Dear Facebook, I Don’t Love You Anymore

Hey Facebook, I know you haven’t seen me in a while and I thought that I would stop hiding and just come right out with it and tell you where you and I stand.facebook

After lots of thought, I have decided that we need to break up.

It’s not me, it’s you.

It’s always been about you, and it still is you.

When you first came into my life, I’ll admit, I had dreams of where we would go together.  The first couple of months I knew I had made the right decision.  Nothing could ever separate us.

But you’ve changed.

You’re not the Facebook I fell in love with so long ago.  You took my privacy and threw it to the public.  You made it harder for me to share with my friends by keeping them from me.  I guess you were getting jealous, because I found out that you were only allowing people, that had, at one time, clicked the “fan button” on my page, to only be able to see my posts if they had interacted with me.

You changed your whole attitude and now I’m paying for it.  You have allowed people to step in front of me only because they have money.  I never thought you would become greedy, but it looks like you have.

You have made it impossible for me to succeed the natural way with you. Let’s face it, no one wants to pay money for their posts to go viral on your platform. I get it, I really do…if you can get people to do that, why wouldn’t you? I can totally see your point, but that’s not the way you were when we met.

You have stepped in between me and my friends and connections with an outstretched hand expecting to be compensated for something I can do for free somewhere else, and that is why I’m writing you today.

I know you haven’t seen me in a while and I wanted to tell you where I’ve been.

I’ve actually met someone else and her name is Google Plus.

I know you have heard of her. She’s the one that is stealing your thunder and making you nervous. She is the one that so serendipitously stepped in and swooped me off my feet.

I can talk to her, and be myself. I can get engaged a lot easier and it seems that she isn’t trying to block me from the people that want to see what I have to offer!

Google Plus is everything that you’re not. I don’t want to sound harsh, but there is a staggering difference between the two of you.

As far as beauty, Google Plus, or G+, as she is also known, is a lot better looking. I’m not trying to be mean, but I think she knows she’s pretty just the way she is, without all the extra stuff to get my attention.

She thinks about me. Everything that she does, she makes me the center of her world. I can literally search for something with her big brother Google, and she will intervene and throw in something just for me, something that she knows I’m interested in, or something that I have shared to someone else.

She really gets me. She is simply a thing of beauty and class. Not a sell out to the consumer world like you have become.

So Facebook, I wanted to write to you and tell you that I don’t love you anymore.

We’re breaking up.

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  1. I don’t love Facebook anymore either. I think most people would agree that Facebook is for friends and family to share things (mostly photos) about their lives. But now that the novelty has worn off, they are not doing that as much as a couple of years ago. What we are left with are the other pages we joined and they are mostly shrill and redundant.

  2. Hi Wade

    I gave up on Facebook from a business point of view a long time ago.

    I send out one update per day just to keep it ticking over but don’t get any traction from it.

    Twitter is the network for me!

  3. To me, G+ is simply a better place for meeting NEW people + it’s visually way more attractive (but don’t call me shallow). Facebook really feels like something of a graveyard…

  4. Hey Wade

    Nice post. I also wrote about how much I did not like the way Facebook was heading a while back
    It is just going downhill, perhaps slowly, but surely in my opinion.
    Of course not everyone is jumping ship – yet. But it is starting to happen, and I see it all around me socially.
    Let’s see how the future pans out for them

  5. This made me laugh, Wade! I obviously still spend a lot of time on Facebook but I can sympathize with all the issues your brought up. Thanks for giving me something worthwhile to read this morning!

  6. I have to admit, Facebook just isn’t fun any more. It’s really a chore just to log in and try to get anything of value there, much less share anything. I really hope G+ doesn’t follow suit. At least we’ll always have Twitter. Oh wait, that might be changing too. lol

    • Yeah I agree, FB was everything to a lot of people before all the changes made. I really don’t think G+ will follow suit. They already have Adsense/Adwords on their search so hopefully they’ll be content with that. However, looking at it from a business perspective, it would be a smart thing to do because people would adhere to the ads there as well. Plus, it would be another targeted source of advertising for people like me and you.

  7. I keep it because most of my clients still contact me throught it but I have noticed that a lot more friends are moving over to G+

  8. Hey Wade,

    First of all I do appreciate your way of writing. It’s like a complaining letter about facebook. hahaha! :D

    Okay jokes apart, I also don’t like to use facebook but I’m bounded. I’m in the bound to use facebook to promote my business – my blog. It helps me to generate really targeted audience to my blog and gives me best online exposure.

    But, I do agree with your points whatever you said in your article specially privacy!

    Enjoyed a lot reading your post.


  9. I Love It Wade! I Just LOVE IT! G+ is excellent…..Facebook is where you dump your automated spam to me! :)

  10. hi wade,
    now time is changed,now its time for Google plus,Google now coming with new features with G+.Recently they roll out custom URL for G+ profiles and pages.

  11. Hey Wade, Great post man :)
    Most of us don’t love Facebook and by us I mean bloggers. I agree that it is a great platform for promoting one’s blogs but it kills our time and productivity and we don’t get much out of it.
    So I try to stay away from it as much as I can but still haven’t got success in it ;)

    • Appreciate it Arbaz. Facebook is still a great place to market, but not for individual people trying to start out. It’s more for big corporations with money, because that’s what its going to take to get your content to the people on FB. Money.

  12. I just want to add one thing, Facebook is now getting harder and harder to bloggers. I just have a Facebook page with decent audience BUT when I tried to promote my affiliate link, I am not able to do so. Whenever I tried to click on my affiliate link to see whether its working or not , it give a dead link even i used different clocking services as well. I have wasted a lot of time on Facebook now now completely shifted to Twitter

  13. I am starting to fall in love with Google plus now as it’s just so much more user friendly and like you say is quite beautiful! I admit though I was just a drive by shooter when it came to Google + and she was not liking it, Yes I was just shooting links fleetingly on my profile! After reading Reginald Chan’s post on getting more traffic from Google + I have now changed my ways and I really think about what I post on there! it really is just so much easier to use!
    I am still using the old look Facebook which is now looking dated and cluttered saying that I am holding judgement on when they decide to let me have the new look but will it still be the spammy content being shown with lots of ads and people just drive by shooting links on the site all over the place, I would be inclined to think so!
    I think I am going to give up on the FB for a week now and concentrate on G+ too see what happens with my traffic!
    Great post Wade! Will be back.
    - Phillip

  14. I’m going to go a slightly different route while acknowledging your point. I still like Facebook because people talk to me there more than on G+. My family is there, while I have only one family member on G+, and he’s never posted a thing. For me, as a more sociable guy than someone looking to market 24/7, it’s great.

    As a business professional, I acknowledge that Facebook is losing its appeal. Where I used to get at least 100 views of posts I now average 25; that stinks. In that regard I may slow down even further business type things I put there, as it feels like a lot of effort for little return.

    • I hear you Mitch. I too have friends and family on Facebook and my wife still uses it for that, but even she’s understanding that FB is doing something she can’t quite explain to the user.