Content is King

Make Money Blogging with Great Content

They say “Content is King!” If you are breaking into the blogging industry wanting to make money blogging, then the first step that you must realize is, great content is a must for your readers! Without content, it doesn’t matter how far up you are on the first page of Google! If you can’t keep your reader focused on what you are saying, then you aren’t going to make any money blogging!

What Constitutes Great Content?

Great content is when it is interesting, useful to the reader, or has some kind of informative aspects.  Just logging into your account and writing a bunch of glob isn’t going to help you make any money.  Some people say that if you don’t have anything good to add to your blog, then don’t add it!

I know that you are going for new and fresh content for Google, but let me tell you something.  Google isn’t going to be the one that is going to click that “Buy Now” button, the visitors are!  Remember the visitor is the most important aspect that you need to be focused on!

After The Writing Is Done

After you get through with writing your post, go back and personally examine it yourself. If you view it with the objective point of view and ask yourself, “Would I read this whole post, and stay on the page?” If so, then you have made a useful, helpful post. Also, get some friends to view it and give their opinions on your writing styles and such. If you want to make money blogging, then these are some of the easiest ways to check your content!

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