Contest-Win $100 To Your Paypal Account!

Contest Has Ended! Congratulations To Pablo Lara of Charleston SC on Winning $100!

I love cash contests don’t you?  I also love giving away money as well!  You are my faithful readers and I really appreciate all of the views and the comments that have come to this site.  I really enjoy interacting with each one of you!

Contest Rules:

This is simple, basically sign in and you will have several chances to enter.  This time I have been checking around at some fan pages ongiveaway Facebook that I think you will be interested in as well.  I would love for you to follow as many of these as you can because it’s one of the ways that I get my information as well!

There really are no rules…isn’t that nice?  This is a simple and straightforward contest where all you have to do is enter.  Don’t forget to read how many times you can enter per day!  You can always come back and get more entries!

Before the contest:

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Now on to the contest!

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  1. Just entered, nice giveaway. All the best everyone.

  2. Hope I win! With this money I would by myself a self hosted server for my site :)

  3. Hey Wade, I feel I am going to win this contest. :).
    Anyways wish this contest Success.

  4. I want to win!!! Vengeance is mine!

  5. Powerful contest. I’m in
    Good luck to me ;)

  6. Thank you for this opportunity. I would have to take part and win. Thanks again.

  7. Hi Wade Harman, Its really an Awesome Giveaway!! Done all the Required Steps and i am in. Thanks a lot for the Awesome Giveaway!!

  8. Hi Wade!
    Great contest!
    I have just entered, my best wishes to everyone. :-)

  9. hope i win this contest. coz every one want to money :)

  10. I’m just entered, great giveaway. Good luck for everyone!!!

  11. Appreciate the chance to win some Paypal cash. Good luck to everyone.

  12. I’m a struggling new blogger who loves joining giveaways. Thanks for this awesome opportunity.

  13. Awesome contest.I am in .
    Fingers crossed.Hope to win.
    Congo for the awesome contest.

  14. Well I am in..lets try..

  15. Thumb up,. you really know how to attract visitors to your blog) great marketing strategy!

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  17. Nice contest, let me try to be a part of.

  18. Just enter to have a chance to win $100. Great contest. Looking forward for another contest.

  19. Laird N Crystal E says:

    Thanks for the contest, could really use this to advance my business right now!

  20. Hi Wade,

    I’ve just bought a plugin for running contests, and it was interesting to go through what you’d created.

    Thanks for putting this together.


  21. Thanks for the giveaway Wade. I wish to buy a premium theme if I win this giveaway….

  22. The `href` parameter must reference a valid Facebook page, but “” is not a valid Facebook page. <– received that error when I entered your giveaway :)

  23. Contests rock, plain and simple ;)

    Thanks for sharing Wade!

  24. Hope i win, its definitely an awesome giveaway and i have entered the contest.

  25. Lets hope i win, thanks for organizing an awesome giveaway, Will try my best :)