The Confessions of a Twitter Addict

Twitter is my all time favorite platform. If you’re not capitalizing on all of the traffic that you can be getting from Twitter then you are missing out on a huge Twitter addictopportunity to say the least.

Twitter has been my best traffic driving platform ever since the start of my blogging experience over 17 months ago. I want to show you just how easy it is to bring traffic from Twitter, get more followers, and even do all of this with no following at all.  I must confess that I’m a Twitter-aholic.  Even though G+ is starting to be a close second, I still can’t stay away from Twitter because of the easy traffic it brings me every day.  Now, I’m no stranger to working hard on a social media platform, I’m doing it right now on G+, but with Twitter, and the right tools, it can be one of the easiest places to drive traffic from!

When you do these steps, Twitter marketing is going to become even easier to do every day. Get it set up, and Twitter can be the platform that you spend the least amount of time on too, all the while getting the benefits of the traffic!

I want to simply confess my addiction to the world: I’m a Twitter addict. It’s not a problem because it helps me run my business online. I want to encourage you with this post to come to the dark side of this addiction. It can make a huge difference in your social media marketing strategy. First off, follow me on Twitter!

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Twitter Takes Time

I’m sure that you have heard a lot of different people tell you that to build a following on social media, it takes time and consistency. I’ve been known to say this as well. Platforms like Google Plus, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Facebook, do take some time to get established. You have to build your following, make the connections, and create trust in people that will prompt them to engage with you on every update.

That does take a while to do, and I encourage you to stay the course on these social platforms because it’s well worth the time you will spend cultivating these relationships with people and making yourself known to them.

Twitter is different

From the beginning, when I had 5 followers and a dream to have 500, Twitter was an easy place to drive traffic from. What makes Twitter so powerful is that you don’t have to have 50,000 people following you to get the engagement. Sure, it helps, but it’s not necessary. Why is that important to you? Because you may not have a large following on Twitter, and you may be discouraged because of that, but I want to encourage you by saying that it doesn’t matter.

Why is that?

Because Twitter is the King of hashtags. This was where hashtags were born. They were developed and used here first, and Twitter has a very responsive search engine for them. So use them. Use them on every tweet that you do because when you do, more people are going to see your tweet. That’s why you don’t have to have a large following…when you tweet about #SocialMedia #Marketing you are getting into a hugely searched term on Twitter. Therefore, even though you don’t have 50,000 people following you on Twitter, there’s that many, and more searching those terms on Twitter!

Use hashtags wisely

Today is Saturday for me as I write this, and today’s big hashtag is something called #Caturday. Millions of people are using this hashtag as I write this post, searching for cute and cuddly pictures of kitty’s and other feline’s doing funny things. Just because there is a hashtag that you know is being searched by a lot of people, that doesn’t mean that you should use it.

Now unless you have a really cool picture of a cat, then that’s ok. But don’t write a post about The Confessions of a Twitter Addict and tag it with #Caturday just because millions of people will see it. That’s the best way to tick people off, kill your image, etc.

Make sure your hashtag is relevant to the content that you have just created. The more targeted it is, the better of you’re going to be. Pinpointing hashtags is an important part of marketing on Twitter. Get it wrong and you can destroy your image really quick!

The One Problem With Twitter

Have you noticed it? I’m sure you have. There’s only one problem with Twitter. When you tweet, it doesn’t stay at the top for very long. Other people will come behind you and push you down, down, down, knocking you out of view of a potential visitor.

Hmm, that’s a problem! How are you going to drive traffic when people can’t see what you tweet? Well, there’s a remedy for that. One way is to keep Twitter open all day and all night and post something to Twitter every time your tweet disappears. However, there’s a problem inside of that because you can’t stay on Twitter all day and all night long. You’ve got other things you have to do, but you DO need to stay visible in order to drive traffic…

What to do?

No worries, you can use something called TweetAdder: Twitter Marketing Software, and this thing really saved my bacon when I first found it months and months ago. I was wondering how to stay visible on this platform and getting discouraged all at the same time, but when I stumbled upon this product it really saved my Twitter marketing strategy.

Oh No, Something To Buy!!

Well, yes. But the good part is if you click that link above, you are eligible to try TweetAdder absolutely free before you buy it. No credit card required, no payment given at all, just try it! And, if you decide to buy, it’s only a one-off payment…no monthly fees to use it.

Try TweetAdder Absolutely Free!

This product keeps you visible on Twitter 24/7 by simply tweeting what you tell it to tweet. Watch this video I did explaining how it works.

So you see, TweetAdder can really take a lot of work out of Twitter for you. Now, just because you have an automation tool for Twitter doesn’t mean that you can leave it be. I still check my Twitter every day to reply to people that have retweeted me, thank people for following too, even though TweetAdder can do this for you, I like to do it myself to keep it more real to those people.

I’m A Twitter Addict

With the help of TweetAdder, I’m getting tons of traffic from Twitter simply because I am staying visible on this platform! That’s the key to Twitter. Staying consistent and visible, and using the correct hashtags when you post your updates!

Your Turn

Are you using Twitter wisely? Or are you discouraged with the results you’ve been getting from it lately? Did you eve consider using something like TweetAdder to build your marketing on Twitter before? What can you do better to start driving more traffic from this platform?

My name is Wade Harman. I’m a full time blogger with a degree in Psychology. I show you how to spark an emotional reaction, get people’s attention, and encourage them to take action!

Let me help you drive targeted traffic through social media strategies that I have researched and use myself!

Let me coach you and see how my strategies in social media can help YOU drive targeted traffic!

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  1. Hi Wade – I’m a Twitter addict too!

    I’ve not heard of TweetAdder before – I use Hootsuite to schedule my posts and ManageFlitter to manage my folowers.

    I assume TweetAdder offers something similar?

    • Yeah it does Mark, I love it because unlike Hoote Suite, you don’t have to “feed the beast” every day. With TweetAdder just load up your posts and it will go with it every day!

      • Oh wow – that sounds great. I guess the advantage of Hootsuite is that it sends the posts out to my other social media platforms too.

        • Yeah that is an advantage, however if you use and hook your Twitter to it, you can post to all of those social platforms without having to mess with any of them. That’s what I do.

          • Thinking about it – it may be better to run them separately anyway. You can post more regularly to Twitter than you can to the other sites. Definitely going to give TweetAdder a go. Cheers!

          • Mark, of course you can do whatever you feel is best. I have learned that for sheer promotion of my posts, TweetAdder and go very well together. Ifttt is free and, even though the “formula’s” are a little tricky at first, I can help you with it if you need me to. Promotion like this helps and it frees up a lot of your time so you are able to concentrate on sharing other people’s posts so it doesn’t look like you’re simply spamming your own content.

  2. Great tips on how to effectively use twitter to drive traffic but the truth is that i am not addicted to twitter at all not that i don’t tweet my blog contents but i don’t really like the kind of traffic i recieve sometimes because they hardly stay wrong when they visited which i don’t like, do you notice it too or am i wrong
    Secondly the TweetAdder you recommended will be extremely helpful as it may keep the traffic flowing even if they don’t stay long as i wish but constant traffic is something not to neglect Thanks Wade

  3. Angela Booth says:

    Wonderful article, thank you. I get a little bored with Twitter, but you’ve made me think about hashtags in a new way. I’m checking out TweetAdder too.

    • Its a really great product. I love it. Using it with friends+me or is the smart way to use it.

    • Thanks Angela. If you can use the hashtags, it will open up a whole different perspective on Twitter for you. When I first started, I had practically no followers on Twitter, but, with the help of hashtags, I was driving about 500 people a day to a month old site.

  4. Here is the whole processor how you should use of twitter for make your good presence in online marketing.

  5. Hi Wade,

    I heard a lot about tweet adder, that it’s a great tool to find relevant audience and follow them. But I wasn’t aware that by using it you can make your tweet visible for 24/7, that’s really amazing feature and I think no other tool is offering such feature.

    • Yeah it can keep you visible on Twitter, and Facebook too if you have your accounts connected, 24/7. It’s really cool because you can use it while you sleep and it’s still promoting for you.

  6. Jayden Barbour says:

    I like this write-up mainly because you are someone who is an avid tweeter thus, you understand Twitter more. I couldn’t understand the site’s features at first but its short and direct approach got me hooked. I’d prefer tweeting and retweeting links now than any other social media platform. :)

  7. Wade, I am addicted to Twitter too, my absolutely favorite!
    I have seen many peeps on TweetAdder but they do not converse with me on Twitter much, they seem to tweet etc. but interaction is low so it has not been something I’ve explored. (not you) You do use those thank you messages, others there do not.
    I’m not crazy about mixing Facebook with it. Why is that recommended? I love the RSS feature you mention in the video.
    I use Triberr and Buffer which keeps my pretty active on Twitter, how would TweetAdder work with those?
    Thanks Herman, sorry for so many questions…

    • Hey Lisa, while I do promote TweetAdder as a good marketing tool, I don’t recommend NOT going on Twitter and thanking people and conversing. I usually make it a point to get on there a couple of times a day to see who has retweeted me and followed. I do use the thank you messages, but only for the people that follow me, and I make sure that I simply thank them, not shower them with links. If you’re going to use TweetAdder, why not connect it to Facebook? That way, you’re marketing to two platforms at once. However, I know that can get a little messy posting all the time on Facebook so you have to monitor that.

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