Creating Blogger Relations

Blogging is more than just writing content, more than putting down words, and more than clicking publish. While this might shock some, others will find it reassuring and an explanation as to why blogging has or has not worked for them in the past. You see, blogging is about creating relationships through content.

As bloggers we write for the audience, which is exactly why we need to build those relationships on various levels. First, we need to create connections with our readers. Second, we need to reach out to other bloggers.

To help you create these blogger relations we have come up with a few ideas that will assist you with doing this the right way.

The “Me” Train Needs to Stay in the Stationme train

You will notice a trend when successfully reaching out to other bloggers. You have to be considerate of their needs when you approach them.

Do not start off a conversation with another blogger, by asking them how you can post on their site. Then straight away followed up by mentioning how you need links back to your sit e. That is simply not acceptable.

People are self-motivated. I get it! I write articles online, because I want others to read my work. Additionally, I like getting compensation from it. However, if we put aside the greed for a moment, we can clearly consider how to approach someone else’s point of view. What do they need? How can you help them?

Helping bloggers who have a lot of connections, traffic, and subscribers might seem scary at first. However, no blogger can do it all themself. It is simply not possible.

You will be surprised by how much you can help someone by creating content for them for a day. Or retweeting their information to your followers. Small acts of kindness go a long way in cementing relationships.

When I blogged every day for three years, the greatest thing in the world was when I got a quality post ready to publish. Instead of spending my time editing the article, or writing new content I could spend my time on other projects of equal importance.

Blogger relations are as much about helping others as they are about helping yourself.

If You Contact Me, You Better Have an Idea Why

Next, if you contact a blogger give them some ideas in advance for what type of content you can provide them with. Something as simple as a list of titles with a one sentence explanation of each article can go a long way.

Do not contact someone and simply say: “I can write articles. Do you need articles?”

Think about what you can write about before clicking send, or your email will more than likely go into the circular file bin.

bloggingConnect with Bloggers on Different Platforms

Before you reach out to a blogger, check out their social media profiles. You will be shocked what you learn about them even before you exchange a single email.

This information will help you approach them in a more realistic manner and we all like to interact with real people. That in turn can raise your chances of a reply over simply shooting off a blind email.

Follow Them and Like Their Stuff Before Contacting Them

Once you connect with them on social media, you might want to follow what they have to say for a while before contacting them through email. I wrote an email for Steamfeed last month. Before that, we shared each other’s posts back and forth on Triberr for about a year.

Asking for a guest post was an easy sell, since we already built a relationship.  All I had to do was create dynamic content, to build that relationship, which of course I did.

Creating Blogger Relations Is More What You Can Do For Them Compared To What They Can Do For You.


In the end, you need to provide a valuable reason for bloggers to connect with you. Why else will they want to talk to you, promote you, and stay plugged into what you are doing? If you cannot do this, you will struggle to create the long-term profitable relationships that most successful bloggers rely upon to succeed. Therefore, what are you doing today to increase relations with bloggers in your niche?



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