that CommentLuv is one of my favorite plugins. I use it on most of my websites and it’s the best way to get lots of comments on my blog posts.

    What I like mostly about it, is that it has a lot of features that are very useful, and you get all of them by installing only one plugin. I especially like the Reply Me feature.

    Thanks for sharing this information, have a great week Wade.Cheers!


  16. I agree with you. CommentLuv is great and that’s why I have installed it on my blog. Gonna buy Premium plugin soon! ;)

  17. Hi,
    I love this commentluv premium. I really enjoy using this because it has many features that many blogging sites don’t have.
    Than you

  18. I love CommentLuv, it’s good reason to buy for my blog.

  19. Comment Luv has really helped a lot of bloggers and is very useful for any website. Its features are great and often entices people to leave a comment. :) Way to go! Hope more plugins are as good as this.

  20. Hey Wade, wouldn’t you say if they raise the price it would opened doors for new similar plugins? How difficult could it be to recreate this plug. I’m going to purchase Comment Luv for my blog but just saying in general?

    • John, I like where you’re goingwith this idea, however, I have been in the plugin-making industry..one of my great friends makes them and its a very long and hard process. Simply purchasing this plugin is better than going out and making one yourself. This is a proven plugin and you can trust it.